our relationship (episode 1)

Hi friends..I thought to write current track..I hope u all like it..so I’ll start it after the leap…

Swara and ragini are wedding planer..after completing their friends marriage.. They got a another marriage contract.. Then come to know that its their sister in law uttra’s marriage.. Both r happy for uttra..so both decide to meet groom parents..and left..
When they both comes..sees sanskar and Gayathri r speaking..

Gayathri : I came know that u married a Bengali girl..
Sanskar : shocked..how do u know?..
Gayathri : k..bit if u think to get together with her..then let me clear you..ur sister will return yo ur house..
Sanskar : me and my ex-wife r have no relationship now…its already finished… nothing left between us…I hope u won’t want talk about it..
Swaragini r shocked..hearing ex-wife from his mouth..

swara : thinks y sanskar accept for this..for uttra he ready to sacrifice his love..gets angry on him..
Gayathri : its good..
Sanskar : k..I have to go..saying this he left…
Swaragini wents to Gayathri.. Asked her suggestion in engagement.. Then left..

Swaragini room
Swara kept thinking about sanskars words..get disturbed.. Later gets angry on him..
Ragini sees her thought to talk to her…
Ragini : swara..
Swara : no response..
Ragini : swara..
Swara : no response..
Ragini : sw..shekes her..
Swara : come to sense…what happen ragini ??..
Ragini : where were r u lost..
Swara : no where..
Ragini : thinking about sanskar..
Swara : no..why should I..think about him..
Ragini : don’t lie to me..I know..
Swara : no..
Ragini : really..

Swara : didn’t say anything..
Ragini : so I’m right..thinking about his words..
Swara : gets angry on him..how can he say that..
Ragini : what he said..
Swara : u r also there na..cant to here it..
Ragini : ya..now tell me..
Swara : ex – wife..that to for uttra..
Ragini : but she is his sister..
Swara : for her ..he can break the relationship..
Ragini : wait a minute..what u said he breaks the relationship..
Swara : nods..ex-wife means that only na..
Ragini : ya..but he didn’t do anything like that na..

Swara : what u mean..
Ragini : it was u swara..who break the ties with him..not he..and one more thing..what u said just now for uttra he ready to leave u..its u swara u leaved him..so he said it..because u said nothing between us..he told u if goes out from this house u will never come back to my life like a wife..did u hears him..no u come out from house..not only house but comes out from his life also..
Swara : stands there..
Ragini : continued.. And what is it…ha…for sister he took this decision.. Then what about ur decision.. To come here with me..leaving him..for me..same happen to him..because uttra marriage already stopped.. So he don’t want this marriage also like that.. And he decides it..where is no relation..then y he has to think about u..did u think about him that day..now y r get angry on him..tell me swara..
Swara : stands like a statue..
Ragini : I’m not blaming u..swara but im try to make u understand it…

Guys if u like this..then only I can write it..if u like it then give me ur comments…


  1. nikky

    love the way ragini in ur ff plzz quickly introduce lakshya then we get tasan e ishq this time ragini to try every possible way to lakshya confession like jeleousy seduce every thing

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    V.nice concept dear.. Plz continue.. All the best for the further parts..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

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