our relationship (episode 11)

Hi..guys..I wrote this part.. With difficulty.. Sorry for making u all wait for this update..plz forgive me..

Laksh : tell me swara..did u ever thought about its all..what I’m said just now..
Swara : I’m sorry…
Laksh : mm..ya sorry..laughs Socratically.. How easy to say sorry..I have a doubt.. Can ur sorry give my bhai back..r his six months.. Where he passed every night without sleep..
Ap : cries..
Sujatha : cries with smiles..seeing their brothers bond..and his support ,love,care for sanskar…
Dp /rp : keeps quite..
Uttra : cries..
Ragini : cries.. thinks..because her condition also same..but different is she stayed with her ma,papa and swara who r always.. Supports her..but sanskar side he was blamed for laksh disappeared.. And ignored by ap..swara hater..in this all he became Harder and angry man…in his place.. his decision was right…
But swara left because of her.. Now I have to stand for her..

Laksh : what happen..now where that swara gone..who take decision seeing and hearing at all..
Swara : laksh..I know..I did wrong..I’m misunderstood him..and ur disappeared.. Ragini broken state..seeing its all make me think like that..says cryingly..
Laksh : so u think about ragini..then y r u not think about my bhai..is he not related to u..
Swara : no..laksh..
Laksh : then what swara???..looks at ragini..asks..ragini..if I’m supposed … Done the same on that day..then what would u do..
Ragini : looks at him..shockingly..
Laksh : just answer it..
Ragini : looks at swara..then says..I’ll try to know the whole happened..because I can’t see u like that..and can’t stay way from u..
Laksh : give chance to tell my side..
Ragini : nods..
Laksh : k..turns to swara..did u heares what ragini told..now I happy to get a wife like her..
Swara : looks at him..
Laksh : I’ll support my bhai..turns to go..gets shocked seeing sanskar..standing..and seeing its all..
Laksh : bhai..
All head snap towards sanskar..
But sanskar just moved towards his room..
Swara tries to go..but
Laksh : not now swara..if u loved him once..then plz..
Swara : stopped..
Ragini : goes..swara hugs her..cries..she also cries..
Sanskar comes downstairs taking his luggage.. Laksh and all looks at him shockingly.. All thinks that..” Is he leaving the home”..
Laksh : bhai..what r u doing?..where r u going..don’t go bhai..plz..looks at swara..for anyone also u don’t have to do this..
Sujata : cries..hugs him..sanskar..don’t leave me..
Uttra : plz bhai..
Sanskar : lacky..I’m not leaving home..I’ll be out for two days..and have more work..for that only I’m going..not leaving..k..
Sujatha : breaks the hug..
Lsksh : hugs him..I’m just scared seeing luggage in ur hand..in this six month I’m stay away from u..Im don’t want it..again..
Sanskar : cares his hair..i promise.. I’ll never allow that happen again..His ph rings..k..I have to leave..now.. Take care of ur self..to ragini..take care of him..urself..and all..bye mom..
Uttra : what is this bhai..now only laksh bhai..camed back..and u r leaving now..this is not fair..
Sanskar : what to do..my sis..I have to go..its my punishment..
All r surprised..
Uttra : punishment??? Shockingly..
Laksh : who have the guts to give my bhai..and great sanskar maheswari to punishment..amazingly..
Sanskar : about to say..but again his Mobile rings..sorry..next time I’ll give answers..now bhai..
Goes from there smilingly..seeing caller I’d…
All confused and as well as shocked..

Sanskar comes out..puts luggage in car..then sat in car..on the Bluetooth..
Sanskar : hello..kabir..
Sanju : I’m sanju..
Sanskar : starts his car..hi darling..so u r waked up..
Sanju : ya..and waiting for ur arrival..come soon..
Sanskar : oh..ho..I’m on the way..
Sanju : really..happily..
Sanskar : yes baby..I’m on the way..
Sanju : wowww…mamu is coming.. I’m going to enjoy with him lot…..
Sanskar : laughs at..imagining her act..
Sanju : k..come soon..bye..
Sanskar : bye..

