our relationship (episode 16)

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Sanskar : pulls her towards him..swara fells over him..
Both of them lay on couch..swara looks at him angrily…sanskar hides his smile..swara tries to get up..but sanskar holds her tightly..
Swara : leave me..
Sanskar : strictly.. Fine..first have lunch…then I’ll leave u..
Swara : I don’t need lunch..
Sanskar : then I won’t leave..
Swara : looks at him..in mind..khadoos sanskar maheswari…
Sanskar : I’m not..
Swara : did I spokes loudly..says..
Sanskar : we will discuss it later..u have to take medicine on time..come on have lunch..
Swara : about to say something..
Sanskar : no more arguments…
Swara : closed her mouth..
Sanskar : gives plates to her..
Swara : looks away..
Sanskar : knew her well..so takes a bite..turns her face..and makes her eat..
Swara : first protest..later seeing his angry glare..have its..

After finishing lunch..he gives her tablets..
Swara : about to ask him..
Some one knocks door..
Sanskar : kaka..come in..
Kaka : nods enters in..
Sanskar : kaka.. drop swara on badi..I have meeting now..
Kaka : k beta..
Sanskar : about to leave meeting..
Swara : sanskar ur lunch..
Sanskar : smiles sadly..left..without giving answer..
Swara : looks sad seeing us sad smile..
Kaka : looks at her..beta..its been six month..he tools Hus food properly..
Swara : gets shocked..what r u saying kaka..
Kaka : han beta..when u leaved him..after that he never had foods on time..he even skipped breakfast daily..don’t know how he serving..says sadly..
Swara : feels more pain..I had food.. but him..have terms in her eyes..not any more..I’ll make u again my old sanskar..who r charming..and good..

Laksh comes to meet all..
Sharmishta : laksh beta..u..
All looks at the door..
Nikil : goes to help him..come..
Laksh : looks at him confusingly..
Shekar : smiles..our son beta..
Laksh : what?..chotu grown this much?..shockingly..
Ragini : hits him..
Laksh : ouch…
Sharmishta : no beta..chotu sleeping in room..he was swara’s childhood friend..and closed to me..his family shifted to Kannada.. Long gap..he came to visit swara..
Laksh : oh..sorry..
Nikil : its k..I’m nikil..
Laksh : nikil ?..it was u..
Nikil : mean?..
Laksh : uttra’s new friend..she told me about u..nice to meet u..
Nikil : smiles hearing uttra name..same here..I’m happy for u returned back..safely..
Laksh : thanks..

Sharmishta : come beta..all come have lunch..
Laksh : looks here and there..
Ragini : I’m here..
Laksh : I know..
Ragini : then whom u r searching..
Laksh : swara?..where is she?..
Nikil : she wents out..
Laksh : she has to rest na..she met with accident..
Ragini : how do u know..
Laksh : bhai told me..
Ragini : he was always there her..
Laksh : ya..both r mad for each other..
Nikil : no doubt..
Shekar : stubborn also…
Lakragil : we agree…
All laughs having lunch..swara enters in..

Swara : laksh..r u fine..?..
Laksh : ya..I’m fine..what about u…
Swara : I’m fine..
Ragini : swara come have lunch..
Swara : mm..wo…I’m had it..
Nikil : where..out side..its not good for u now..
Swara : I’m not had it out side..
Ragini : about ask..
Swara : I’m had medicine also..
Shekar : checks her temperature..
Swara : what papa?..
Shekar : u r fine na..
Swara : of course..y?..
Shekar : u said had medicine on time na..
Swara : bangs her head by hand..
Ragini : ur tablets r here..then how come u had it..crossing her hand near chest…
Swara : sanskar gaved me..
Lakil : u went to meet bhai/sanskar…
Swara : yes..
Nikil : that’s y r that much hurry in morning..
Swara : nods..
Ragini : then ur face is dull..did he told anything..
Swara : no..he didn’t..
Laksh : then?..
Swara : he didn’t have lunch..even he is skipping foods all time..
Lakrag : knows this..
Nikil : what?..
Sharmishta : only today r?..
Swara : past six months..biws down..
Sharmishta : u r really bad for him..saying this she left..
Swara : cries..
All r shocked..

Shekar : she is just angry on u..
Swara : but mom was right dad..he always stand by side..what I’m did to him..is can’t forgivable.. Goes from there..
All r sad..
Lak : ragini what’s happening here?..y mom angry on swara?..
Ragini : mom known that sanskar can’t do anything with u..that’s y ma..used to tell her before it..but swara neglected that..now ma neglecting her..because she was right..like us..sanskar also important for her..more than important..
Voice : any doubt?..
All turns..
Lak : bhai..hugs him..
Sanskar : hugs him back..then nikil..then takes blessing form shekar..shekar hugs him..
Shekar : how r u beta?..
Sanskar : I’m fine pa..
Ragini : sanskar u here?.. All of sudden..
Sanskar : ma..called me here..where is she?..
Sharmishta : im here..comes from kitchen..
Sanskar : ma..about to hugs her..
Sharmishta : looks at him angrily..

