our relationship (episode 5)

Hi guys..I’m here with next part..its has some new shade..let see r u liking it r not..after reading it..comment ..ur support only give us hope to wire more and think different way..so cheer us guys..

Dark place
Up : where he is?..if he came out..then my all hard work gone..and this stupid goons..can’t able to handle one man..waste less fellows..before he meet someone I have to do to something… Smiles evilly..

All shocked..and surprised..last happy..seeing the person..first uttra run hugs him tightly.. Cries..
Person : got shocked..by this sudden act..hugged her back..while looks at others confusingly.. Who r looking at him cryingly and then happily… And his eyes meet swara..who r now on verge to cry..but she composed herself.. Taking relief sighs..and he looks at someone furiously..then he realized it when his shirt get wet..looks down sees uttra crying miserably..caress her hair..
Uttra : bhai..where were r u?..from yesterday night..how many times I called u..b..by..but..ur ph is switched off..i I’m…go..got..scared…plz bhai don’t does it again…
( s its sanskar only..many of u guessed it..right)

Sanskar : shhh…uttra..look at me..
Uttra : don’t look at him..hugs him even more tight..
Sansakr : uttra..see I’m here..in front of u..nothing happened to me..stop crying..r else u will get ill..plz..breaks the hug..cups her face..wiped her tears..and kissed her forehead…
Uttra : smiles at him..come all r waiting for u..holds his hand..about to go..but stopped by sansakr..looks at him back confusingly..
Sanskar : don’t u wanna..invite ur bhai in..
Uttra : looks at him..what he is speaking..
Sanskar : looks at her..smiles..
Uttra : bhai..ur here only..then..

Sanskar : and ur crime in partner.. What about him..u won’t invite him..like u did to me..
Uttra and others r confused by his talk..but something strike on uttra mind..looks at him..shockingly..sanskar noticed it..
Uttra : bhai u mean to say..smilingly..
Sanskar : nods smiles..moves a side..
All r again shocked..seeing laksh by support of someone…
Uttra : about to run to hug him..
Sanskar : stops her..array..uttra wait..do u want to hug him..he is weak now..if u hug him… like me..then he have admitt in hospital..only..

Uttra : mouth gets wide open..how mean bhai..

Laksh and that person comes to near sanskar..sanskar also holds laksh..
Laksh : smiles at her..leave her bhai..I’m also missed her so much..the way she missed me..come on uttra..
Uttra : don’t think much..hugged him..but carefully… Cries.. U know bhai..we all missed u..especially sanskar bhai..after ur disappearance many things changed bhai..y left us..
Laksh : gets tear…hearing it..
Sanskar : sees them..hugs both..pats their back..to make them calm down..relax..now no more cry..I got my lacky back..and our happiness also return.. So..now stop..ur crocodile tear..and drama..
Laksh/uttra : beats him..

Sanskar : ouuch…u criminals..
Laksh : y r disturbing us..
Uttra : and what u said..drama..now see what I’ll do..
Laksh : no not now..let me once fine..then we show him..winks at her..
Uttra : winks back..
Sanskar : oh..no..now I’m got in big trouble..plz god save me from this criminals..
Laksh/uttra : bhai..
Sanskar : smiles..hugs them.. Again..they both also hugs him back..smilingly..
Others r admiring their bond…soon laksh moves in..sees everyone.. Ap one waits for this time..take him..in her embrace.. He also hugged her..and cries..and dp..next rp and sujata..shemish…in this all..ragini and swara r still in shock..nikil happy for his return..sees swaragini shocking face..goes near them..shakes them..calling their name..hearing his voice all turns..only saw swaragini shocked Face..

Nikil : swaragini..r see laksh came..where r u both..come to ur sense..
Swaragini : comes to sense..look at him..then laksh..
Ragini runs to him..hugs him..cries..and kissed his all over face..and checks him..
Sanskar and uttra chuckles seeing laksh face..others r smiling.. Sanskar turns his gaze..sees swara staring him..he removed his eyes immediately.. Swara get hurt by this..
Sanskar : fackly coughs..raglak sees him..gets apart…
Sansakr /uttra : teasingly looks at them..
Raglak : lightly blushed..
Uttra : bhai..they r blushing.. Like married couple..
Sanskar : han..uttra..u r right..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : what..
Ragini : divert the topic..laksh
Sanskar : takes him..make him sat couch..kaka..bring something for lakcy..its now his medicine time..
Laksh : no..im fine..I m don’t want that..
Sanskar : u better keep quite..stares him..
Laksh : pouts..

Sanskar : kabir..give that medicine.. ( s that person who give support lakah was kabir only)..
Kabir : gave medicine to him..sanskar I got a call from hospital.. I should leave now..we meet later..
Sanskar : k..work also important thats y I’m allowing u..take care..I’ll call u back..after few hours..and ya plz do my work..which I told u yesterday..
Kabir : of course.. I’ll..bye..and lakcy take care..I know he will take care of u..but still as a brother I’m saying..laksh nods s smilingly.. And bied everyone..left…
Ragini : sanskar..who is he..?..
Sanskar : he is..my friend kabir..