Nikil come to mm searching swara..uttra sees him..smiles..
Uttra : nikil..come in..
Nikil : smiles..comes in..
Laksh : looks at him top to bottom.. He saw him..when he returned to home..but don’t know who is he..
Ragini : nikil u here..any..
Nikil : no nothing..just came to see swara is here..papa was worried because of her..so I’m here after searching office..
Ragini : she is here only..
Nikil : ya I’m also seeing her..
Ragini : thinks what happen to him..
Swara : looks at him..
Nikil : see swara looking at him..to ragini..ragini tell her..I’ll wait in out.. ask her to Come there..saying this he left biding bye to
All r looks him..the way he is neglecting swara..
Ragini : swara what happened..y nikil behaving like it..
Swara : he know everything..and angry on me..whatever I’m did with sanskar.. He didn’t talk to me..not support.. Ma also told me that..when sanskar forgiving me..then only she also forgive me..she is not at all looking at my face also..and papa..he will not help me..
Ragini and all r shocked..hearing it..sujatha and laksh was happy..
Swara : its all my fault..I have to listen to urs all..at least once..if I’m done it..then I don’t have to face this day in my life..I’m ruined my life by my self… Cries..leaves from there..
Nikil waits for her out..after she comes out..both left to baadi..

Ragini : still im can’t able to believe it all..
Lak : ya..but they loves bhai..and consider him like their son..so..
Ragini : but ma..
Lak : whatever ma doing to make swara realise her mistake..and her punishment..
Ragini : I know she did mistake..
Laksh : mistake ragini..
Ragini : laksh..I know what u wanna say..
Laksh : but u cant right..because she is ur sister..like he is my brother..do u have any
idea..without doing anything had punishment that to from his beloved one..is it easy for anyone??.. Tell me ragini..
Ragini : don’t have words..
Laksh : thinking its all..I’m feeling like really full darkness in life..without loved one near.. He beared its all..don’t he have the rights to show his anger r hater.. Is it wrong ragini..if its wrong then what swara does till six months.. Just accused.. taunted.. Showing anger..and hating him..does it easy for him seeing this all from his love..
Ap : laksh..plz..
Laksh : what plz mom..and ya I’m forget u..y u ignored bhai..
Ap : I’m also think same..
Laksh : wah..how can u think ur upbringing wrong.. U know bhai loves me lot..more than himself he loves u..will he can see u hurt..
Ap : nods no..
Laksh : then how can u does this to bhai..
Ap : I’m sorry..
Laksh : no mom..
Ap : about to say something..some one comes..
Guy : excuse..
All turns…sees him..
Guy: who is laksh maheswari..
Laksh : I’m..
Guy : sanskar sir send this to u..
Laksh : takes it..
That guy went..
Laksh opens it..sees its new mobile..its rings..
Laksh : hello..
Sanskar : lacky its me..I know u don’t have mobile..so I’m buy it for u..
Laksh : thank u bhai..
Sanskar : r u likes it..
Laksh : ya..how can my bhai taste would be wrong..when u r returning..
Sanskar : after two days..
Laksh : k..but come soon..if I want to see u I’ll come to office..
Sanskar : y..u didn’t get well..so better take rest..
Laksh : pouts..
Sanskar : don’t pout..u can come..but not now after getting well..now bye..he cuts the call..

