our relationship (episode 15)

Hi..friends…how r u all?…I know many of u angry on me..for not posting my ff’s…I’m so sorryyyyy…I know I’m late..I was busy with my sister marriage..and works..that’s y I can’t able to post anything…once again sorry guys…

Sanskar went to office..but stopped seeing the scenario.. Because all staff members r gathering around… He moves forward..seeing him staffs are moved and gives him way to go..when he reached center.. He gets shocked to see the person..
Sanskar : says swara..
Swara : looks at him..smiles..k..guys u all can go do ur work..
All leaves..
Sanskar : standing there..thinks.. is she real..r I’m day dreaming..how can be she here..she is not well..then..when he thinking this all..
Swara : waves her hand in front of him..no response.. So she shakes him..
Sanskar : comes to sense..no..she is real..wait a minute what is she doing here..yesterday only she met with small accident.. How careless she is..leave it sanskar she is like that only..its waste of time to tell her..scolding her in his mind..he moved forward ignoring her…
Swara : what he thinking?..ur ignoring me..sanskar maheswari..how mean?..smirks..oh..attitude.. Let’s see..
Sanskar : y she is here..is she need something.. If yes..then she would call me na..rather then coming here..he was stopped.. When he hears the voice..so he turns..the owner of the voice is swara only..looks at her like..now what?..
Swara : smiles.. Hello guys..I think u all know me…
All nods..
Swara : good..k..I want say that..today no one not allowed to disturb ur sir..I mean ur sanskar sir..because today we r going to talk..is that clear..
All looks at each other..
Sanskar : guys..u all do ur work..
All looks at him..all thinks..is it office r their home..
Swara : ya..saying it she follows sanskar who r walking to his cabin..
Sanskar : what she want to do?..
Swara : hello..Mr.maheswari..
Sanskar : Mr.maheswari..huhhh?..
(U all can think any camedy tone..I mean when our cute couples fight like tom and jerry..they play tone..na..that)..

Sanskar : looks at her angrily..what?..
Swara : I think his anger level is increased more.. Seeing me..what I’m going to do now..how can I handle..don’t worry swara..only u can handle ur sanskar..like he always handles u..and bears u many days..
Sanskar : what she thinking now?..
Swara : smiles..sheepishly..I want to..before she start..sanskar phone rings..
Sanskar : he attends it..
Swara : this is the time to ring his mobile.. I was going to talk to him..
Sanskar : k..I’m coming..
Swara : is he leaving..no..today I want talk to him..
Sanskar : about to move..swara blocks his way..seeing her..I have work..leave..
Swara : no..I wanna..
Someone knocks door..and enters in..seeing them..
Man : sorry wrong time..
Sanskar : he dropped swara hand..what sunil..
Sunil : Sir.. Meeting is going to start..they all waiting for u..
Sanskar : k..I’m coming..
Swara : y my time is like this today..first home..and now here..off…
When she was lost..sanskar left to meeting..

Swara : when I’m waked up..its already late..due to that tablets.. How high doses r that tablets..I’m never used that much tablets..he (San) knews that i hate tablet..then also he took me to doctor.. Leave it..when she going to leave the bed..
Ragini : stop swara..
Swara : what happen ?..ragini..
Nikil : u r met small accident.. U must need rest..
Swara : but I’m fine..
Ragini : fine..that’s y u slept this much time..
Swara : its was..
Nikil : ya..that was..because of ur wound..
Swara : no..that’s was..
Ragini : shhh..
Swara : ?…
Nikil : good girl..
Swara : looks at them..???…
Ragini : nikil..I think we should consult doctor..
Nikil : ya..
Swara : ?..no..I’m slept..because that tablets r high dose.. Nothing much..I’m fit and fine..now u both leave me…
Ragini : ?..swara u r k..na..
Swara : ?..yes..she left..to wash room..
Nikil : k..come we have to make her healthy food..
Ragini : ya..
Swara comes after freshing up..
All start to have food..when swara was about to take..ragini and nikil..placed foods r in front of her…swara eyes widen seeing it..its soup..
Swara : what is this?..
Nikil : can’t u see?..
Ragini : this is called..
Swara : that I know.. But y this is for me..
Ragini : ur taking tablets..so..
Swara : ragini u know.. I don’t like this yuk..foods..
Nikil : but ur not well na..
Shekar and sharmishta..smiling silently..
Swara looks at them..
Swara : papa..
Shekar : they r doing it for urs good ..p.beta..have it..
Swara : looks at ragini and nikil..I’ll also get time..and have the soup…I have to eat it…because its getting late..I have reached on time..she haves it fastly..and finished..
All looks at her..with open mouth..
Swara : I have important work..bye..
Nikil : wait I’ll drop u..
Swara : my time also save..k..come..

