our relationship (episode 10)

Hi..friends..how r u all??..I hope all r well..and happy..and ya many of u want swasan unite..I’m already told that..they will..but not soon guys..keep patience..like u all I’m aksi want it..but now its sanskar turn..so..I think u all got it…

Smirthi : not yet..come we will have lunch..he will join with us..
Sanskar : k..come on darling…
Sanju : k..spreads her hand in front of him..like she is saying to to him to pick her up..
Sanskar : smiles..picks her in his arms..both gigglingly goes from there…
Smirthi : smiles at them..bit its fades..when she thinks about sanskar past…( mind) plz god keep my brother always happy..don’t let him sad..if u want to give it to him..then give..I’ll tolerate..but make my bhai happy…
Sanskar : sweety…come..

Smirthi : han..bhai..coming…where this kabir…today he is gone…
Smirthi : comes serves them..just then kabir arrives..goes to fresh up..then joined with them..sanskarvabd sanju r feeding each other like kids…both smirthi and kabir laughs at them…sanskar and sanju loooscat each other then them..both off them puts a bite on smirthi and kabir mouth…they stops laugh..but sanskar and sanju laughs at them..like this they finished lunch…

Sanju slept playing with sanskar sitting in his lap…hugging him by waist..smirthi trues to take her..but sanju not living him…
sanskar: leave it..swety..I’ll put her on bed..saying he takes her to her room..places her on bed..puts a comforter on her..and left…

Kabir : smiles..thinking sanskar in happy after long time…
Smirthi : looks at him..something strike on her mind..kabir…
Kabir : ya..
Smirthi : smirks..did u remember about our bet..
Kabir : just then realised..that sanskar and sanju patched up..looks at her..doubtingly..asks..did u helped him…
Smirthi : no..my bhai best..he know everything…so get ready for ur punishment..
Kabir : looks at her scaringly..now what she is up to..its all my fault..y I’m put it bet…
Smirthi : looks at his face..smiles..
Kabir : ur my sweetheart na…I’m just kidding..
Smirthi : what??..wow..don’t be smart..today ur going to wash clothes…
Kabir : we have washing machine..then it will be easy…thinks..
Smirthi : u have to give special dinner arrangement.. and ya bhai is going to stay here..two days…
Kabir : k..but my work..
Smirthi : its ur punishment.. U have to think it before the bet..
Kabir : because of my stupid bet..I’m bearing it…
Smirthi : I’m forget to tell u..washing machine is repair..so u have use ur hands for washing clothes…
Kabir : what???..shockingly…
Smirthi : yes…
Kabir : sat in front of her..plz leave me..I’m sorry..I can’t do it..
Smirthi : looks at him..Noway..
He keep on convincing her..both hears a laughing sound…turns sanskar standing and laughing at them..
Kabir : here I’m in trouble..and ur laughing..
Sanskar : what can I do..u got it by ur self..
Kabir : looks at him angrily… Turns..smirthi..I’ll arrange dinner arrangement.. But not clothes.. pLz…

Sanskar : controlling his laugh..signals smirthi something..
Smirthi : nods..k..but be on words..this timetime im leaving u..not next time..
Kabir : thank god..( mind).. Is I’m mad to again put bet..
Sanskar : kabir..can we talk..
Kabir : I’m..come..
Smirthi : I’ll come with snacks…
Both nods..smirthi left..both settled in couch..

Swara reached..but thinking..whether go in r not..and how to face sanskar..after while she enters in..
Sanskar pa: looks at her..welcomes her..mam..come.. U r here..
Swara : gives a smile.. I’m came to see sanskar..where is he??..
Pa : sir is not here mam..
Swara : where he went?..

Pa : don’t know mam..he went out..after the call..
Swara : thinks..he must be in home only..to pa..k..thanks for the information.. Turns..but stopped seeing sanskar..standing there…
Pa :looks at him..left from there..
Swara : sanskar..
Sanskar : looks at her angrily..then went to his cabin..
Swara : followed him..
Sanskar : enters in..showing his back to her..
Swara : sanskar..with guilty voice..
Sanskar : what u want Mrs.. Sorry..Miss. Swara..
Swara : sanskar.. I’m sorry..at that Tim
Sanskar : cuts her.. Y r u askibg sorry to me??..whom I’m to u??..
Swara : tears eyes..sanskar..plz..I know I’m did wrong..
Sanskar : don’t waste ur time and as well as mine time also Miss. Swara..I have many work rather than this…we don’t have any relationship..
Swara : sanskar…shockingly..

Sanskar : gives one file to her..his ph rings..seeing it..he left from there.. Without seeing her…
Sanskar : to his pa..thanks for informing..
Pa : its my duty..Sir..
Sanskar : k..see the work..I’ll come tomorrow..
Pa : nods..sanskar left from office..

Sanskar sat in car…thinks.. How he came to office.. When sanskar and kabir r about talk..his ph rings..seeing his pa..thinks its emergency.. So he attends it..
Sanskar : hello..
Pa : hello sir..
Sanskar : ya..tell me..
Pa : sir..swara mam came to office..

