our relationship (episode 3)

dark place
In room..someone r tied with chair..he opens his eyes..gets tears in his eyes..tries to free himself form the rope..he tried many time..but caught by anyone of goons..and they all started to him until he fell unconscious.. But now no one is there.. So he trying it again..after so much struggle he frees himself..search to hold anything..because being tied up with chair..can’t able to stand properly.. Somehow stands..and starts to walk slowly.. That time he hears some foot sounds..so he hide behind the door..when that got open..all goons enters and shocked to see that man escaped..suddenly the hears a door locked sound..see that man locked all in the room..and runs from there..he don’t know where he is..but he keep running..after some time he get tired..so he sits near a tree..its river side…thinking about something..

Next day morning
Swaragini as usual gets up..and got fresh up..heads to down to make breakfast.. While they r preparing breakfast sharmishta enters in kitchan..
Sharmishta : swaragini..
Swaragini : turns.. Good morning ma..
Sharmishta : good morning..r u both r going somewhere?..
Swara : han..
Ragini : uttra’s engagement today..so we have to go there early..
Sharmishta : k..take care of ur self..
Swaragini : nods s..
Nikil : when I’m with them..then u don’t worry quite..
Sharmishta : smiles..
Swara : u r the biggest problem for us..
Nikil : hu..ur so mean shona..
Swara : what??…
Nikil : nothing..beauties..I want breakfast made by ur hand..not made by her..
Ragini : y nikil?..
Nikil : because..I’m don’t wanna die soon..
Swara : hu..u..y r u always irritating me?..
Nikil : because I love to irritate u..hahaha…

Sharmishta and ragini smiles at him..
Swara : u both also with him..left from there..
Ragini : swara.. Listen..but she left..oh no..now how could I convince her..
Nikil : don’t worry rag..she can’t be angry on us..for long..just chill..
Sharmishta : k..now u both go..I’ll come with breakfast..
Both nods..in dining table..swara sat on there..keeping angry face..rakil smiles at her angry face..comes to her..sat beside her..
Swara : looks at them..turns her head..
Ragini : swara..
No response
Nikil : shona..
No response
Both : holds their ears..says sorry….
Swara : sees them smiles..removes their hand from ears..
Sharmishta : comes.. And serves them..
All had their breakfast..and left to mm..

Swarakil enters in..and starts their work..while working.. Nikil goes upstairs to see the arrangements.. After checking it..he was about to go down..but stopped hearing wiping sound..
He started to go that side..and slightly opens the door..its uttra room..she is holding the same photo..and crying..
Uttra : bhai when will u come..here nothing is normal..like before..u know bhai..sanskar bhai changed lot..here no one can’t able to control him..u r the one who closed to him..now ur also not here..he is not the same as before..plz bhai come soon..I want u both..plz..
She is crying..nikil hears everything.. But seeing her like this..don’t no y he felt pain..goes to her..
Nikil : uttra..

Uttra : shocked hearing him..wipes her tears and turns towards him smilingly.. Hi nikil..when u came?..
Nikil : u don’t gave to hide ur tears in front of ur friend..
Uttra : gets emotional.. Nothing like that..
Nikil : really..then what r u doing just before..
Uttra : started to cry..
Nikil : listen uttra don’t cry..if anyone sees u like this then I’m gone..plz..and I’m don’t like ur tears..plz don’t cry..

