Relations made by God. (Intro)

Guys I think to start a new fan fiction about the serial madhubala because my present story will end in some please give it a simple try ,and I am sure that everyone likes it .

The story starts from the day when drasthi shown as Madhu buying fruits in the shop.
A girl gets down from the bus near the market,she sees her reflection in the car which is parked nearby ,corrects her bindi and walks humming a song towards the shop.her phone rings from the bag,she sees mom in the name displayed and picks it happily
Madhu:ma,what’s the matter?
Padmini:nothing,where are you ?
Madhu:I am in market purchasing fruits for you,because doctor said that you need strength.
Padmini:ok come soon.
Madhu: yes ma.
She buys fruits and comes out of the stall and being to walk without seeing the board shooting going on as she is busy in her phone trying her sister’s number while she loses the balance due to the wires and falls. Someone holds her.her shawl covers the face of the man.she hears people shouting at her for disturbing the shoot and runs without taking the shawl.The man removes the dupatta and smiles seeing her running like a deer.he asks the director about the girl.,he tells about the diffuculty to finx about her .the man sees his reflection in mirror
and says”do what I say,I need to know about her,it is RK’s order”.

Next:trishna talks about RK while Madhu thinks about the incident in market.

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  1. Vaishali

    awesome episde janani it was nice intro amazing that u r the only one to write ff on madhubala my fav rishbala

    1. Janani

      Thank you vishali,please support me ,just try to read it .

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