our relationship (episode 4)

Hi..friends..after so many days..I’m posting it..I hope u all will be happy..so here my next part..

Part – 4

On road
Sanskar still in shock..seeing him like anything..he forget to take him hospital too..he is fully covered with blood..many wounds r in his body..looks like he doesn’t had food for many days..and beaten by goons..after annalying him..sanskar came to his sense..and immediately took him on his arms..carries towards his car..and placed him on passenger seat..and droves to near by hospital…he stopped his car..and again carries that person in..sanskar shouts for doctor..
Sanskar : doctor..doctor..
Doctor : comes out hearing his shout..
Sanskar : plz give treatments to him..
Doctor : sees the person..and says..its look like police case..plz first inform the police..then I’ll treat him..
Sanskar : k I’ll I form police..plz treat him..
Doctor : first call police..then I’ll..
Sanskar : lost his cool..grabs his collar..I’m saying treat him..r else u will face the worst of me..do u get it..
That time one man comes there hearing the noise..but seeing sanskar he get shocked..and immediately runs towards him..frees the doctor.. Sanskar looks at him..confusingly..
Man : what happen sanskar..r u alright.. R do get hurt..somewhere.. Checkes him..
Sanskar : kabir..u r here..
Kabir : first tell me..what happen man..
Sanskar : shows a person..plz I beg u plz treat him..plz..
Kabir : seeing sanskar in this state..he nods..calls ward boy to take that person..
Doctor : kabir its police case..
Sanskar : looks at him angrily..
Kabir : I know..but he is my friend..sanskar maheswari..I know him..so u don’t worry.. I’ll take care of it..
Doctor : nods..left..
Kabir also left to ICU..sanskar follows him..and sat near my chair..closed his eyes..tears r flowing continuously.. Thinking something..new tears also forms..after 2 hours kabir..comes out of Icu..see sanskar in broken state..tears marks are there on his cheeks..kabir cant see him like this..goes near him..places his hand on his shoulder..sanskar sense it..opens his eyes..but seeing kabir..hugs him immediately.. Cries..kabir also hugs him back..don’t know what happened to sanskar..and y he is like this..he break the hug..
Kabir : come let’s go to my cabin..
Sanskar : nods s..both goes kabir cabin..kabir gives him water.. After drinking it..asked him..
Kabir : what had happened sanskar..y r u in this condition..
Sanskar : I’ll tell u..but first tell me..how is he..anything serious…
Kabir : he is fine now..he is heavily beaten by some persons…and he is starving for food..
Sanskar : gets sad hearing it..can I meet him..
Kabir : ya..u can but after shifting him normal ward..who is he?..
Sanskar : I’ll tell u all..but I want to see him first..then only I can..
Kabir : k..calls..and asked about did that person shifted to norward r not..after conforming it..cuts the call..
Kabir : he is shifted.. Come I’ll show u..
Sanskar : k..both left..

In a mean time..
The goons Who r chased that person..reaches a place where they r..calls someone..
Unknown person : hello..why u called me at this time..don’t u see the time..its midnight..(angrily)..
Goon : hello..sorry..I called u to tell something important..
Up : at this time..k..tell..
Goon : that man escaped..says Fearingly..
Up : what?.. Shocked..but how..u all r there na..then how it happened..
Goon : wo..he tells whatever happened..
Up : what..how can u run away like that..he is one person..but u all there..can’t u defeat him..u r useless..can’t do anything right..cuts the call..
Goon : how dare u..tell us useless..

