My relation with You (thahaan) FF Epi 2


hey guys i m back with my 2nd epi..
On 11th July there is thahaan first meeting Anniversary REMEMBER THAHAAN FIRST MEETING IN DS OFFICE

bihaangiri full
Ha ha

thapki Looking at sky And Smiling..

bihaan comes & hugs her from behind
Thapki:”i know its you.. ur touch is enough for me to recognise u. Ur heart beat,ur Breath everything…. i love u a lot.”
she hugs him tightly.

Bihaan:”Oho my Msz.thapki bihaan pandey.. so much love Aha i m dying…By the way whats u r thinking..”
thapki:”How do u know that i m thinking something?”
bihaan;”madam i M ur husband & i know everything about u.Now tell T 4 thapki What U r T 4 thinking.”
thapki:”our old days…The day after our marriage…our fights…my hatred towards u…Ur teasing nature…the bad boy..”
Bihaan:”Oho madam g remembring those days…so not only u.. i will also”
he hugs her & they both GO IN FB

the day after THAPKI LEAVES PN

thahaan HUT

bihaan:”oh jhansi ki rani u r so brave i know but By hurting urself WHAT U WILL GET?”
thapki:”U dont think of others but i do…this is my family i Had to save them at any cost..& u will be happy if something happen to me so why u Care for me.”

bihaan(fold his hands):”Oh mahan aatma SORRY I M VERY SORRY ITS MY FAULT I SAVE U..DO U WANT A BOMB AGAIN SO NO PROBLEM I WILL GET IT FOR U & than i will tie in ur NECK & than U will Leave me forever…& plz After going to heaven dont forget to write LETTERS AS i will feel bored After u & i need a Companion to fight with me ok. & if possible send Fairy also so that i can marry her & I will send u Pics of my children to u & there i think hell also so u can marry a devil there & dont forget to Send ur BLACK UGLY FACE CHILDREN PICS I WILL POST ON FB ..fine na”

thapki;” stop ur nonsense I will not go anywhere if I will go THAN…”
bihaan:”So what?”
Thapki:”Nothing.. i mean if i will U spoil life of another lady & i dont want that some one else marry u.:”

bihaan come close to her & say:”Oh madam why u dont want me to marry some one else DID U BEGAN TO LOVE ME (DASHING HERO) bolo bolo..”
Thapki is shocked by his words;”No never i cant love u.. i m saying So As if u will marry some one else u will hate her too & …” actually she had no answer & she really dont know why she said this.!
bihaan:”ok ok madam i understand u r mahan aatma & thats why u care everyone But i after 3 months we will depart & than i can marry A girl of my wish.. whom I love the most..who love me the most….who never hates me..who will change me.”
thapki:”So go & marry Na what r u waiting for…Go & get married & plz dont forget to call me in ur marriage i will do arrangements & will dance in one or two songs ok.I think u too ….. but i Was wrong… u r always bad always….”
thapki cries & she sleeps.


he is puzzled & than he sleeps..

Fb ends

thapki:”that day i had realise that i love u… as i have left PN NOT FOR MA OR SHRADDHA BUT FOR U SO THAT U CAN LIVE PEACEFULLY.”
Bihaan:”I was So moti budhi that i cant see ur eyes, but madam How u forget that i know u more than u I know u R innocent & thats why i left PN … really i m in love too…”

thapki:”No one cares for me Only u…. No one love me like this Only u… No one Support me.. Only u & thats why i Choose Only u as my life partner.Chuk chuk gadi is nothing without his moti budhi.. I LOVE U ….”
Bihaan:”i love u too..”
He holds her & say;”After 5 days i m going to marry u.. i m very lucky .. i promise i never left ur hands..”
thapki;”I m also very lucky & happy TO HAVE U.”

bihaan:”So now lets start recalling our khattha meetha relation Aha.. u remember the day of completion of our first month of marriage anniversary…I was so happy.”
thapki;”yes that now only 2 months r left..”
Bihaan:”not for only that but As its Our first anniversary .”
thapki:”no not u remember anything u R only happy as Its two weeks left.”
bihaan;”ok ok Baba u win i will not quarrel with u..”

They closes there eyes & get into FB
bihaan wakes up & he saw thapki was not there..he is very happy & says;”Is chuk chuk gadi run away Before 2 months.thank u kanha g u made my day.”
he began to dance & suddenly he collides with thapki & they both falls on bed
they have an eyelock (na na plays..missing this Bgm badly)
She is looking very beautiful & preety that day for the first time he notice her
the wet hairs,The FRAGRANCE,Her Simplicity eveything..for a while he is staring at her.. they both Stand up
thapki;”O what have u done? Are u crazy cant u have eyes?”
bihaan:yes i have & really u r very…. He Stopped.. i mean u r So ugly A smell of GOBAR COMING OUT OF UR BODY.. DID U WENT TO TAKE BATH IN GULABO BATH ROOM oH i m sorry my gulabo smells good than u… & u yuck.O god plz WHY THIS TIME IS RUNNING SLOW? When will this 3 months end & i can Live peacefully.”
thapki:”stop ur nonsense & soon ur wish will fulfilled as ………(she didnt told him about the day.) i mean god listen to everyone whether its human being or ANIMAL..”
She laughs & go from there.

bihaan:so smart chuk chuk gadi u hadnt told me about our anniversary But U WILL SAY … (he Smirks & go)

fb ends

Thapki;”really u R very clever & I told u by my mouth about the day…..Thats why i love u..”
bihaan:”Yes i m b 4 bihaan pandey.. i can do anything..”
They smiles & look at sky

Dadi ma calls them & they both goes downstairs holding each other hand.

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That Tashan full thahaan story

Thanks to all for reading it

be happy always

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Credit to: anu

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  1. I like it anu .

  2. And in your ff you add me? Hey anu one thing you doesn’t write bad writter!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha don’t worry I ma bus majak kar rahi thi you are v for very v for velldone writter bihaan style . Aur koi milta julta sabd hi nahi Milan. And I think I comment first .seeya♥♡♥ ♥♡♥ ♥♡♥ ♥♡♥ ♥¤♥.

  3. Anu it is a superb ff I was very much missing thahaan tushan…..when the love track started I thought there would be no more tushan I was hardly missing that……. I love tashans more than love

  4. missing thahaan tashan in real tpk. It is great

  5. Truelove

    really nice. but i don’t understand one thing. is there 2 weeks or 2 months left in marriage?

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow nice anu keep writing my friend 🙂

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