our relationship (episode 9)

Hi…guys…I think all r waiting for my ff..so here is next part..I know u all want swasan unite..but its take time guys..u all have to wait for that..

Swara : whatever I’m saw..there..I’m concluded it…
Sharmishta : now what r u going to do???..
Swara : cryingly.. I know im done mistake..
Sharmishta : mistake..shona..u know what…u always thought whatever ur thinking and doing was right..and how many times we all told u..did u hear..anyone of us..and more over ur ego..and stupidity…
Swara : ma..I’m sorry…

Sharmishta : why r u asking it from me..
Swara : ma I’m already broken…
Sharmishta : really… Then what about my son state…did u think about him once..what will he after what u did..
Swara : ma..
Sharmishta : I’ll not forgive u…until my son forgave u..
Swara : ma…but she left…
Swara : I have to ask forgiveness from sanskar…

Sanskar came to office..straightly goes to meeting hall..after one hour meeting gets finished..he came to his cabin..he takes out his mobile..gets shocked seeing 50 missed calls..calls immediately..
Sanskar : hello kabir…
Kabir : thank god u called me..

Sanskar : what happen kabir..y u called me this many times…
Kabir : sanju asked me to call u..u went from here without telling her..she is angry on u..
Sanskar : oh..no..its really a big problem…
Kabir : now what r u going to do..my friend..
Sanskar : u r my friend na..help me Yarr…
Kabir : woww..now only I’m ur friend..where this goes yesterday.. When u and ur sis r teasing me..
Sanskar : this is the time..u have to take revenge..
Kabir : ya..y not..when I got chance..then when I’m getting chance..y should I leave that..haa…
Sanskar : u r very bad friend..
Kabir : see who is saying it..
Sanskar : k..leave all that..tell me one thing.. When lacky..get fit and fine..
Kabir : I think after two days..
Sanskar : k..do u remember what I’m told to u..
Kabir : ya..I’m remember… I’ll come to talk about that..first u go talk with saju..she is upset till morning..
Sanskar : k..before that I have one important work..says anger and seriously..after that I’ll go..u also reach there..we have to talk more…
Kabir : k..
Sanskar : k..bye..he cuts calls..
Looks at the file..in front of him…
Thinks..if its all not happened..I’m must be happy in my life..takes that file leaves from there…

Swara wipes her tears..goes to change..after that..comes out of room…
Nikil and shemish r sitting in hall..sanskar comes there.. Knocks the door..
Sharmishta : looks at him..with surprise..happy..and sad..because its been six month..he cane here..
Sanskar : ma..want u welcome me..in..
Sharmishta : that’s it for her…runs to him..hugs him…cries..with happy tear….
Sanskar : ma..hugs her.. Have tears also..because after ap and sujatha…he loves sharmishta equally..and sharmishta also love him like her own son..when she need support..he always there for her…for swara he stays away from her..
Shekar and nikil smiles seeing it..shekar moves towards sanskar..

Sanskar : ma..breaks the hug..wipes her tears..y r u crying..
Sharmishta : now only u realised me..why u didn’t came to see me..turns her face..
Sanskar : holds his ear..I’m sorry ma..U know the reason..
Sharmishta : removes his hand.. Don’t does this again..for anyone also..I can’t bear it..

Sanskar : never in my life…now give a smile..
Sharmishta : smiles..
Shekar : if mother and son..talk over..then see me..I’m also here…
Sharmishta : ur jealous of us..
Shekar : ya..so what??..and u (sanskar)..come..spreads his hands..
Sanskar : papa..I’m really sorry…if I hurt u both..

Shekar : no beta..u didn’t done anything wrong..then y r saying asking it..we r hurt..sanskar ans others r looks on..but its not cause of u..someone…both breaks the hug..

Sanskar : ma..I’m Hungary..
Sharmishta : come sit I’ll feed u today..
Shekar : y u..I’ll feed him..
Sharmishta : no..he came here..after six month..so im..
Shekar : like u I’m also seeing him..so I’m..

Sharmishta : shekar..I said na..
Sanskar and nikil sees them..and each other.. Chuckles..
Sanskar : ma..papa..I’m here only.. I’m not going anywhere…and ya..y r fighting with each other for small..thing..u both can feed me simultaneously…
Shekar : ya..that’s like my son..
Sharmishta : he is my son….
Shekar : about to say something..