Uttra : stops looks at him..shockingly.. Then wiped her tears..
Nikil : gives her water..she dranked it..r u feeling better..
Uttra : ya..
Nikil : can I know..who is this person..?..pointing laksh photo in her hand..
Uttra : smiles sadly..its my brother laksh..
Nikil : so u have another brother also..
Uttra : han..
Nikil : can I know about him..
Uttra : looks at him..then asks y?..
Nikil : swaragini also sad.. I can’t ask them..so..
Uttra : ya..
Nikil : u tell everything about ur brothers..u will feel better..

uttra :nods..my brothers r sanskar and laksh..sanskar bhai is 3 minutes elder to laksh bhai..laksh bhai is bade ma bade papa son..me and sanskar bhai r his chacha and chachi son..but sanskar bhai is so closed to bade ma..like laksh bhai closed to my mom..both my brothers are loves each other lot..can do anything for each other happiness.. and share everything with each other..Laksh bhai is pampered by all..at last I born..so all r pampered me..because I’m the only daughter of this house..that’s y..I’m also loves them lot..sanskar bhai is lovely..and caring..wilhile laksh bhai also same..but little bit only..because he will get anger quickly.. Thats y..and tells whatever happened..swasan and raglak marriage..and pari adharsh evilness.. And how they all separated..how adhash manipulate laksh against sanskar..and their fights..after that fight laksh disappear..and swara decision.. Sanskar shattered..

And became heartless man..while saying all this tears are following from her eyes..nikil felt bad after hearing its all..
Nikil : I’m really sorry..for making u cry..and whatever I said yesterday about sanskar..
Uttra : its k..its not ur fault.. In ur place if any other person would be..he also think the same as u think..he gone through so much in his life..thats all makes him like it..now no one can break that wall..which he made it..
Nikil : don’t worry everything will be alright..
Uttra : nods..
Nikil : k..now I have go..bye..
Uttra : thanks..
Nikil : y?..
Uttra : after talking to u I’m feeling better..
Nikil : its..k..whenever u need a friend..so I’m there for u..bye..he left..
Uttra : smiles..thank u god for sending a good friend for me..

Nikil : while coming down..this many thing happened.. But y swara decide like it..is she mad leave a man like him..I know she loves her sister..but what was sanskar mistake in this all..y she punishing him like that.. She didn’t think about his situation..one side his brother..another side his wife…both r left him same day..whom he loves lot..if I was in his situation.. Then I’m sure I can’t be stay one day also..but he is great..now regrating for saying him arrogant..and ragini she is totally broken.. But she have strong feeling that her laksh will return to her..I hope all will settle fine..thinking all it..he is lost..didn’t see who r coming opposite to him..and dashed with that person..

Nikil : oh..sorry sorry..really sorry..Sir..but stopped seeing the person..
Person : can’t u see and walk..
Nikil : looks at him emotionally.. Then says..I’m so sorry..plz forgave me..sanskar…( I know u all will be thinking it swara..no its sanskar only)..
Sanskar : sees him..yesterday incident came to his mind..its k..plz next see and walk..saying it he was about to leave..but stopped by nikil..
Nikil : k..I’ll..and sorry..
Sanskar : how many time will u ask it..
Nikil : before I asked it for dashing u..but its for yesterday what I said about u..
Sanskar : hm..i m sorry..
Nikil : nothing..hi..I’m nikil swara’s childhood friend..only friend..
Sanskar : looks at him..
Nikil : don’t look at me like that..I’m also man so I know what will other man think..
Sanskar : k..
Nikil : extend his hand..friend..
Sanskar : looks at him..then says no I can’t..I’m sorry..
Nikil : its k..when u feel to accept my friendship..then u can..
Sanskar : k..saying it he left..
Y he want to be my friend..and what he said only friend to swara..don’t know y..
Nikil : smiles at his confusion.. And left to do remaining work..
After finishing it..three of them left to badi to get ready…

swaragini room
swara and ragini r getting ready…but thinking about something..ragini sees swara…
Ragini : swara..r u thinking the same..what im thinking..
swara : han..ragini dont know how they all agreed for this alliance..
Ragini : what about uttra..will she happy there..
Swara : I’m also worried about her..is she really happy in this marriage..
Swaragini worries about uttra..that time nikil came there..three of them left to MM..
Swaragini r seeing the arrangements.. And nikil talking to them..sanskar comes there..looks at swarail..Gayathri and her family arrived.. Ap and sujatha welcomes them…
Sujatha : Gayathrij..where is our sil..he is not seeing with u..
Gayathri : he will come with his friend..
Sujata : k..u come have something..
Gayathri : nods..goes with her..

