Relations should be with love (Intro)

Screen will be opened at a longtime back in badi. 3 families are living… One is gadodia’s, bose’s, khanna’s… There 3 children are playing shekhar, shermistha&janaki??..
They are the true frnds since their childhood.. As the timepasses relations b/w their families has also became strong..

Janaki was praying in the temple.. While shomi&shekhar are taking pics.. Bcoz the 2 love birds don’t know to leave janaki like that how it will be effect their lifes in future..
Anandh varma a bigshot in kolakata also came to temple. He is doing his prayers by revolving around temple. Suddenly due to banana peel janaki got slipped. He holds her they have an eyelock.. Love at 1st sight…
Janaki relieved from his grip and she moved..
After few months..
Parvati came to janaki’s mother lakshmi khanna i was thinking that why can’t we marry our shekhar with janaki.. Shekhar also likes janaki alot… Kaveri told it will be good our daughter janaki will also be infront our eyes.. Janaki used to call kaveri maasa. Same like shomi does for lakshmi..
Lakshmi told that we also have to search a nice match for shomi too …
All laughs. But these 3 are shocked..
Suddenly janaki came forward and told that.. I&shekhar are only good frnds and also bestfrnd. There is nothing in our mind except frndship.. Today shekhar is my frnd. Tmrw also he will be my frnd only.. She moves to parvati nd told that maa if u don’t have a prblm then pls do shekhar’s marg with our shomi..

All are shocked.
Parvati looks at deendayal gadodia..
He came frwd and told..
Dayal gadodia.: u r right janaki betiya.. I always used to give lectures about giving up some things like marwari&bengali.. Y can’t it starts from my house… Well we all knows shomi well we used to love her alot..

Shekhar&shomi:but 1 condition after getting janaki with anandh varma only we will do our marg..
Everyone shocked .. Who is anandh..??
Janaki:anandh full is a marwaran.. He has 2 sisters 1 is annapurna maheswari wife of durgaprasadmaheswari &sujatha maheswari wife of ramprasad maheswari.. But sujatha is not his own sister. But he used to love her as her own sister.. After lossing their parents he only used to take care of them and also married to his bestfrnd&his brother..

Everyone accepted for their marg.
Marg was held grandly … Sujatha was pregnant&anapurna was having adarsh…

Janaki&ravi lives with maheswari’s but.. Maheswari’s developed a rivalry upon gadodias due to shekhar&shomi’s marg but janaki feels bad that she is unable. To attend their marg..

Dp&rp treats janaki as their own sister. Bcoz they don’t have sister.

It is the namakaran for the baby boy… Janaki named that boy as sanskar.. On the same day janaki&shomi became pregnant..

One day anandh thinks that they should expand the business to delhi.. He moving along with his wife to delhi..

It is heavily raining … Shomi is getting labourpains…
In the journey janaki is also getting labour pains..
Varma loses his control on the car seeing janaki’s condition.
They met with an accident..
Shomi&janaki joined in hospital.. They both delivers too beautiful girls…
Dr told to the anandh that they both will not survive for a long time…
They both decided that they should give their baby to shekhar&shomi.. Bcoz that baby might unite their families..
Then they gave shekhar number to dr to give that baby to him. Luckly shekhar is there in the hospital.. Shomi also came.. To see them.
Janaki:shomi.. Here is u r 2nd daughter pls take care of her.. &they both should always be like 1 like us… Keep them as swara&ragini..
Which we already decided..

She &anandh emotionally hugs ragini.. Ragini kicks them with small small legs… Shomi who is leaning in the side bed cries seeing it..
Already maheswari entered hospital .. Seeing that from window.. Anandh asks shekhar too take her daughter away.. She should unite both maheswari’s and gadodia’s.. If she with maheswari’s then they will not allow her to. Meet u.. So pls goo..
They went .. Maheswari’s came inside… Anandh&janaki passed away..
Funeral happens mourning …
Dr came and told that janaki gave birth to baby girl.. And but some one robbered her from hsptl..maheswari’s shocked..
Sujatha decided that she should get her són sanskar married to anandh daughter at any cost. Bcoz what she is enjoying now only bcoz of anandh..

Precap:swaragini naughty fights

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  8. Please make it ragsan

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