Sanskar : ma..
Sharmishta : ek minute beta..she left to kitchen..
Sanskar shekar and nikil sat in sofa..shekar sits beside sanskar..swara sees its all..a few distance.. Seeing all she gets sad..because of her decision.. Sanskar has to stay away from them..and his sad life…

Sharmishat : comes there..talking foods in plate…sat beside him..
Both shemish r feed him…he ates it..suddenly starts to cough..shekar pats his back..sharmishta about to stand take water..but nikil gives water to sanskar..
Sanskar : thanks nikil..
Nikil : no mention Yarr..
Sanskar : smiles at him..nikil smiles back..
Sharmishat : gives him another bite..
Sanskar : ma..I’m full..
Sharmishta : what is this..sanskar..u ate low..its not u eat..like before..
Sanskar : I’m have food for live..not me..I’m leaved many things. And food also..so it won’t harm me..

Sharmishta : places her hand on his mouth..never say like it..
Sanskar : k..leave it..ma..I’m felt like to u both..that’s y..I camed here..now I have to go..have important work..
Shekar : now only u came..
Sanskar : papa..I’ll come after.. Plz..gives puppy eyes..
Shekar : k..go..but come whenever u want..

Sanskar : nods..hugs them..leaves from there..
Sharmishta : he changed lot..
Shekar : but his love for us didn’t changed…ur right mishti..he is gem..but our swara..didn’t realized it..
Swara : comes there…
Sharmishta : turns to go..
Swara : ma..
Sharmishta : stops..but left..

Shekar : what swara??..
Swara : I’m going to meet sanskar..
Nikil : dad..I have work..I’m leaving..he also left..
Shekar : r u sure..
Swara : ya..papa..I’m did wrong so I have to face the consequences..
Shekar : I’ll pray for u..but I can’t do anything more..because u didn’t listen to us that time..now we also..
Swara : nods..left to meet sanskar…

Sanskar reached kabir home..rings the calling bell..smirthi opens the door..gets happy seeing him..hugs him..he also hugs her..sanskar sighs her..
Sanskar : where is sanju??..
Smirthi : she is in room..
Sanskar : k..I’ll see her..
Smirthi : k..all the best..

Sanskar : goes towards sanju room..peep in..sees sanju sitting in bed..holding the Barbi doll on her hand..which is gifted by him yesterday her birthday… And upset face…felt bad..but goes near her..sat in front of her…
Sanju : looks at him..gets happy..but in anger turns her head to other side…sanskar smiles at her anger..
Sanskar : sanju….
Sanju : …..
Sanskar : darling…

Sanju : ur Darling is angry on u…
Sanskar : y darling??..
Sanju : u don’t know??..
Sanskar : no…
Sanju : u left..without saying to me…cutely..and poutingly…
Sanskar : smiles at her..oh kya hena??..u r looking pretty..while sleeping..so I don’t want to disturb ur sleep..that’s y..sorry..
Sanju : no..
Sanskar : places a big chocolate infrint of her..
Sanju : smiles..but didn’t take it..
Sanskar : plz…holds his ear..

Sanju : k..one condition..
Sanskar : what is it??..
Sanju : ur punishment is..u have to stay here with me..for two days…
Sanskar : that’s it..but my work..
Sanju : ya..that’s also important na..
Sanskar : nods..
Sanju : k..u can go office.. But after office u have to come here… We will go beach..park..and play..says with excitement…
Sanskar : anything for u darling..happily..
Sanju : thank u mamu..I love u..

Hugs him..happily..
Sanskar : I love u my baby…hugs her back..kissed her hair..
Smirthi..comes there..seeing them..
Smirthi : bhai..r u make her forgive u…
Sanskar : yes…
Smirthi : yes….jumps..with happy..

Sanskar and sanju looks at her..smiles..but confused also..
Sanskar : sweety..y r u this much happy?..
Smirthi : u know what bhai..kabir bets me..that u won’t seek forgives from sanju..and will ask his help for it…I’m challenged his back..that my bhai won’t do this..see now I’m won…
Sanskar : u both r really mad..and suit for each other…
Smirthi : bhai…
Sanskar : kk..did he reached..

Precap : swara goes to office to meet sanskar…sanskar and kabir conversation.. And more…

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