our relationship (episode 2)

Hi..guys…how r u all…i’m again here..come with another part..I’m already told to u all..about it..so let’s see..
Ragini : still u have time to rectify it..
Swara : no..if he understand my position.. Then he will come to me..
Ragini: seriously swara..y u always want to him to understand u..y cant u understand him..he is the one who always with ur tough time..saying this she goes to sleep..
Swara : thinks whatever ragini said to her..but still she thinks ( mind) sanskar is fault..she also slept beside ragini..

Both swaragini gets ready goes to make a arrangement for uttras engagement..
Sanskar is talking in his phone with his agent..
Sanskar : hello..do u get any clue..
Agent : no..sir..we r trying but didn’t get any clue..
Sanskar : past 6 months u r telling this only..can’t u do ur work properly..cuts the call..
He goes angrily..downstairs..but stopped seeing the scenario..
Swara is hugging someone happily.. Sanskar gets angry..and comes near them..
Sanskar : what’s happening here..u came here for work..and does this thinks all outside of my mansion..r else somewhere.. Not here..we r giving money to u..do ur work properly.. Shouts angrily..
Swaragini and that person get shocked..and swara even more..others of the house members also comes near them.. Gets worried seeing sanskar this much angry.. Don’t know what to do..because after swara and laksh left..he became more angry and arrogant..
Sujatha : sanskar plz calm down..
Sanskar : stares at her..
Sujatha : keeps quite..

Dp : what happen sanskar ?..y r u shouting at swara..she is ur wife..
That new person get shocked hearing it..sees swara..
Sanskar : now she is not my wife..she came her to work..but she is doing something…
Ragini : no sanskar..she was doing work only..just 5 minutes before only..he came and hugs swara..Im don’t know him..but seeing swaras happy face.. I know that she knows him..
Hearing it all r shocked..

Ragini : swara who is this ?..
Swara : ragini..he is my childhood friend..Nikil..he want see me so his parents send him..yesterday night after u slept..I got a call for them..I thought tell u this morining..but forget it..sorry..
Ragini : its k..
Nikil : swaru..who is she?..and what he said just a minute..
Swara : she Is my sister ragini…and he is my husband.. Sanskar maheswari..and they r my in laws..
Nikil : then y r working here..I mean u didn’t wear any type of things.. Which all married girl have to wear..
Swara : I’ll tell u later..now I have work..
Nikil : k..I’ll also help u..
Swara : no..u came here now only..go home..take some rest..after completing our work..we come..
Nikil : no means no..
Swara : but..
Ragini : k..leave him swara..if he want to help u..then let him do it..
Nikil : not only her..I’ll help u too..because ur her sister..so u r also like my friend..
Ragini : just nods..
Sanskar : seeing it all..angrily..and lefts..
Nikil : why he is looking so angry..heartless fellow..don’t know how to talk to wife..anyone shout a girl like this klinfront of all..
Sujatha : hey chora..don’t utter a word against my son..u don’t know about him properly..then better keep quiet..and han what u said..heartless man..right..he has that ..but broked by ur pyaari dosti..because of her only my son turned like this..he didn’t talked to anyone properly..turn to swara..I think now ur happy na..seeing him like this..u only want this na..then how he is dieing in front of u..saying this she cries and left..
Swaragini : r shocked…
Ap : consoles swara..beta..she is anger that’s y she talked like this..
Ragini : but ma..whatever chachi told was right..sanskar never like this before..but now no one can go near him..like he is fire..will Burt anyone.. What to do..everything happened..now we can’t change anything..if anyone what to think to change it..nothing going to change..( seeing swara)…
Ap : ragini..why r saying like it..
Ragini : then what will I say ma..whatever I said was true..u know it very well..when he was broken that time I’m his friend I know how it feel..I’m also gone through it..I know now also he is like it..says in tears..and left…
Dp : sees all gets upset..leaves..
Uttra : cries silently..
Ap : also left..

Now swara and nikil only there..
Nikil : font know how to react..calls swara..but she is not listening him..so he left her..thought give her sometime…
Swara : in shock state..hearing sujata and ragini words..still its all ringing in her ears..what its my fault…
Someone sees its all from distance.. Gets happy..and left from there..
Ragini sitting in garden..thinking about whatever happened in her life..and how it turns to up and down..
Ragini : laksh where r u..I need u..plz come back..I want ur embrace.. I can’t see it’s all anymore..sanskar turns more arrogant.. cause of swara..but she is stubborn..don’t want to realise her mistake..always blames sanskar..who r with her all the thin r thin time..i know he loves her but she left him..im don’t know how to handle its all..Plz come back..Im really need u..cries..
Nikil hears its all..feeling bad for both swara and ragini..but he want to know the reasons.. He was about go near ragini..but stopped hearing sobbing sound… He goes that direction.. Sees one girl sobbing hardly..he dont know what made him go near her..he goes..touched her shoulder..
She turns..its revealed uttra..she sees him..wipes her tears..then he saw a photo in her hand..he clearly sees that..