Ragini : mm..k..sat beside laksh..
All r settled.. Kaka gives soup to sanskar.. Ragini about take it..
Sanskar : its k..I’ll..feed him..if u feed him..then he will say any excuse to u..seeing his face u also leave him..so let do my self..
Laksh : bhai u r very bad..
Ragini : ya..but he was right..he knows u better than me..
Laksh : u also ragini..
Ragsan : same time..yes..
Uttra and others r laughs..at them..laksh makes faces..
Sanskar : don’t make such faces..now come on have it..like good boy..
Laksh : bhai..I wanna eat spice and others not this soup..and etc..
Sanskar : if u have it..u will get well soon..then I’ll make u eat whatever u want..
Lakah : k..then drinks the soup..by sanskar hands..making faces..after completing it..sanskar gave him medicine.. Like reduce the pain..
Sanskar : r u OK..

Laksh : nods..
Swara : laksh..where r u this many days..
Ragini : and this all..how its happened..
Laksh : looks at sanskar..then swaragini..and sanskar..
Sanskar : face turns…full red…
All r shocked..they all sees him in angry mood..but not this much..and scared also..one of them about move..
Sanskar : where r u moving ??..
Person : stops..turns to him..shiveringly..
Sanskar : stands up..goes near..pulls in center of all..here so many things happening but..ur moving..y?..

Person : no..nothing like that..
Sansakr : r u not happy that laksh return..?…
Person : ya..I’m happy..y should be?..
Sanskar : oh..I see..and I can clearly..saw it in ur face..how ur face show that happiness.. R can I say..fear..scare..tell me Mrs.adharsh..shouts lastly..she is parineeta only..she shivers even more..others r shocked by his behavior.. And scared to see him like this..but all come to that no one now can’t control him..
Sanskar : I’m asking u..y r u silent..damit..
Parineeta : looking down..
Sanskar : k..alright..
Laksh : bhai..leave it..I can’t see her like it..she is once our beloved bhabi..
Sanskar : that’s y I’m talking to her..rathen the my own style..if it was some another then my treat would domn hell for that person..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : not now..
Swara : sanskar what r u doing..she is girl…see…how she is shivering.. If anything there ask her..but not like this..
Sansakr : its our family matter..u plz stay out of this…
Swara : again got hurt by his word..
Ragini : k..can I know the reason..because I have full rights on that..
Sanskar : looks at her..then laksh..
Laksh : nods..turns to all..I know u all want my answer..k..I’ll..
Flash back
When me and sanskar bhai..r talking..on that place..someone also there.. From distance seeing us..
Cut by swara

Interrupt swara: it was me..to see both r right..but u both r fighting there..

Cut by laksh

Laksh : no its not u at that time swara..first listen fully..

Flash back continued
After sometime..bhai went from there..then I’m turn tension and frustration making me insane.. When I’m thinking..then I’m feels some one presence.. Then look back..its sanskar bhai..then again we fought.. In this
process he slapped me..and in anger I’m also start to fight with him..
Flash back stops

Laksh : I think that time only u came there..and sees all..right..
Swara : nods s..
Sanskar : kept silent..
Laksh : if it is then my bhai was right on that place..because i m does not hear his words..
Swara : but he fought with u na..rather than that talk..
Laksh : ur r wrong.. My bhai never hurt me like that..he can slap me..but he won’t hurt me even his dream also..
Swara : I’m saw u both r..
Laksh : its not bhai..

All : what…?..shocked..
Laksh : nods..turn and sees sanskar..who r heve no emotions in his face..holds his hand..placed his head on his shoulder..
Sanskar : caressed his hair..make him self comfortable for laksh..
Laksh : s..u all heared it correct..its not bhai..he can’t imagine it..to hurt me..if i get hurt because of anyone..then that person have to face the worst side of my bhai..then how can he..do that to me..if he does..then he will give punishment himself for hurting me..
All r shock and surprised by laksh talk and have faith trust and love on sanskar..other side sanskar don’t care about anything r say anyone.. Who r looking at him have tears on their eyes..
While laksh continue

Flash back conti..

After the fight..I’m left from there angrily.. And satdown in car..droved..don’t know where I’m going..I’m also didn’t realized it..when I’m came to sense..about yo turn the car towards our mansion..before I could r understood anything..some of them blacks my car..and dragged me out of the car..I’m tried to free my self from them..but they all defeat me..and took me from there..after sometime I m regained my consciousness.. Looks around..but its all new…and full darkness..I can say its room..and tries to move..then only I found that I’m tied up with chair..and try to free from that grip..then hearing a noise..door gets open..who all r fight with me standing in front of me..can say in instruction there r waiting for someone.. When the person enters in..I can’t able to see him..then he turns on the light..I got shocked..its sanskar bhai..but sseing my shocked face he removes the mask..then I got the biggest shock in my life..its not sanskar bhai..its adharsh bhai..

All r got big shock..
Precap flash back..

Done with this part..I can say u all..that twist is almost near..get ready for that..till the time..bye see u all soon..stay happy…

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