My relation with You (thahaan) FF Epi 1


hey guys I m writing A small ff on thahaan as u all know me that i m Biggest Thahaanian That i cant stop myself to writing ff on thahaan…

So guys I will take u all back
so Plz Try to remember The episodes after thahaan marriage..

Here i m gonna start

thapki wakes up in morning & Suddenly unknowingly,unwillingly she saw The Bad Boy, The one Who Shatters her dream,.The guy Who cheated her… just only for her brother sake He marry her. She hates him a lot & dont want to see his face…
But somewhere she founds that A very caring Husband is hiding in him, A Responsible son & A Shravan kumar of his family… But why his behaviour changes In her case.HE TEASES HER A LOT BY HIS WORDS “Chuk chuk gadi” “mahan aatma” JHANSI KI RANI” .
thapki is thinking all this & Suddenly bihaan wokes up
He saw her. He felt that whom face he had saw… The UNLUCKY & MOST IRRITATING ONE…
bihaan:”Oh madam Did u Enjoy whenever i Face a Situation which i hate the most… Ab H 4 humein H 4 Hawalat mai bnd karwa ke chain nhi aaya kya ( Did u didnt Feel relax To kept me in jail.”)
Now u want to send me again .”
Thapki:”what kind of rubbish u r saying?”
Bihaan:its not rubbish Rubbish is what u r saying & What u want to do with me..U want after watching ur UGLY FACE & Hearing ur irritating words I kill u & than Ur family members send me jail So that ur soul rest in peace But i begged u
??? Plz From Tom morrow dont show me ur face..”
Thapki becomes more angry & said;”So who want to show u my face. i dont want to stay with u but bcoz of dadi ma i m here & Plz dont spoil my Morning .”
bihaan:”Gajab Ulta chor kotwal ko daate Its u who r spoiling my morning,my Afternun, my evening , my night & My life… I want to kill u .”
Thapki began to cries;”So plz kill me Na For what u r waiting for.You had destroy everything in my life So why will I live on this world.”
She cries.
Our hero who cant See tears in her eyes said;”Plz DoNt cry Na sometime My Moti buddhi stop working..But Its dont want to hurt u..Ok sorry.”
he dont knows why he cant see tears in her eyes.
that Cute lovely Face, The adorable eyes… he want only smiles on her face..But he Hurt her..”

he goes in front of her & holds his ears & Said;”see i m holding my ears If u want than i will Do Utthak baithak.. ok But plz dont cry.”
he began to do Utthak baithak looking like a small kid Very innocent & Kiddish. he counts 12345 6 9 10.
thapki who is looking At his face said;’U cheater u miss 7 & 8. I will not forgive u.”
bihaan:”oh madam HERE I M T 4 TIRED & u r T 4 talking about counts.. wow now stay angry Who want to make u happy… I m a moti buddhi who want to saw smile on ur face but leave it now i m going to freshens up & than i go to watch movie as i dont Want to Waste my day while watching An Rusty Engine Chuk chuk gadi face all the time..”

thapki fumes & he move toward bathroom
suddenly Slips on the mat & Falls down.
thapki laughs seeing him:”oh what happened B 4 bihaan pandey u dont know how to walk.. ha ha ha poor guy..Be safe on roads otherwise people will call u lame..”
bihaan looks at her angrily..
& u all know how cute our old bihaan looks when he become angry…


the epi ends with Thapki laughing & bihaan angry face…

if u like this Tashan which all of us r missing somewhere Than i will continue it
so that i can know ur Views

Bye guys
@ last
thahaan forever

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Vinlora

    Anu ????too good yaar….plz continue…I love thahaan tashan?

    1. ok dear i will continue it

  2. Anu …this was the reason of mine in watching tpk , those were the golden ,you just refreshen everything. A big thank you …plz do continue ..always try to add more nok jhoks and tashan .

    1. thank u so much bihaan i m missing ur lovely comments so i try to write which u like
      there will me more tashan in it for sure

      thahaan journey with new story

  3. aeesome ala thats so cute

    1. thanks Iqra

  4. T 4 thahaan ka t 4 tashan plz continue

  5. plz continue……

  6. Oh wow I like your fan faction but anu kya tumna war and love ka second part abhi nahi likha please anu I vate it . Vasa kya tuna mujha bihaan ki team ma shamil kiya ha please give my question answer . your fan faction is always amazing .I read all most of your fan faction. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡.

    1. actually dear garima
      i had submitted that ff bt it didnt published than i contact TELLY UPDATES & than they Mail me that they rejected it and they Say its the ff name not Good as i used war in it

      after they rejected my many ff & Os
      & even i cant comment
      thats why i was ABSENT FROM THIS PAGE

      Now After many days my combo ff submit & published

      So i dont want again they reject me…

      Sorry for that
      bt sure i will add u in some other ff for sure Or may in this ff

      hope u understand

  7. Oh ya I am understand I am very happy to know that you add me on your this ff .because I love old bihaan . And thanks ka tum muja apna ff ma shamil karoge very very very very very thanks .♥♡♥ ♡♥♡ ♥♡♥ . And I love your fan faction aur old bihaan is the best .and thanks again .

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