Relations made by God. epi-1


Madhu comes home with the fruits which she bought in the shop in the market and sits in the sofa.she searches for Trishna all over the house and but finds no sign of her there.Padmini gives her two slices for bread and a cup of hot tea to drink.Madhu sees Roma coming inside the house with tension followed by Trishna there.Madhu remembers them telling about some audition in the morning and feels bad on seeing their dull face.Padmini comes from the kitchen and sits near trishna asking her the matter.Trishna remains silent while Roma says”they selected some other girl”.shamsher comes inside the house with hot samosas which he brought to celebrate the selection of trishna and enters the house happily.
The director and Bitto tries to explain RK about the problem of publishing the unknown girl as RK’s next projects heroin.he laughs and tells “every girls are dying to be with me,why can’t that girl be,bittoji what is her name some think about “,Bitto tells “we haven’t found her name till this moment at least wait for the name chief “.RK goes from there without giving any reply to them.he drinks his protein milkshake and takes out Madhu’s shawl which is in his bag .
Madhu drinks the tea which padmini gave her and stands near the balcony enjoying the beautiful weather ,she sees trishna still upset .she blames her fate for everything and praises about real star RK.Madhu gets bored and walks on the steps,she sits in the steps with her cup of tea.Madhu sees people trying to erect RK’s picture near the colony ,she thinks about the huge fan following for RK and girls dying to work with him and to see him.she tells “no one
is real in this film city”.the half pasted photo of RK falls on Madhu’s lap.
The screen freezes with RK holding Madhu’s shawl and Madhu taking the poster in her hand.

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