Ragini feels her heart is beating fast..thinks y my heart is beating like this..is laksh is fine..plz god save my laksh..cause of him only I’m still alive…
Someone running on the road.. 4 goons r chasing him…
swara sees her wording face.. Prays to god..plz god return laksh to my sister life..she is suffering..
Ap : swara go and check uttra..is she ready r not..
Swara : nods left thinking about ragini..she comes to the room without seeing it..when she enters in comes to sense..then only she realised it..its sanskar room..about to go..but collides with someone..both r feel in floor.. Then she looked up..to see who is it..get shocked..seeing sanskar..he also equally shocked..both shared a eye lock..they came to the sense..when Gayathri shouts…both stands up..

Gayathri : hey ladki..don’t u have any shame..u came to here for work..but I think u came here for other motive…a girl like u all..does this only trapping rich boys in ur tricks..all mm comes there..hearing her shout..guest r in hall..because of music sound they all didn’t heares it..
Swara is having tears..sanskar gets angry on hearing it..that to in front of him..
Sanskar : just shut up..u don’t know anything..its just happened by mistake..
Gayathri : see how she changed ur son..he is saving her..she is characterless girl..
Sanskar : don’t dare..
Gayathri : y..who is she to u?..
Sanskar : lost his temper..she is my wife..Mrs. Swara Sabskar Maheswari…
Gayathri : get shocked..
Even swara also..because after so many days she hearing it from his mouth..and his support towards her..
Gayathri : this marriage cancelled..
All r shocked..
Sujatha : gayathrij..plz don’t do this..if u do it..then who will marryy daughter.. Cries..
Gayathri : k..give us 5 cr..then this marriage will happen..
Again all get shocked..uttra fedup with all..
Ap : what r u saying..
Gayathri : han..whatever I said was right..if u all want this marriage would happen..then u have to give this..saying this she left to hall..
Sujatha : jiji..plz accept it..for uttra sake..
Ap : looks at dp..
Dp : nods..left..
All left except swasan..
Swara : how can u see its all..she is ur sister..if she get married to that house.. She will not be happy..
Sanskar : what can I do..when I can’t handle my own life..then how can I..anyways its our family matter..u don’t involve on it..he also left..
Swara : gets hurt..then composed left from there..

In Hall
Sujatha : comes to gayathri..tells her that we r ready for it demand..
Gayathri : gets happy..and agreed for marriage..
Uttra comes there..nikil is behind her..he don’t know anything whatever happened in room..looks at them confusingly.. Ragini also stand like it..that time groom also enters in..
Uttra : wait mom..
Sujatha : what uttra?..
Uttra : i m don’t want this marriage…
All r shocked..

Sujatha : r u mad..what r u saying..
Uttra : s mom..I want to break this alliance.. Im don’t wanna get married to their son..
Groom : how dare u..??.to say like this..and insult us..about to slap uttra..but in right time..nikil pulls her towards him..and holds his hand..
Nikil : don’t dare to raise or hand on my friend..leaves his hand..
Sanskar comes to them..
Sanskar/nikil : r u fine ?..both looks at each other..
Uttra : nods s..and looks at the groom..so u r his son..right..
Groom : s..y the hell ur insulting us..
Uttra : ask this question to ur mom..
Groom : looks at his mom..but she didn’t say anything..
Uttra : k..she will not tell..I will tell u..before that will u answer my question..
Man : nods s..
Uttra : mm..if u have any sister..
Man : but I’m don’t have any one..