Laksh : after call..ragini I want to go room..
Ragini : nods..takes him..
All left to their rooms..
After making laksh sit bed..ragini about to go..
Laksh : holds her hand..
Ragini : stops..
Laksh : I know..u hurt..by words..I’m sorry for it..
Ragini : its k..laksh..but Swara left sanskar because of us..and me..
Laksh : she did not thought about bhai conditions..that’s y I’m angry on her..nothing else..I’m happy to see a sister like her u got..but it does not mean to leave her husband..she can manage to be with both of u na..y she didn’t do it..is she can’t handle it…
Ragini : thinks..may be ur right laksh..but I’m also reason for their separation..says with guilty..
Laksh : I’m also..if I’m not gone that day..then its all might be don’t happened… Feeling guiltily..
Ragini : laksh if u don’t mine..I can stand for swara na..
Laksh : I’m not coming between sisters..k..swara also done the same before then bhai also stand for her..he never denied her decision..
Ragini : thanks laksh..for understanding..
Laksh : I’ll also try to help..because swara was bhais life..and will like that only..I know bhai loves her..now he is in anger..but I know he is missing her each and every second…
Ragini : ya..I want we four like before..together..
Laksh : I’m also want my bhai back..
Raglak : we will make swasan again together.. The thinks for something..

Sanskar reached kabir home..sanju comes runningly to him..he smiles at her..takes her in his arms..
Kabir : slowly san..stopped seeing her in sanskar arms..smiles at him..
Sanju : now u can go hospital dad..how can u be like it..u r doctor..so have to go hospital..but ur enjoying in home..very bad..
Kabir : jaw dropped..how mean sanju..u r the one who make me stop..and made me stay here..before leaving to hospital..now seeing ur mamu..u r sending me out..fake angrily…
Sanskar : smiles..
Sanju : shows her tongue to kabir..
Kabir : u became naughty..like ur mamu..
Sanskar : me..
Kabir : nods..
Sanju : so what..u r bore..but my mamu better than u..supports him..
Sanskar : winks at him..kissing sanju cheek..
Sanju : smiles..kissed him back..
Then gets down..dragged him in..
Sanskar : sanju u go..I’ll come..behind u..
Sanju : left..
Kabir : I’m happy to see ur smile..hugs him..
Sanskar : its all because of u..sanju..and sweety…
Kabir : sanskar..what happen..y u went out after the call..
Sanskar : looks at him..
Kabir : its k..if u don’t wanna share it. Then k..
Sanskar : nothing much…then said everything..whatever happened in office and mansion..
Kabir : in shocked state..come to sense.. Can I ask u something..
Sanskar : nods..
Kabir : so u r know more loving her..
Sanskar : shocked for this question… Looks at him..
Kabir : lifts his eyebrow..
Sanskar : its not like that..I can’t stop loving her..she is my love..and my love…and will be like this till the end of my breath…
Kabir : smiles at his answer..then y r u doing this sanskar..ur hurting ur self..and her self also..in her situation she does it..
Sanskar : I’m also agree with it kabir..but atleast she can give one chance..explain my side..r listen na..but she didn’t did it..
Kabir : r u happy now?..
Sanskar : no..
Kabir : k..
Sanju : many..dad..come in..
Kabir : ya..coming..come sanskar…
Sanskar : where is sweety?..
Kabir : she went out..for buy somethings..
Sanskar : k…

Swara goes to near park..sits in bench..she is remembering her sanskar..and memorable moment..thinking its all a smoke appeared on her lips..but its vanished soon remembering her last encounter with her..she felt a hand on her shoulder.. She turns..cries hugging the person..
Person : swara..bas..
Swara : ragini..( s the person is ragini only..)
Ragini : breaks the hug..wipes her tears..
Swara : ragini tum yaha..kesei..
Ragini : now my sister needs me..so I’m came here..
Swara : but now laksh needs u..
Laksh : ya..like me ur also need her more..saying this he stands in front of them..
Seeing him swara and ragini stands..swara start to go..
Laksh : swara..
Swara : stops.. Laksh I’m don’t have the strength to listen more..
Laksh : I’m sorry..for my behaviour..
Swara : no there is no fault..whatever u asked was right..in this all I’m the one who fault..
Ragini : no..swara..being sister of u..I’m not able to make u understand it..
Swara : no..ragini..whenever u try to speak about sanskar..I’m the one who stopped u..don’t feel like it..
Laksh : but also..we r also the reason for ur and bhai’s separation..
Swara : about say..
Laksh : I’m didn’t finished it..swara..because of me and my stupidity only this all happened.. now I want my bhai back..I don’t know how this going to happen..but I want my bhai back..
Ragini : I’ll be with u swara…hugging her..
Swara : no ragini..u go laksh condition not well..so u go..I’ll take care..
Ragini : but..
Swara : no if and buts..go..
Ragini : fine..but I’ll come tomorrow because now laksh was better..looks at laksh..
Laksh : nods..
Swara : but..
Raglak : looks at her sternly..
Swara : sighs..k..fine..now go both of u..
Raglak left..swara sats there again..

