relations r those which rade by heart to develop a relation with someone u have never seen never talked never knew r difficult to handle especially when u know that u don’t that u r never gonna meet that person never gonna see her do u think its easy????
no not at all

the relatiom which v r sharing through this website is a unique one
the most important thing that the way v chit chat with eachlther without knowing the nature of the other person and at that time how the mod of that person is the thing which v r thinking is joke may hurt the other person

but inspita of all this v r still in a relation called friendship trust and sibling like relationship

this is a wastage of time but year through this I want to tell u all the relation which v share is smthing more than a relation v r coñnected till when. v don’t know
but yyar try not to harm anyo e spread laugh and kep laughing if I have ever said something to anyone of u so it’s a bigggg sooooooo9ory from my side I didn’t mean to
so guys maintain ur relations till u can it will be easy for u maintain life and ur smile
happy friendship day

take care
lots of love

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  1. Hey,dear.Happy friendship day to u too

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