Sanskar : looks at her..then all..sighs them..what happened?..
All sighs we don’t know..
Sanskar : what happen to my pyarri ma?..y r u looking angry..
Sharmishta : did u have lunch?..
Now all understand..
Sanskar : wo…mm..hmmm..
Sharmishta : what wo..mm..
Sanskar : I’m not..
Sharmishta : y..
Sanskar : just like that..
Sharmishta : ur doing it..past six months..y r u showing ur anger on food..what foods done to u..
Sanskar : having food to live our life..Im don’t have any reason to eat food and live..
Sharmishta : she can feel it..because she was also lived her life without shekar..k..come have food..
Sanskar : ma..
Sharmishta : kya ma?..come..drags him..fills plate..takes bits feeds him..
Sanskar : did u haved?..
Shekar : little bit..when she came to know about it..she left..
Sharmishta : I’ll have it later..now u have..I’m having daily..but u r the one who skipping foods..
Sanskar : makes her sit down..feeds her..
All r happy..

Laksh : ma..this is cheating..u r feeding bhai..not me..u also bhai..
Sanskar and sharmishta : smiles at him.
Ragini : oh..God..from where u gave me this child as my husband…
Sanskar : ragini..u come lacky..
Laksh : to ragini..I’ll see u later..goes to sanskar..
Shekar and nikil r enjoying..
Ragini : shows her tongue..
Sanskar feeds him and sharmishta..then sharmishta feeds them..
Sanskar : thanks ma..after six months I’m had food fully..
Sharmishta : u have to take foods on time..
Sanskar : k..ma..
Sharmishta : wait I’ll come..after one minute she comes with one big bowl..
Sanskar : what is this ma..
Sharmishta : see ur self..
Sanskar : opens it..
All mouths gets watering seeing it…
Sanskar : rasakulla..start to eat it..
Laksh : bhai..I’m also here..he also joins with him..
Ragil : we r also here only..they also joins with them..

Sanskar : thank u ma..hugs her..
Sharmishta : smiles at him..
Sanskar : mobile rings..I’ll just come…
Goes to upstairs..
Sanskar : hello..
Suraj : sir..we have meeting..
Sanskar : postponed it..I’m busy now..
Suraj : k..sir..
Sanskar : k..after cutting call..he turns..looks above..stops where he stands..
It was swara room..opposite to him..his legs moves forward to swara room..he enters in..swara was laying on bed..he moves further.. Looks at her face..her face was dull..tears marks in her cheeks..its look like she cried more..gets worried..he touched her forehead to check her temperature.. Its quiet normal..wipes her tear marks..when he touched her cheek..
Swara : in sleep..I’m sorry sanskar..I love u..sorry..
Sanskar : gets emotional..he can sense that she cried because of him..kissed her forehead.. Comes out..

Out side
Laksh waiting for him..he came to call him..seeing him in swara room..he don’t wanna disturb sanskar..so he waits for him..
Sanskar looks at him..
Sanskar : lacky..
Laksh : smiles..oh..bhai..I came here to call..kabir bhai called me..he said that u both r have important work..he tried to call u..but u didn’t picked it..
Sanskar : checks his mobile..it was silent mood..shit..5 missed call from him..he is gonna kill me sure..
Laksh : its k..bhai..come..I’ll also help u..in work..
Sanskar : k..then..no..
Laksh : now only u said k..then y no..
Sanskar : u go take rest..I’ll handle it..
Laksh : but bhai..I’m bored in home..plz..plz..take me with..u..plz..plz…
Sanskar : lacky..don’t behave like kid..u r grown up..
Laksh : but I’m always kid for..
Sanskar : that’s right..but not in this work..k..let’s do what I say..
Laksh : what is it bhai?..
Sanskar : u stay here..spend sometime with ragini and nikil..I’ll npick up u from here..when my works r finished..k..
Laksh : its not bad idea..k..
Sanskar : k..come..
Both comes down..
sanskar : tells that sudden work came I have to leave..
Sharmishta : k..u have to take foods on time..do u get it..
Sanskar : yes mam…
All smiles..he bids them..