After sometimes.. Swara turns..feeling someone scolding..
Girl : he is useless..what he think of himself..I’m gave him punishment.. But he forget to take me dinner.. How dare he…she keeps on scolding..
Swara : smiles at her..that girl felt gaze on her..turns..saw swara..who r looking at her..smiles sheepishly..
Girl : sorry..
Swara : its k..so ur scolding ur husband…
Girl : nods..
Swara : sometimes due to work..it will happen..what he is doing?..
Girl : doctor..
Swara : hmm..he is doctor..we can’t tell when a case come..so he must be busy in any cases…
Girl : cool..thanks..for making me understand..
Swara : not mention.. U give can him a surprise dinner..
Girl : not bad idea..smiles at her..
Swara : smiles back..
Girl : nice to meet u..ur name..
Swara : swara..
Girl : smirthi…but y r sitting here alone..
Swara : sadly…now I’m alone..without my partner..
Smirthi : sorry for asking it..
Swara : just smiles sadly..
Smirthi : felt bad for her..if u want u can share it..because sharing it pain will reduce..
Swara : looks at her..
Smirthi : now we r friends na..
Swara : smiles..then tells..that she is going to get divorce from her love.
Smirthi : hearing it..I’m feeling bad for u..is he mad..?..for leaving a girl..like u..
Swara : gets anger..don’t say anything about him..
Smirthi : k..this much love for him..
Swara : smiles..thinks sanskar.. Ya I love him..more..than my self..r this whole world.. I’m loving him..more than anyone..he is good…loving caring..supporting.. I’m Laky to gave him as my husband..he example for every man..but now I lost him..for my stupidity…
Smirthi : what happened..
Swara : I’m broken his trust.. His heart…and him..totally..he was right in his place…

Other side
Sanskar and sanju r playing..kabir comes..
Sanskar : looks at him..
Kabir : what..
Sanskar : u didn’t go?..
Kabir : what u mean by go??..
Sanskar : his can forget.. U r such a idiot..
Kabir : before praising me..u fan tell me for what u r..saying it all..
Sanskar : stubid…sweety gave u punishment.. U have to take her on dinner….
Kabir : gets up in shock..yes..Yarr..sanky…I’m forget it totally…and u r remembering now..from where I go..and books the table..
Sanskar : chuckles.. Kabir looks at him…stands.. Go xz restaurant.. I’m booked it..for both u..now go..don’t waste time..
Kabir : hugs him..thanks sanky..today..u saved he..i love u buddy..
Sanskar : pushed him..I’m not that type of guy..
Kabir : looks at him angrily.. I’m said as a friend..
Sanju : but u didn’t tell me..dad..that means u don’t love me na…
Kabir : mentally slapped..like mom like daughter.. Oh god..
Sanskar : giggles..takes sanju in his arms..don’t worry darling..I’m here..na..I love u baby…
Sanju : smiles..at him..
Kabir : i love u sanju..dad loves u lot..
Sanju : I love u both..
Kabir : k..now I’m leaving.. And sanky..don’t give her ice cream..k..
Sanskar : nods.. Sanju is playing so she didn’t heared it..
Kabir left…

Precap : after two days..little surprise..

Don’t know I’m wrote is correct r not..if any mistake. Then let me know friends…

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