our relationship (episode 6)

Hi guys..more of them liking my ff..I’m really glad and happy with ur supports and love..I’m also enjoying.. So here is next part..plz comment after reading it..its look good r bad..whatever it is..just drop the comment..


Laksh : looks at all..then parineeta..who r sweating..restless… And says s its adharsh bhai..only..like all of u I’m also shocked to the core..who r born the same mother womb..is kidnapped me..
Ap : laksh what r u saying?..tearsly…
Laksh : nods s..sadly..
Ap and swara r looks at sanskar emotionally.. And guiltily.. sanskar feels their gaze..y not after all they r his ma..and wife..but didn’t look at them once..remains with Stone face..
Its all observes by everyone..
Laksh : and..

Flash back

Laksh : shockingly.. Adharsh bhai..
Adharsh : laughs evilly..s its me laksh..
Laksh : angrily..y u do this bhai..what u want..and what will u get doing all this..
Adharsh : smiles..because everyone loves u and sanskar morethan me..that’s y Im did it…now u both r separated.. But swara and sanskar r separate now..its give me peace..because if they r together then they both will dig out everything..then whatever I does in this days will be waste..
Laksh : shocked..what u mean by bhai and swara ?..
Asharsh : laughs..s..they r going to separate..don’t u wanna know y?..and how?..
Laksh : prays to god nothing could happen like asharsh said..
Adharsh : don’t pray to god..because he can’t do anything now..I’m already its all well..
Laksh : plan?..shock by shock..
Adharsh : s..its not now..from many days its going according to the plan..u all didn’t find it all..first I want to break u four( swasan and raglak)..trust..its gets time but got success after so many attempt..when I thrown u all out of MM..I thought I can live happily.. But swqragini never accept their defense.. To make them stop..when u both (sanlak) r searching job..I m intensionally make u both fail every possible way..but sanskar got job somehow.. Then I made that company owner believe like I said so many bad things about sanskar to him..then he immediately faired him..and when u feels more insecure then im sent a man who r doing legal business to u..u also accept that due to finance problem..then sanskar came to know it..and will make u arrest..cause i know his nature..he can go any extend to for loved once safty..if it was u he will do it con firmly.. and that inspector he also with me..i gave him many to beat u..but u think its all because of sanskar..in ur anger u start to hate him..its benefits for me to use u against sanskar.. That’s like I’m broke urs relationship..u and ragini done their final rituals in front of them only… Even dadi also with us..
Laksh : shocked hearing it..feels guilt what he does…says dadi..also..
Adharsh : han..poor without knowing anything u and ragini broke ur ties with swasan..and think dadi is right..but no its all dadis idea..because I’m brain washed her saying u and ragini will happily live in MM..
Laksh : how can u stoop low..shouts..
Adharsh : ahh..slowly laksh..I’m all hear..here no one will come to save u..not even ur beloved bhai sanskar..han..where I’m stopped.. Mmm..I got it..after that..mom came there to to take u both..she also thinks because of sanskar u r in this condition..and swara she again came to that I’m the one who behind all this..and tells ragini about it..but ragini didn’t believe it..until swara show her that me and dadi r one team..then again swaragini patched up..but u and sanskar can’t sees all..and against each other..they both tries.. But u both r stubborn didn’t hear their talk..and they decide to take property from us..then it will all over..but they could not think..how extended I can go..they get property paper.. and my truth out..then ur and sanskar fight..when he left I saw swara coming there..so I’m disguise my self like sanskar..and start to fight with u..poor she thinks it sanskar.. And we left..sanskar goes to mansion..but u goes some where..taking its a opportunity I kidnapped u..now ur disappear make swasan separate.. Because swara saw sanskar and ur fights..means u and me..and blame him for ur missing..other side ragini will be broken that u left her and all..
Wow adharsh what an idea..praised him self..
Laksh totally shock..can’t able to believe his eyes and ear..who r elder brother of us ( sanlak) does this things.. And without knowing anything what I’m done..for my one mistake now all r going to suffer…
Adharsh left from there.. But laksh didn’t noticed it..keep cursing him self..

After some time
Again door opened..but this time its not adharsh..its parineeta..who r in full range..
Laksh : bhabi..u??
Parineeta : s..me..adharsh is arrest..
Laksh : feels good..
Parineeta : don’t think good..I’ll get him out of it..after all he is my husband.. And I won’t spare anyone..u will be remain like this only..calls one goon..give him food once in a day..if he tries to escape.. Then beat him..
But I’m happy for one thing that swara and sanskar separated..if they together then they will definitely caught me..and ragini also left the MM..smiles evilly..left..
Laksh now broken..then tries to escape..but only beaten by goons..and they gives him drugs..after the dose time over then again give him that drugs..its happened three months..due to continue drugs his health get worst..then they stopped..and he got chance..runs away…

Flash back finished

Laksh : then bhai take me to hospital..now I’m here..in front of u all..turns to sanskar..I’m sorry bhai..because of me all suffered..but u suffered more then them..I’m sorry..bhai..pl..
Sanskar : shh…now stop it..its all happened now we can’t change anything..I’m not angry with u..I missed u so much..because I’m don’t have anyone to share..r anything..now u returned that enough for me..stop cursing ur self..
Laksh hugs him..cries thinking I m did so many things but u never did anything to me..after whatever I’m did to u..still u love me..I love u bhai..
Sanskar : I love u too..lacky…
Sanskar : ph..rings..seeing it..he gets up..cuts it..
Ap and swara move towards him..but before that
Sanskar : lacky..now take rest..I have some work..I’ll came later..ragini take care of him..ragini nods..k bye..
Ap : calls him..
Sanskar : to sujata..mom ill we late..u take care of lacky..saying this he left..
Ap and all sees him..shockingly.. Because he left not giving glance to anyone..not even swara..
Laksh : he turned more..arrogant now..
Ragini : nods..come..take him their room..
All r looks at parineeta..she gets scare…but all left to their rooms..
Swara cries..left from there..ap also cries..both of them cursing them self for hurting sanskar.. On this months..

Precap : now turn for sanskar..

What will sanskar decide?..
Will he accept swara?..
R ragini and laksh will help swara to get back sanskar in her life?..

Bye..keep smiling…

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Wow!!!!!!!!Awesome episode……….And adarsh, how can one stood this low??????? Disgusting…. Swara wants punishment because she hurts Sankaar more. So she deserves it. But after the punishment please..please…unite them, PLEASE……………

  2. Just loved it dear

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  4. plzz give raglak moment waiting for it

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    Good one

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  9. Awesome….Now time for raglak to do something to patch up swasan….But in funny way plz

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