our relationship (episode 14)

Hi..guys..how r u all?..I think u all waited for my ff..I’m already told u all about my problem..so I’m sorry..late post..here next part..

All r looks at sanskar curiously.. Sanskar looks at them..then nods s..laksh and kabir are jumps in him..being excited for this..smirthi hugs sanju…
Laksh : bhai..I’m very very happy..
Kabir : I’m really happy with ur decision buddy..
Sanskar : that I can see it..u both plz leave me..I’m can’t able to breath…
Both left him..
Laksh : I want party..first I’ll tell this to ragini…she will became happy..and I’m sure she will cry after hearing this news…
Sanskar : no..I mean not now..

Kabir : y?..
Sanskar : after a day..I’ll tell..but not now..sanju come we have to go to sleep…its late..saying this he escaped taking sanju along with him..
Laksh : bhai..
Kabir : he escaped..
Smirthi : at least he forgave bhabi na..that’s enough now..rest let’s do bhai wish..
Kabir : k..bhai ki bagen..

Smirthi : hits him..left..
Laksh : I think today u will sleep in couch.. Kabir bhai…
Kabir : what..no way..runs after smirthi…
Laksh : laughs at him..then goes to guest room.. Where sanskar and sanju stays..

Guest room
Laksh enters in..sees sanskar who r telling bed time story to sanju..it’s perfect view..he smiles at them..then goes near them..placed his head on sanskars lap..sanskar smiles at him..caressed his hair..both sanju and laksh are playing with each other..sanskar captured it from his phone.. Sanju slept..laksh was almost in the edge of sleep..so sanskar places him on pillow.. Moves to window…
Sanskar : looks at the moon…r u fine swara?…

Swara room
Ragini was looking at swara..
Sharmishta : ragini beta..go heve something..u r sitting here..when u came from the market..go..
Nikil : I’m also saying the same..but she was not listening to me…I’m here I’ll take care of her..go ragini…
Ragini : no ma..after swara waked..I’ll make her eat..then I’ll have it..plz..I won’t leave her..
Sharmishta : about say..
Shekar : mishti..leave it..she won’t listen us..ubtill swara open her eyes..like swara she also stubborn.. When its came to her sister..
Sharmishta : nods..
Nikil : I’m getting jealous..
Shekar : y beta?..

Nikil : I’m don’t have siblings..if I had then they will also treat me like them na..pointing swaragini…sadly..
Sharmishta : smiles at him..u r calling us mom and dad..so they are like ur siblings..so don’t be sad..k…
Nikil : really…happily..
Ragini : han nikil..anyways we are brother..

Nikil : but I will be urs friend..and I’ll protect u both like brother..k..
Shekar : think before saying it..
Nikil : y dad..
Shekar : u have to shopping with them..carry their bags..
Nikil : what?..they r married..they have their husbands to do that works…
Shekar : wow..my son is brilliant..
Sharmishta : shekar..
Shekar : I’m quite…

All laughs…
Swara opens her eyes..when sanskar asked to moon…

Swara looks around..ragini sees her..
Ragini : swara..swara r u k..hugs her..
Swara : I’m fine ragini…
Nikil : r u nuts..who could walk on road like that ..
Swara : I’m sorry..then looks around…
Shekar : sanskar beta left after dropping u…
Swara : gets sad..he left..
Sharmishta : I’ll send u three ur dinner here…she left..
Swara : didn’t u both have urs dinner?..
Ragini : how can i eat..without my sister..

Nikil : han..how can I eat without my sisters…
Swara : sisters?…
Ragini : han swara..he became our brother from now onwards..
Swara : how?..
Ragini : he don’t have any siblings na..he feels bad for it..then ma told him to think ours as his siblings..like this he became our brother…
Swara : ohhh..k..brother?..
Nikil : plz..swara..don’t call me like that..call me by name..its wired..
Swaragini : laughs at his reaction..
Sharmishta : brings their foods..then left..
Swara : feeling weak..so she can’t able to move her hand.. Ragini noticed it..
Ragini : takes one bite..feed swara..
Swara : thanks..

Ragini : pagal..who will say thanks to ur sister..have it..
Swara : smiles..have it..
Nikil : also feed swara..
Three of them having food laughingly.. Sharmishta and shekar watched them from window..

Sanju wakes up..looks at both side..because she was sleeping middle of sanlak..kissed their cheeks..
Sanju : good morning mamu’s..
Sanlak : opens their eyes..hearing her sweet voice..good morning..
Sanju : today u both u will leave na..asks sadly..
Sanskar : awww..u don’t look good..we will come and visit u frequently…
Laksh : even we can go out with urs mamis..k..

Sanju : yeyyyyyy…jollly…
Sanskar : k…now go get ready..
Sanju : nods left.
Sanskar : lacky I’ll come mansion after the office..u go take rest.. K..

Swara room
Swaragini and nikil sleeps in one room..ragini and nikil waked up before swara..so the left to get ready…
Swara wakes up..
Swara : u didn’t forgave me na sanskar…its k..I’ll wait for u forgiveness.. Fault is mine for not trusting u..but I can bet that ur still loving me the same way like before how the way u used to love me.. u didnt think about ur life u rescued me..when u love me this much..then I ready to wait for u..smilingly..

Swara : thinks for a minute..ur just have anger on me..u r not hating me..so why should I have to wait..so Mr.sanskar maheswari..get ready..I’m coming..smilingly…

Precap : sanskar pissed off…

So guys what u all think…
Y sanskar is pissed off?..
What swara up to?..

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