One is sanskar and another one he don’t know who is he..
Nikil : hi..I’m nikil..I think u are belongs to this family..
Uttra : nods..I’m uttra..sanskar bhai’s sister.. And one and only daughter of this house..
Nikil : smiles..well nice to meet u..
Uttra : smiles..
Nikil : who is he..?..and y r crying ?..seeing it..
Uttra : smiles faded..
Nikil : noticed it..sorry for making ur mood off..but can we be friends.
Uttra : nods..
Nikil : how can u easily accept my friendship..that to without thinking..u don’t know me properly..
Uttra : its true that ur r stranger for me..but ur my bhabis friend..so accepted..I have faith on my both bhabis..because they always right..but now swara bhabi is totally wrong..says sadly..
Nikil : be a friend of mine..u r sad..
Uttra : no..no..no..
Nikil : smiles at her reaction.. Hahaha..look at ur face..
Uttra : u r making fun of me..now see what will I do to u..starts to beat him..
Nikil : no…no…plz stop yaarr..holds her hand..sorry..plz leave me..
That time sujatha calls uttra..
Uttra : k..bye..see u later..
Nikil : ya..bye..

Uttra left..nikil now only realised about ragini..
Nikil : oh..shit..now I have to go to her..noe she needs a good friend..and I’m forget to ask who’s that another man in that photo..I will ask it later..saying this goes inside the mansion.. Because ragini is not in garden..that’s y..
When enter in..he sees both swaragini r engross with work..like nothing happened just before…gets more confuse..then he also joins with them in work..then evening all goes to gadodia mansion..sharmishta gets surprised and happy to see nikil..hugs him happily.. Who runs towards her happily.. And hugs her tightly.. In front of shekar..shekar is shocked..
Swaragini : enters behind nikil..smiles seeing it..because he wanna surprise sharmishta..
Shekar : sees smiling swaragini..asks them through eyes who is he..??..
Swara : oh..baba..he is nikil..my childhood friend..living in kanada..came to see me..
Nikil : oh..hello..who says that I came her to see u..I came here to see my beautie..shows a tongue..
Ragini : smiles..
Swara : oh..really..then talk to her only..don’t talk to me..
Nikil : hu..who is here dieing to talk to u..fatti…
Swara : gets angry.. What u said..fatti..u..u..idiot.. Now I won’t leave u..saying it..she goes near him..but stopped by sharmishta..
Sharmishta : shona..leave him..
Swara : ma..how could I..he is calling me fatti..can’t u hear it..
Sharmishta : controlling her laugh..now only he came here..leave him..
Swara : k..then tell him..don’t call me by that name..
Nikil : I’ll call u by that only..fatti..fatti..
Swara : gets more irritated.. About to beat him..but stopped hearing a laughing sound..turns sees shemish laughing along with ragini..swara smiles seeing ragini..because after so many days..no..many months she is smiling whole heartedly..shemish and nikil also smiles..
Ragini : thank god..swara..u r still behaving kid..he is just pulling ur leg..but u..smiles..
Swara : smiles..if u smile like this..then I’m ready to allow him call me by fatti..
Ragini : stopped..and left without saying anything..
swara : upset..
Nikil noticed all their reactions..

Sharmishta : k..u all go..get fresh up..and come down for breakfast.. Come nikil I’ll show ur room..
Nikil nods..left with her..shekar comes to swara..
Shekar : don’t worry beta. Everything will he fine..
Swara : hugs him..when baba..I’m can’t able to see ragini like this..
Shekar : also gets sad..just pats her head..go..get fresh up..
Swara left..
Shekar : when my both daughters will get their happiness..

Swaragini room
Swara enters…Sees ragini got fresh up..and changed her dress..
Ragini sees her..smiles..
Ragini : y r u staring me..go get fresh up..I already kept ur dress..go..
Swara : goes..and comes out..both left to down..

All r sitting in dining table..swaragini comes…and takes their seat..sharmista serves them..
Swara : sees everything.. Ma..u again started it..
Shekar/ragini : what happen swara?..
Swara : see na baba..ragini..ma makes every dishes in nikil favourite..
Shekar : so what..he came here..so we have make him..comfortable na..
Swara : ya..but u don’t know this mom and son..bond..
Ragini : mom and son..
Sharmishta : smiles..han..he is like my son..when he is with us..he loves me lot..but always irritates swara..
Nikil : smiles..
Shekar : but what that name..
Nikil : I will tell u papa..can I call u like this..because for me beautie is my mom..so..can I..
Shekar : smiles..nods s..
Nikil : in childhood days…swara was fat..that’s y to irritate her I’m calling her like that..
All r smiles..while swara keeps pouting..
Ragini : swara now u look more cute..
Swara : looks at her..then stares nikil angrily..
Nikil : no heads to her..turns yo sharmishta..beauties..its been so long had eat food by ur hand..now Im don’t wanna miss it..will u feed me..
Sharmishta : smiles..nods s..
Swaragini : opens her mouth.. Like ‘o ‘..
Swara : ma..this is not fair..
Ragini : we r also here..
Shekar : don’t worry beta..I’ll feed u both..let him eat by her hand..
Nikil : smiles teasingly..
Swara : looks at him..
Shekar and ragini enjoys this cat and dog fight..
Shekar feeds swaragini..and sharmishta feeds nikil..later swaragini and nikil feeds them respectively.. All have a good time..but somewhere someone trying to free him self from this darkness.. Other side someone hardly and madly searching something r may say someone…

Precap : u all will come to know that next part..

K..bye everyone..see u all in next part..I think u all will like it…

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