A Relationship made by Trust or Something Else – Part 1


So guyz…im happy with ur support….so as u waited, here is ur first part…
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A big college
A college of medical science…..

In the interview room

Some teachers are seated over there and they taking the interview for the new academic year…
Dean:see at least this year, I thoughy we will get some good students
Meera:bt what happened sir, they have discipline naa…that enough naa dp jii
Dean (durga prasad):not only disciple..see here majority are coming for management seat.and u can see while interviewing, just for the sake of admission they are saying that its for a social service and so on….
Meena:bt none of them will ne perfect sir
Dp:how many are left
Rp:just one sir…
Dp:no need to call sir, after all u r my brother
Rp:bt its college sir
Dp:call her
The peon goes and calls a girl

A girl comes inside..she wears a simple outfit

Girl:good morning maam..good morning sir
Meena:ur name
Girl:I have already submitted my resume maam..u can go through thay…
Meena smiles
Dp:yes miss swara
The girl is none other than swara
Swara:yes sir, swara..swara gadodia
Meena:y u choose this college
Swara:its much near to my house…so that I dont need to stay at hostel
Meena:why u prefer this batch. .I mean its a pharmasist…
Swara:actually maam…my father have choosen this in his time..so I thought to walk on his path
Dp:what will u do once u get a job
Swara:its simple sir, I can walk on my feet more over I dont want depend on others my my needs
Meena:that means for money
Swara:not exactly mam…bt its also correct
They ask different questions…all are much impressed….especially meena
Dp:congrats miss swara….u have got admission
Swara:thanku sir
She starts to jumb in happiness…..
Swara:sorry sir
Swara turns to leave
Swara turns back
Swara:how u knw
Dp:so u forgetton me
Swara thinks for sometime
Swara:durga uncle
Dp:she saved me once
Swara:so u still remember that
Swara:anyways thanku sir..shall I
Dp:u can go…

She calls someone and informs that she have got admission

Swara decided to check the collge
She stats to roam here and there…..
She was about to fall when someone hold her
Swara turns back and finds a guy
Guy:r u kk
Guy:its kk..r u new admission
Swara:yes…myself im swara
She forwards her hands….
He shake hands with her
Guy:im ranveer
Swara:first year
Ranveer:nope…im last year in this college..
Swara:so senior
Swara checks the time
Swara:im getting late..kk byr nice meeting u..
Ranveer too says bye
Both goes in different directions

Swara was waiting for an auto when she saw a car coming with high speed going to hit a girl….
Swara runs and in a nick of time saves her
The car too stops
A boy comes out of the car
Swara goes to him
Swara:dont u have eyes
The shows his eyes…
Guy:see I have eyes
Swara:u mr…
Swara:what ever…cant u drive slowly
Arjun:its my car..and I will do whatever I like
Swara:it may be ur car..bt the road is not ur dad’s….and also this is college area..and u have to travel witj minimum speed
Arjun:ohh hello stop ur class…now move away
Arjun pushes swara and drives off
Swara:what a stupid man…..

She takes the auto and leaves frm there

Precap:swara sees sanskar….ragging…friendship

Sorry for the shot updates….


Credit to: salluzz

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  1. nyc.waiting 4r swasan part

  2. Yipee its Swasan. thankyou. By the Way I loved it.

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  4. thanks for adding ranveer and arjun….who are rest

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  9. and one thing if arjun and swara have a cold war between, how can they have a bond of frndship

  10. plz anyone give me the link of how many shades u have swara and also one shot

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  12. missing u lot dr

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