Uttra : first listen..just imagine it..
If u have sister..then her in laws..r asking her family to give..dowry.. For ur sister happiness u all r agreeing it..then they come to know that u had married a Bengali girl..and asked u break the ties with her..if u agree..
Sanskar looks at her with tears..
Man : no..she is my wife..how can I..
Uttra : k..but then also u agreed for it..for ur sister.. And for this also they asking u more money to make ur sister their dil..and when the engagement day they come to know who is she?..insults her..shameless..characterless girl and againg asking money for 5 crs..will u agree for it..
Man : no..if they demands like it..then I my self break the alliance for my sister..if she goes there..then she won’t able to live happily there..
Uttra : smiles sadly..so its right..
Man : han..absolutely..
Uttra : then I’m also done the same..
Man : shockingly.. What??..

Uttra : han..that girl is me..and that family is my family..and that inlaws r ur family..
Man : stands numb..
Uttra : I’m sorry..but I m don’t want this marriage.. Who r money mind like ur mom..selling u..
Man : says sorry..for his mom side..will u marry me..
Uttra : I’m sorry..
Gayathri : better u agree for it..if not then who will marry u..like a girl..
Sujata : han..uttra..say s..
Uttra : no mom sorry..
Swara : mom leave it na..y r u compelling her..
Ragini : han chachij..she wont be happy there..
Gayathri : who r u ?..to say it..
Ragini : I’m ragini laksh maheshwari..bahu of maheswari family..
Gayathri : again get shocked…
Sujata : sanskar say na..uttra to agree for this marriage..
Sanskar : no mom..not this time..uttra take a correct decision.. So I’m supporting my sister..and asks the gayathri to leave..from here..

They all leaves..swaragini goes to uttra..hugs her..
Swara : I’m happy that u decided it on correct time..
Ragini : we both r worried about u with this alliance…
Uttra : I’ll be happy if u both return to our house..
Sanskar : uttra..I’m proud of u..now go take some rest..she left..turns to swaragini..
U both also can leave now..I’ll settle amount.. Saying this he also left..
Swara have years in her eyes..ragini gets worried seeing sanskar cold behavior towards swara…nikil also gets upset seeing his friends r in this situation.. One side swaragini who r separated their family to whom they r belongs to..otherside uttra..her marriage is broken..three of them left..thinking and lost somewhere…

On road..
Same man is running on road..that goons are following him..try to catch him..but he escaped.. Runs more fast..
After some time he reached some street.. None was there..but didn’t give up..
Other side sanskar sitting near car..feeling restless… In this six months so many thing happened r can say changed…
Sanskar : what is happening around me..where r u lucky?.. I’m really need u..I know u also need me..but Im don’t know where r u?..how r u now..y I’m feeling this much restless.. R u in trouble lacky..god plz save my brother..I want him..give me any clue..plz I begging u..
That man reached where sanskar is sat..but that time he caught hold by goons..they beating him..he try to defend them..but he is now week..then he sees sanskar..he is ffacinf his back side..he can’t able to recognize him..he not at all in that situation.. So he tries to call him..
Man : plz help me..
Sanskar didn’t turn..because he is lost…he again call him..but no response.. At last he shouts..
Man : bhai..plz help…I need ur help..plz save me..
This made sanskar trance broke..hearing bhai..he looks here and there..and sees goons are beating someone..he was the one call him bhai..he gets tears thinking about his lucky.. Who used to call him..bhai..gets angry on that goons..goes nears them..pushed everyone..
Goon : hey..look..go from hear..if u want to alive..
Sanskar : just leave him..
Goon : no..its our work..so u go away from here..they again started to beat him..
man : bhai help me..
sanskar : no hell angry..he beats everyone blue and black..seeing him goons runs from there..he saw that man lies there unconsciously …gose towards him..tuns him..seeing his face he got shocked..freezed there only….

precap : no precap

sorry for late post..plz forgive me..

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  3. plzz now we can get raglak scene
    awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing brilliant speechless next part soon don’t be late and yaa thanks to all raglak writers for writing mind blowing concept and they are just brilliant hope we get more raglak ff ts ss O’s and plzzz raglak ff give daily ff or be regular plz

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