Sanskar : what?..k u see her…he cuts the call..then thinks for a sec and left yo office.. Before that he tells to kabir that he come after meeting one person..
He comes out of thought.. Goes to kabir home..

Swara gets hurt..seeing his ignorance.. And talk..then sees a file in her hand..reads it..after reading it..she left the file..cries…
Swara : no this can’t be happen..searches sanskar in cabin..but he left..
She takes the file..comes out of cabin..sees his pa..
Swara : where is sanskar ?..
Pa : sir went from there..
Swara : k..
She left the office..walks in road..thinking about their life..how happy they r..and their sweet moments..how he always stand for her side..and how she left him..when he needs her more on that time…
Swara : how can u do that..its all my fault.. Now I can’t let this happen..with determine she left…

Kabir home…
Sanskar : reached.. Kabir comes out takes him in..
Kabir : is everything alright..
Sanskar : without emotion..ya..
Kabir : sense something wrong..but don’t wanna ask it..so he kept quite…
Sanskar. : r u ready..
Kabir : yes..I’m..
Sanskar : k..then we can start our work..today itself.. I think..
Kabir : ya..u r right..if we start today..then all arrangements r on time..
Sanskar : this two days I’ll stay here..its sanju punishment.. Chucklingly..
Kabir : mm..smirthi told me..about it..
Sanskar : k..I’m leaving home now..come with my luggage…
Kabir : k..come soon..otherwise sanju will start to shooting the questions..
Sanskar : hahah..k..
Sanskar left…

All r sitting in hall..laksh also sitting with them..swara enters in..calling sanskar name..all r gets surprised…looks at each other face..confusingly..
Swara : sanskar..sanskar…
Ragini : swara..u here??..
Swara : ragini..where is sanskar??..is he in room..?..I want see him..tell me..
Ragini : swara relax..

Swara : about to say something..
Sujatha : interrupt her..y u want see my son..is anything left..
Swara : mom..plz..
Sujata : don’t call me mom..u lost that rights..when u left my son..
Swara : moves towards her..mom..plz I know I’m did mistake..
Sujata ; mistake..chorii..
Swara : mom..at that time..what I’m sees I’m concluded it…in my place if u r there..u all think the same way I’m thought..
Sujata : I’m not like u choir..I’m always with my son..because I have trust on my son..
Swara : I’m also trust him..but that day I’m..broken it..
Sujata : now y this drama..
Sujata : about say something..

Ragini : chachi..plz..
Ap : signals sujata to keep quite..swara y r u calking sanskar name..he is not here…
Swara : just passed the file to her..
Ap : not all understanding..so she takes the file after reading it..looks on..
Dp : seeing her like it..he takes the file.. Sees it..
Laksh : sees it..looks at swara..asks..then what r u expecting from him..after giving him the punishment.. Which he never did..
Ragini : laksh what r u saying??..
Laksh : bhai gave divorce papers to swara..

Ragini : what??? Shockingly…
Swara : looks at laksh.
Ragini : turns to swara..how this happened.. When..
Swara : im went ask forgiveness from him..what im did to him..but he didn’t let me speak..just gives this file to me..and went from there..I’m thought he is must be here..that’s y I came… Says with tears..
Dp : how can sanskar do this..he loves u lot. Then..
Laksh : s dad..he loves her lot..but what she did with bhai..

Ap : laksh..its all misunderstandings..she did it just seeing that..whats in all her fault..
Laksh : wow…mom..now also all r supporting swara..seeing her tears..angrily.. Then where this concerns all gone..when my bhai broken..and wants u and swara..han…
Ap : laksh..
Laksh : y u ignored bhai..mom..what u said misunderstanding.. So y not u all r cleared it before….no..u all especially swara u created a biggest mess of bhai life…
Swara : laksh..
Laksh : can I ask u something.. Did u ever loved my bhai..
Swara : looks on shock..not only her all r shocked by this..
Dp : lsksh what u asking??..
Laksh : I’m asking the correct question dad…

Ragini : laksh..
Laksh : ragini..plz u stay out of it..
Swara : laksh u know that..I love sanskar more than anything..
Laksh : angrily..then where this love gone..on that day..when u have prove it..u back off..
Swara : its not like that.. Laksh..
Laksh : then what swara..han..

Swara : did not say anything..
Ragini felts bad for her..
Laksh : u know that my bhai can go any extend for u..he did it..when we all r against u..he stands for u..and trust u on adarsh bhai matter..but u doubt him on ragini kidnapped case..u can forgave me and ragini and all..then y not bhai..he just fight with me..not murdered me..
Swara : remembered all..

Laksh : can’t u give the time to explain him side.. No..y u..u r great and always right..left him..
Did u once thought about his position.. What he even through.. I’m all alone there..because no one around me..and here bhai with u all..but no use..he is all alone..he changed so much..for which I can’t even imagine in my dream also..because of u my bhai like this..

Swara : is crying…she knows its all happened because her..no fault in this all sanskar fault..

Sorry guys..I’m stooping here..because I’m not well..I’ll post another part soon..

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