Nikil starts his bike..both goes..after few minutes..bike stopped..
swara : perfect..
Nikil : one minutes..he try to start..but it’s not getting start..
Swara : its k..I’m leaving by here..u go safely..
Nikil : but..
Swara left…

Swara : i came here after so much struggle..and he is keep on ignoring me..wait a minute..where is he?..ur dump swara..why u lost?..uhhhh…he went to conference hall right..smiles brightly.. How can u leave me sanskar.. When Im here to talk to u..
She goes to conference hall side..
When she reached near..silently opens the door..wents in..because presentation is going on..so lights r off..thats y no one noticed her…
Swara sees everyone..finds sanskar..he was sitting first..so she moves and reached him..sanskar already feels her presence.. But thinks she wont come here..when he feels strong hand on his shoulder.. He turns..gets shocked seeing swara sitting on floor next to him..somewhere scared what if anyone noticed her?..
Sanskar : anyone noticed her?..r not?..
Swara : pinched him..
Sanskar : ahhh?..
All : what happen?..Mr.maheswari…
Sanskar : nothing..some mosquito..
All nods concentrates on presentation…
Swara : what mosquito?..me???
Again pinched him..
Sanskar : glares her angrily…what r u doing here?..
Swara : same tone..I came here to talk to u..but u didn’t give a chance to me..
Sanskar : so u r doing this..
Swara : nods vigorously..
Sanskar : I’ll talk to u after now go..
Swara : promise..
Sanskar : glares her..
Swara : k..k..she stands..
All gets shocked..seeing the Shadow… All shouts..
All : who is it?..
Sanskar : gets shocked..pulls her down…no one is here..he stands..
All : but we all saw one shadow..
Sanskar : may be that’s mine..
All : no thats look like girl shadow..
Sanskar : no..girl is here..then how can it be possible..
All nods..
Sanskar : sats in his seat..takes breath..
Swara : pulls his tie..
Sanskar : for that he bends down..
Both r close..they r lost in each other eyes..
When presentations r over..all claps..swasan comes to sense..
Swara : how can I leave..
Sanskar : the same way u camed in..he gets straightened..
Swara : looks at him..this Much attitude.. Once u calm down..then I’ll see u..she was sitting in under the table..
All of them moving out..after the meeting..one of them dropped the file..he was about to bend..
Sanskar : no..I’ll pick it up..
Man : u have kind heart Mr.maheswari..

Swara : kind heart..he is not at all giving me chance..and ur praising him..swara mistake is urs..so u have to bear all this..for his forgiveness..
Sanskar : bends down..if ur dreams r over..then come out..all went…gives hand to her..
Swara about to come out..someone enters in..sanskar takes his hand back..and
Man : so sorry Mr.maheswari..I’m forgets my mobile here…
Sanskar : its k..
Man : bye Mr.maheswari..its nice meeting..
Sanskar : thank u..
Swara comes out after that man left..she pushed sanskar..for that he stick with wall..
Sanskar : widen his eyes..
Swara : fake angrily..how dare u to ignore me?..sanskar maheswari…
Sanskar : what r u doing?..swara..leave me..its office..
Swara : its not answer of my question..
Sanskar : tries to move..
Swara : blocked him..placing hand on each side of him..
Sanskar : looks at her..wat u want?..
Swara : answer..
Sanskar : about to say something..his new pa enters in..
Pa : sir..stopped seeing their position…and shocked too..
Sanskar and swara departs..
Swara : who is she?..
Sanskar : rithika..anything important…
Rithika : yes..sir..u have to sign some files..
Sanskar : k..come..
Both left..leaving confused swara..back..
Swara : I’m didn’t saw her..before here..I think she ia also one of employer.. She also went..but in middle she gets ragini call..
Swara : hello ragini..
Ragini : swara where r u?..it’s already lunch time..u didn’t return yet..
Swara : relax ragini..I’ll have it out..u don’t worry..and ya..u have ur lunch..
Ragini : at least tell me where r u?..
Swara : I’ll tell u everything in evening…
Ragini : k..but come soon..
Swara : k..bye..cuts call..wents in sanskar cabin..
Sanskar was signing files..rithika was staring him..without blinking..
Swara burned in anger..wents near him..pulls the file..
Sanskar : shocked of her behavior..
Swara : I’m already informed everyone.. Don’t disturb us..then y u came here..get out..
Rithika : shocked..asked..who r u to say it?..
Swara : I’m said get out..can’t u here..
Sanskar : don’t know what happens ?..rithika u go..I’ll sign it later..
Rithika : nods leaves..