After sometime..
Swara wake up with a jerk..comes out..tears r flowing..
Watching her state..all gets shocked..ragini runs to her..
Ragini : swara..what happen?..y r u crying..
Swara : sanskar..
Ragini : what swara?..
Swara : sanskar..
Laksh : swara listen bhai..went out few hours before…
Swara : sanskar..
Nikil : swara stop crying..what happened?..
Swara : I saw bad dream..sanskar..he is fine na..laksh plz call him..plz..
Laksh : k..u plz calm down..
He calls sanskar..its not reachable..
Laksh : not reachable..
Nikil : I’ll try..he tries..switch off…
Swara : I’m going to see him..
Ragini : swara..in this state..
Shekar : sanskar told that he will come and pick up laksh..
Swara : I want see him..right now..
Laksh : swara..out side raining heavily.. Wherever bhai..is he will be safe..u plz calm down..
Swara : I’m said na..I’m going to see him..leave me..saying it she runs from there..
All try to stop her..but could not..

Laksh and nikil keep on calling sanskar..
Ragini was crying for swara’s state..
Laksh : ragini..nothing will happen to bhai..and swara..u plz stop crying..
Ragini : I’m also wish the same..laksh…u call sanskar..
Laksh : calls him..after few attempt.. Call geyd connected..
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : what happen ?..lacky..y u called me.
Laksh : bhai. Where r u?..r u fine..y ur mobile not reachable..
Sanskar : network problem lacky. Because of rain..I’m fine..don’t worry..
Laksh : but bhai where r u?..
Sanskar : sensed something wrong..lacky?..what happen?..
Laksh : tells about swara..
Sanskar : where is she now..
Laksh : don’t know bhai..we r calling her..she was not picking up..
Sanskar : k..I’ll come with her..put ur mobile on speaker..
Laksh : did it..
Sanskar : ragini..don’t cry..nothing will happen to swara..I’ll come with her..saying it he cuts call..
Where r u swara?..then thinks for while.. Then starts his car..

Swara was searching sanskar in office..after searching him..she left from there..in middle she saw a temple..goes in..stands in front of god..
Swara : plz give me my sanskar..safely.. I want him now..want to see him..plz..give him..saying it she fells on her knees..cries..
She feels someone presence..turns..it was sanskar..who r looking at her angrily.. Because she was full wet..and shivering.. In thus state she was walking on road..when he saw her in this state..he feels pain..swara runs to him..hugs him tightly.. Sanskar didn’t hugs her..but hearing her cry he hugs her..his anger gone..
Swara : sanskar..where were r u?..I came to office to saw u..u r not there..y ur mobile is not reachable.. R u fine..she breaks the hug..checks him..seeing bandage on his forehead..what happened sanskar?..how is this happened?..
Sanskar : looks at her with tears..she was really mad for him..nothing u come..
Swara : angrily..I’m asking u something..she stumbles.. Cause of shiver..
Sanskar : swara come..we can talk later..try to hold her..
Swara : first answer..
Sanskar : swara see ur shivering.. After reaching home I’ll tell u..now come with me..
Swara : nods no..
Sanskar : just small accident.. When I’m coming one dog came infront of car..so I’m changed direction.. But didn’t see there was a tree.. Car crashed with tree..that’s y this bandage in head..one of my friend came there..he helped me..and my mobile fell on..now mobile fine and im also..k..now come..
Swara : touched his forehead..is it paining..
Sanskar : little bit..
Swara : kissed his wound over bandage..now..asks cutely..
Sanskar : nods no..come..rain also increasing..
Swara : nods moves forward..about fall..
Sanskar : nick of time he holds her..and picks her in his arms..
Temple bells are makes sound..God cloth flying came to them..and covers their heads..
Swara : thank u god..for giving my sanskar safely..
Sanskar : looks at her..then idle..he also thanked God.. Left from there…
Sanskar makes her sit in car..he takes driver seat..

Laksh : calls him..
Sanskar : hello lacky..
Laksh : bhai..oh..
Sanskar : swara with me..and safe..
Laksh : thank god..k..come soon..
Sanskar : mm..
Both of them reached to badi..again sanskar takes her in his arms…
Both enters in..all looks at them.. Top to toe..
Sharmishta : what is this all?..
Sanskar : ragini u come..saying it he goes to swara room.. Ragini..take care of her..about to leave..
Swara : plz stay with me..bowing down..
Ragini : sanskar..
Sanskar : left without saying anything…
Swara : gets sad..
Ragini : also sad.. But composed..swara come change ur dress..
Swara : u go ragini.. I’ll change..
Ragini : but..
Swara : ragini..
Ragini left..