Both reached the room..
Kabir : we r reached..go..
Sanskar : enters in..looks at the person who r unconscious.. Lying lifeless body.. Bandages in head..hands..and legs..gets tears..goes near him..each and every step..his heart became heavy seeing him like this..he is not able to walk properly..but reached near his bed..sat and hairs his hair lovingly… Tears r roolung down from his eyes..
Kabir : gets evenore worried.. Saw him like it..placed a hand in his head..sanskar plz tell me..who is he..and y r like this..seeing like it..I can’t able to tell u what happening me..plz..
Sanskar : nods..wipes his tears..placed a kiss on that person forehead.. While kabir looks on confused..
Sanskar : he is my brother..lacky..
Kabir : almost shocked..what??..
Sanskar : nods..
Kabir : is he laksh?…who r baby to u..but what happen to him..y he is in this condition..
Sanskar : its all happened because of me..I’m the reason of it..bangs his hand on wall..
Kabir : holds his hand..r u mad??..r u in sense.. I know how much he important for u..he is ur brother..but u always sees him ur kid…if he get hurt r one drop tear by anyone..the that person is gone..in front ur anger..don’t dare to say like it..
Sanskar : smiles sadly..then also I’m the reason of his this state..
Kabir : k..tell me what happened.. Because he know sanskar never agree its not his fault if it comes to his beloved one..but here his lacky..so its waste to make him understand it..they both didn’t noticed that the person gaining consciousness..
Sanskar : then tells him..after kavitha death..and his revenge.. Swaragini entry in his life..how he became ragini friend..and what he did to swara..because of swara he realized his mistake.. And His fake marriage.. kavitha entry..Then real marriage.. ..and raglak marriage..and parish betrayal.. Because of that brothers fight..and laksh disappearance.. And swaras decision.. Ap ma neglection..everything left him..both his strength left him same day..know was there give a sholder to him..for its cry r share..mom also there.. But I’m attached with ap ma..lacky..and lost swara..
Looks at kabir..that’s y when u give ur shoulder I cried..
Kabir : also have tears in his eyes..hugs him tightly.. I’m ur friend but I’m not there when u wanted someone..
Sanskar : hugs him back..its not ur fault.. We r not in contact..
Kabir : u know what if I was in ur condition.. do know can I able to live r not..
Sanskar : but I have to live..for searching my bro..and hand him to my friend ragini..he is life for her..I know how she broken.. But she have the faith that he will return to her..I have to fulfill it..being friend of her..
Kabir : I m really happy to got friend like u..man..

That time both hears a sound..turns..shocked..sanskar gets happy..runs to laksh..holds him..both looked at each other emotionally.. Hugs each other..
Kabir : sees them happily..
Sanskar : broke the hug..kissed his forehead.. Lucky..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : once again call me..
Laksh : bhai..
Sabskar : once again..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : once again..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : onc..
Laksh : bhai..bhai..bhai..k..poutingly..
Sanir : laughs at him..while lacky..even more pouts looking at them..
Sanskar : u don’t know how i m happy today..I got u back in my life lacky..now only I can breath normally.. This many days breath also suffocated me..
Laksh : saw him..emotionally.. I’m the reason of ur sorrows na bhai..I’m sorry..if I’m not behave stupid hearing adharsh then this all would not happened na..cries..hugs him..
Sanskar : hugs him..pates his head slowly.. Its not ur fault..ye manipulate u against me..I’m also does not realized it at that time..and get angry on u..sorry..plz forgive it bhai..
Laksh : no its totally my fault..y r u asking forgiveness.. I’m the one who have to ask it..sorry..u forgive me..last time..I won’t repeat it again..
Sanskar : no its my..
Kabir : irritates by them..will both stop..u both r fault..now leave it..its celebrate time guys..
Sanlak : ya..

Sanskar : smiles..oh no..I’m sorry kabir I didn’t ask about u..tell me..
Kabir : what I can tell..after our studies I went abroad..to higher studies.. And got married to a girl who I m met in there..and loves her lot..now I’m blessed with one girl baby..after one week I’m again shifting there..
Sanskar : I’m happy for u..
Kabir : u have to come my home..
Sanskar : sure..
Laksh : bhai who is he?..
Sanskar : he is my friend..kabir..
Laksh : but I know ur all friends..then..
Sanskar : he is medical student..
Laksh : oh..k..hi..I’m laksh..his brother..u can call me..
Kabir : lacky..right..I’m kabir..
Laksh : u know me..confusingly..
Kabir : smiles..ya I know u..not only me our full gang and college all know about u..because he always talk about u most of the time..and I know ur his baby also..saying this he laughs…
Laksh : smiles..looks at sanskar..who r lost somewhere..
Sanskar : comes to sense..what happen ..do u what something..
Laksh : where r u lost..
Sanskar : became serious..lacky tell me..where r this many days…and what is this.. Who made u like it..
Laksh : bhai..wo…