Sanskar : swara…
Swara : holds his collars…
Sanskar : pissed off..
Swara : u r mine..just mine..no one else have the right..only I have rights on u..saying it she kissed him on lips…after that..says..do u get it..
Sanskar : nods..s..
Swara : leaves his collars..left out..
Sanskar : comes to sense..what is happening here from morning..and what happened just few minutes before..and comes out..searching swara..

When swara comes out..rithika looks at her..thinks u insult me in front of Sir..now see what I’m going to do..saying it…she walks opposite side of swara..swara was angrily..walking..so she didn’t noticed rithika..when rithika comes near swara..puts her one leg on swaras leg..swara falls down..all staffs sees it..and sanskar also..
Swara : sees rithika..
Rithika : u insulted me..in front of Sir..now see..everyone watching u..I know u girls like..for money u can do anything..ur cheap girl..who the hell r u to say me get out.. don’t dare to..before she could complete.. Sanskar slaped her…swara looks at him with teary eyes
All r shocked..
Swara gets up..about to run..her tears are flowing..but sanskar holds her hand…
Rithika : Sir..she is not good girl..like her girl will trap u for money..
Swara : closed her eyes..
Sanskar : stop it..shouts..
All r scared..
Sanskar : who the hell r interfere.. In my life..
Rithika : but sir..
Sanskar : do u know her..who is she?..
Rithika : she is shivering..
Sanskar : she is my wife..Mrs.swara sanskar maheswari..
Rithika : gets shocked to knowing the fact..looks at them..
Sanskar : what u said..who the ..ask me to get out..right..she is owner of this office..so she has all rights..and u..u r fired..from now on u don’t have to work on here..get lost from here..
Rithika : I’m sorry..sir..plz..
Sanskar : I’m said get lost..sees swara who r crying.. Swara..

Swara : looks at him..faints..
Sanskar : swara..pats her cheeks..swara..open ur eyes..
Takes her in his arms..went to his cabin..
Sprinkles water on her face..she opened her eyes..hugs him tightly.. Cries…
He hugs her back..and rubs her back to calm her..
After sometime she calms down..sanskar gave her water..
Swara : looks at him..I know sanskar u love me lot..if I’m done mistake also..u can’t hate me..its proved..just now..u have just anger on me..but in anger also u can’t see me any bad condition..y I can’t able to love u this much..I mistook u..again tears r formed..
Sanskar : looks at her..after arranging lunch on plate..gets worried.. Swara..its k..she said that’s all without knowing anything..plz stop crying..
Swara : y u love me this much sanskar …?…
Sanskar : what?…
Swara : I’m asked u..y u love he this much?..
Sanskar : we don’t have any reason for loving someone..and I’m loving u this much is ur everything means me..I’m happy with it ..
Swara : stares him..lovingly..I’m really got diamond like u sanskar…
Sanskar : looks at her..I think its ur medicine time..no have ur lunch…
Swara : comes to sense…u know that na..I hate hospital.. Then y u took me..
Sanskar : I knew that..but at that time..ur head is bleeding.. U were also faint..so..
Swara : sanskar…
Sanskar : hmmm…
Swara : I’m sorry…
Sanskar : y?..oh ya..for office..its k..
Swara : not only for that..for everything…I’m really sorry..plz forgive me…
Sanskar : y she starting it from begin..we both talked it yesterday.. I’m also asked sorry to her..is she forgets all?..smirks in mind..let’s enjoy it..sanskar…have ur lunch swara…
Swara : first say u forgive me…
Sanskar : first u have ur lunch..then I’ll drop u…
Swara : no..I can go by myself..
Sanskar : I’ll drop u..
Swara : I’m not came here for lunch and lift..so I’m don’t need it..I’m only need ur forgiveness…
Sanskar : ur old swara is back sanskar.. Who r stubborn…
Swara : I’m leaving…
Sanskar : pulls her towards him..swara fells over him..

Precap : swasan scenes…

Offffo….I’m stopping here guys…I hope u all will enjoy with this part…now I have work..I’m gonna miss my sister…bye take care of all..see u all in next part…

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