Sanskar comes tells everything..all gets relief..
Ragini : ma..swara..
Sharmishta : beta u go..change ur dress..today u both stay here only..nikil take him..saying it she left..
Sanskar : notice sharmishta changing topic.. nods left..with nikil..Bro..y ma behaving strange..
Nikil : looks at him..questioningly..
Sanskar : when ragini takes swara name..ma left..
Nikil : oh..tell..how sharmishta argued with swara..and says that when u forgive swara..then only she talk with her..
Sanskar : gets sad hearing it..because he know..how much ma important to swara..everything will be alright.. From tomorrow..

After changing dress he goes down.. But stopped hearing sobbing sound..looks here and there.. It was coming from swara room..goes to her room..she was crying without changing dress..sanskar fits his fingers..
Goes down..
Sanskar : ragini..
Ragini : comes to him sadly..
Sanskar : y she didn’t changed yet..
Ragini : I’m said..but she asked me to leave her..
Sanskar : give dinner both of us..
All looks at him shockingly..expect laksh..he smiles..
Sanskar : why r u looking at me like this..give dinner..
Ragini : fills plate..gave that to him..
Sanskar : tools it..u stay with lacky today…I’ll takecare of her..saying it..he left..

Swara room..
Sanskar : knocks door..
Swara : without seeing who is it..ragini..leave me alone sometime..
Sanskar : ignores her..go change ur dress..
Swara : hearing his voice..she gets happy..sanskar..stands..
Sanskar : I’m said GI and change..
Swara : just 2 minutes.. Saying it she runs to cupboard.. Takes her night dress..runs to washroom..
Sanskar : laughs slowly.. Seeing it..
Swara : comes out..but Shriver didn’t went..comes near him..
Sanskar : turns..looks at her..mermorizingly..
Swara : thank u sanskar..I know .
Sanskar : comes to sense..cuts her..have dinner..placed a plate in front of her…
Swara : looks at plate..then him..urs?..
Sanskar : here is mine. U have..
Swara : then feed me..
Sanskar : looks at her..did u said anything…
Swara : nods no..start to have it..
Sanskar : also had..
Both of them finished..
Sanskar : take rest..saying it..he was about to go..
Swara : I thought u will stay with me..sadly.
Sanskar : stops..befire he could say anything..
Ragini : he is..give plate to me sanskar..I’ll take that..kissed swara forehead.. Take care..teasingly.. Do u want me stay with u swara..ur shivering..
Swara : next second.. No..sanskar is here na..u go..bits her tongue..
Ragini : smiles…oh..k..in her ear..then when feel so cold..hug him tightly..
Swara : blushed..ragini..u..
Ragini : runs..winking at sanskar..
Sanskar : sees confusingly..then wents another side of bed..takes pillow..

Swara : sanskar..I want to sleep in ur embrace..
Sanskar : looks at her..then pillow.. Placed it on bed..lays down..spreading hand..
Swara : smiles..placed her head on his chest..thinks..did he forgave me..
Sanskar : gets some peace.. After taking her in his embrace.. Hus heart filled..thus many days it empty..
In mid night…
Swara shivers badly..sanskar sleep get disturbed.. But seeing her state..he became shocked..
Sanskar : swara… Swara..open ur eyes..
Swara : she was..unconscious..
Sanskar : don’t know..what to do..
He can’t take her to hospital.. Because of rain..kabir…yes..I’ll call him..

Kabir : who is it on this time..
Smirthi : kabir pkz attend call..its disturbing my sleep..
Kabir : k..says sleepingly..atteds it..whoever it is..call me morning..
Sanskar : hello kabir..
Kabir : eyes widen..hearing hus voice..sanskar..
Sanskar : ya..its me..
Kabir : Yarr..all work done na..then y called me now?..
Sanskar : first listen…tells about swara state..
Kabir : u can’t her hospital now..heavily raining out side..u have only one option..
Sanskar : k..tell me..I’ll do anything..
Kabir : don’t take me wrong..but as a doctor.. She needs a heat..make her feel warming..do u understand what I’m saying..
Sanskar : I can..but…
Kabir : if she shivered like full night..its be danger for her..don’t think much..
Sanskar : thanks..

Swara : unconsciously.. Sanskar..
Sanskar : looks at her..
Swara : sanskar..she was calling him unconsciously..
Sanskar : I have no option now..
Kissed her forehead..then lips..
Both became one again..swara gets conscious..he gets relief.. He turns other side..
Swara : will u make me urs again..
Sanskar : looks at her shockingly..
Swara : I’m missed u so much sanskar…I want u..I need u badly..ur love…naughtiness.. Caring everything u I want its all..
Sanskar : looks at her shockingly.. Didn’t come out of it..
Swara : kissed him..
He came out of shock..climate also favored them..
Both happy with each other..

Precap : see it next part..

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