our relationship (episode 19)

Hi..guys..how r u all..I hope all r fine..and happy…sorry for the delay guys..I’m busy with my family function..that’s y..its became late to post this..so let’s start..

Swasan room
Sanskar enters in..locks the door..looks for swara..but swara was not there..he searched her..last he seen her standing in balcony.. And lost in thoughts..silently..wents near her..back hugs her..swara comes to sense..smiles..because she knows who is it..its only her sanskar.. Turns towards him..
Sanskar looks at her..gets shocked..

Sanskar : swara..y r u crying..?..
Swara : I’m very much happy today..sanskar..I got u back in my life..my sanskar is with me..I’m really happy..its happy terms sanskar…and I’m sorr..
Sanskar : shhhh..placed his finger on her lips..don’t talk about about bitter moments..of our life..its all happened.. Talking about that we can’t change anything..but can do one thing.. We never repeate that mistakes again.. This only we can do..and we can talk about our future.. in happiness also I don’t want to see tears in ur eyes..k..saying it he wipes her tears..and kissed her forehead..
About to hug her..

Swara : sanskar come with me..
Sanskar : looks at her..gir a moment… Where swara..?…
Swara : come..drags him..
Sanskar : atleast..tell me..where r u taking me..
Swara : shh…come..silently.. U will come to where we r going..
Sanskar keeps quite..

Raglak room..
Ragini is still nervous.. When she hears door opens sound..looksat the door.. Laksh was closing the door..she gets even more nervous..laksh comes near her..
Laksh : ragini..
Ragini : han..laksh..
Laksh : what happen ragini..u r sounding like nervous..
Ragini : nothing like that laksh..just tired..
Laksh : k..I’m really happy today..ragini..bhai..got his everything.. I saw how much happiness he was.. his eyes sparking with joy..when he is with swara..like before..even swara also happy..
Ragini : smiles..han laksh..even I’m happy today..my sister got her life..back..
Laksh : han..looks at her..who r smiling wholeheartedly..she is looking more beautiful..
Ragini : looks at him..felt shy..bows down..

Laksh : smiles at her shy face..they r happy now..then what about us..moves close to her..
Ragini : laksh.. Pushed him..about to run…
Laksh : holds her hand..pulls her..
Ragini : lands on him..
Laksh : rolls..where r running..that to from me.. Han..
Ragini : wo…m
Laksh : kissed her lips to stop her..
Both r lost in each others.. And became one again..

Sanskar : swara..where r u taking me..
Swara : shhh…all r sleeping sanskar..don’t talk..
Sanskar :k..asks slowly..where r u taking Me..
Swara : turn looks at him..
Sanskar : k..k..don’t look at me like this..
Swara : better..
Sansakar : in mind..wow..u make me go after a girl..if anyone sees this..the great business man is kid in front of his wife.. What will they think..thank god that lacky and uttra r sleeping..otherwise the won’t leave a chance to tease me..
Swara : here we came…

Sanskar : thoughts r broken..looks at the place.. Then around…
Swara : what r u searching sanskar…its our home temple only…
Sanskar : that I can see..but y u took me here..that to this time..spending time with each other..after a six months we r together..
Swara : shh…u r talking to much..sanskar..
Sanskar : who me..wow.. U r smart na..then tell me y u took me here..that to our home temple.. What we r going to do here..after six months we got together ..and got time to spend with each other.. But looks like u r least bother it..and wasting our time..also..huh…
Swara : k..k..I’ll tell..u stop getting anger..
Sanskar : I’ll give u 2 minutes.. After that I’ll leave..now start..
Swara : moves to god idol.. Takes vermilion box..goes near sanskar..spread the vermilion box to him..

Sanskar : looks at her..cluelessly..
Swara : do u remembered sanskar..our first marriage happened here only..in front of god ..in this same place..
Sanskar : remembered.. That scene..

Swara : that day even u told urs feeling to me and in front of everyone.. That time I’m not ready to accept u..and even I’m don’t think that u will became my life and everything.. After so much struggle we got married..and lead a happy life..and got separated.. But this time I want nobody separate us…and I want that naughty sanskar..who r used to make me feel happy being with him..
Sanskar : feels happy..hearing this all..looks at her having tears in his eyes..
Swara : can fill my hair line like before..for me..
Sabskar : without wasting our time..fills her hair line with vermilion..
Swara : closed her eyes.. Tears flows down..

Sanskar : I love u swara..
Swara : I love u too sanskar..hugs him..

Both cries happily.. Then sanskar breaks hug..takes her in his arms..left to their room..
Both enters the room..sanskar puts her down..swara runs..sanskar smiles at her shyness..goes after her..places Hus hand on her sholder..turns her towards him..swara runs to near bed..
Sanskar smiles..he offs the all lights.. Both became one once again..

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