Sanskar : do u know r not..
Laksh : nods s..
Sanskar : then tell me..who makes u like it..I’ll make that bastard life hell..
Laksh : keeps quite..
Sanskar : I’m asked u something lacky..says dangerously..
Lacky/kabir : gets scared..seeing him like it..
Laksh : it was..tell him..who r they.. how they tortured him..hearing it..sanskar close the fist..his eyes turned red in anger..punched the glass which is near him..that broken totally..
Laksh /kabir : taken a back..seeing him this much dangerous.. Bleed is oozing from his hand..but sanskar not cared about it..
Laksh tries to hold his hand..but could not..due to his wound..kabir holds it..and remove the glass pieces.. And does first aid..laksh takes his hand..cries holding it..
Laksh : its all because of me na bhai..
Sanskar : seeing his tears..cool down immediately.. No lacky..its not like that..
Laksh : don’t dare to say lie to me bhai..I know u very well..but at that time I’m didn’t think about it..sorry.

Sanskar : shh..leave it..lacky..its past..forget it..
Laksh : but u changed.. More bhai..I didn’t saw u like this before..be because of u lost everything..and became like this..
Sanskar/kabir : looks at him shockingly..
Laksh : I’m heared it bhai..what u told to kabir bhai..teras r rolling down to his cheek..sorry bhai..plz..I’m sorry..
Sanskar : its k..now take rest..we have to go mansion tomorrow morning..
Laksh : k..but be with me..I want sleep in ur lap..can I..
Sanskar : smiles..y r asking it..come..sat beside him..makes him lay on his lap..cares his hair..
While lacky holds his another hand..and slept.. Due to medicine effect..after conforming laksh slept r not..raised his head..to see surprise kabir smiling at them..
Kabir : admires their bond..
Sanskar : kabir I want ur help..will u can do that for me..
Kabir : if u asking it as request..then no..just order man..ur my friend..
Sanskar : smiles..tells him..something..
Kabir : I will do it..with wholeheartedly..

Swaragini room
Ragini first waked up..feels lite in heart..and happy also..but don’t know y..and sees swara..then lefts to get fresh up..swara also gets up..she also felt..something but brushed it..and gets ready..bitg went down stairs.. And start to make breakfast and coffee for all..mean while shemish and nikil came to hall..swara gives the coffee to them..and kept one for ragini..she takes one..ragini also come sat beside swara..all r having coffee..takingly..
Swara phone start to ring..its uttra..all r confused.. Y she calling in this morning.. Ragini picks up..
Uttra : hello swara bhabi..
Ragini : uttra I’m ragini..
Uttra : oh..sorry bhabi..
Ragini : its k..tell me..why u called ?..
Uttra : oh..mm..
Swara : puts it on speaker..what uttra : bhabi..did bhau called u?..
Swara : no..y.?..
Uttra : wo ..bhabi bhai is not here till yesterday night..I’m try to call him..but his ph swithoff..that’s y I called u..to ask..does he talk to u..
All r shocked..
Swara : no uttra..he didn’t called me..after that function..did u talk to his friends..and office..
Uttra : han I called everyone but no use..no one know about him..don’t know where he went..saying this she starts to cry..
Swaragini gets worried for him..
Nikil : uttra don’t cry..we r coming there..come swaragini..
Shemish : we r also coming with u..
Swaragini : k..ma..papa..
All left to MM..

All r wooried for sanskar..sitting in hall..sujata crying.. Ap and rp consoling her..uttra cries hugging dp..
Swaragini nikil and shemish enters in..
Swara : runs to uttra..uttra..
Ragini : goes to sujata..chachi..don’t cry..nothing will happen to sanskar..he will come..
Nikil : when he left..
Uttra : don’t know..morning I went his room..he is not there..I called him..many times..but its switched off..would anything happened to him..no no..
Nikil : shhh..nothing will happen to him..he must be somewhere..will return soon..I’ll go check him…
Uttra : I’m also coming..I want yo see him..
Nikil : but..
Uttra : plz nikil..take me with u..plz..
Swara is praying to hod for sanskar..
Nikil : k..goes to swaragini..
Uttra : turns..get shocked seeing the entrance… Drop the phone..which was in her hand..
All turns..sees uttra mobile..and saw uttra who r looking entrance.. They also turns their head got the shock..only…

Precap : something big…

I hope u all satisfy… With it..bye see u soon guys..

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