Relation of Souls (PMHMD+Ishqbaaz) Part:9

Thanks lilly,Vincy, Insiya mk, Sofiya.S. ,Ankita, Yashu, Orchid(Nafisa), Jasminerahul, Visali vish and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. And I’m really sorry for being late. My tests has started and I can’t ignore my studies. Will try my best to update next one soon. Today is my birthday as well, so don’t forget to wish me. So, Let’s start part 9. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Ishana loves Om, Ishana shocking flashback, Om wants to marry someone, Anika decides not to marry Shivaye.

The Episode starts with Om saying that Shewtlana….Tomorrow..we’ll get married.. But why I’m not getting so excited..?? Flashback….

At college….

Om is shown in library. He is searching for some book. A Girl comes. She says Om..!! Om turns and says use Shewtlana..?? Shewtlana’s face(Reyhna Malhotra) appears. Shewtlana sits on her knees and says I love you Om..!! Flashback ends.

Om says I was so attractive to her and I accept her proposal….and..after that day….I do not see Ishana again.. She was so sweet.. an I used to feel myself….. He pats on his head.

Screen shifts to mansion. A girl is shown running. A boy is shown following her. The Girl is none other than Shewtlana. Boy’s face(Mohit Malhotra) appears. Shewtlana says Baby..!! Boy says naughty girl..!! You’ll never change..!! Shewtlana says Oh come on Yash..!! Yash says okay..!! They sit on bed.

Yash says Have you done that..?? Shewtlana says Of course..!! They smirk. Vamp tune plays. Yash says Once.. you get married to that Omkara Singh Oberoi…. Shewtlana interrupts saying I’ll make him to trust me so much that he will unknowingly transfer all property on my name..!! Your Revenge..My Revenge..!! Yash says and your Revenge is also my revenge..!! Shewtlana says Thank God…I got to know that day that Ishana loves Om..else they should be spending happy lovely life now..!! Yash says Om’s father, Tej Singh Oberoi destroyed my father’s business.. and… Shewtlana says Oh come one Yash.. forget these enemies topic for sometime.. Mom isn’t here…and My sisters also…They’ve gone America.. So, let’s enjoy..!! Yash nods. They gossip and laugh evilly.

Screen shifts to Rana Mansion. Soumya comes to Ishana. Ishana stands. Soumya says Di…. Ishana hugs her. Soumya says Di..Don’t cry..okay..?? These tears doesn’t suit you. Ishana nods and releases from hug. Soumya says Now, come with me to my room….else someone sees us..!! Ishana nods. Soumya turns off lights. They come out of room. Ishana closes door. They come to Soumya’s room.

Screen shifts to Anika’s room. Anika hugs Naina and cries vigorously. Naina consoles her. Naina says Di..Stop this crying..okay..?? Anika releases from hug. Anika screams Hmm..!! Naina wipes her tears. Naina says Di..Now tell me why were you crying like this..?? What had happened to you..?? Anika tells her. Naina gets shock.

Naina cries. Anika says Naina…. Naina says Its all because of me. Anika pats her. Anika wipes her tears. She says Now..Stop blaming yourself..Else…. Naina says Di..Shivaye Jeejoo is a nice man….I’m damn sure he will accept you with your this fault. Anika sadly says Naina.. You go and Take rest..!! Naina says But…. Anika says No But vut.. Go..!! Naina says Okay..!! She leaves. Anika sleeps on bed and cries.

Screen shifts to Rana Mansion. Soumya and Ishana sits on bed. Soumya says Di..Your love isn’t a lie..Your love is true and true love always wins.. But what you see that day that you’ve to drive rashly..?? Ishana says Actually….Flashback….

Ishana is in way having a bouquet of flowers in her hands and says Today..I’ll propose Om. She stops at Library’s door. She sees Shewtlana proposing Om. She gets teary eyes. She throws bouquet and runs away fro, there. Flashback ends.

Soumya says Di..You don’t take stress….He is only one..which is made for you.. and you’ll surely get him..!! Ishana nods. They hug. Soumya thinks about Rudra.

Precap: Om comes to temple in Red groom dress. He calls Shewtlana. Shewtlana picks call.

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  1. Hey Shakaib, Today’s episode is nice. Can I know in which class you are? Happy birthday also. May god bless you.

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    1. Shakaib

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  5. Jasminerahul

    Happy b’day bro.
    Ishana soumya n anika naina scene were emotional.hope their probs get solved.oh shewtlana planning 2 trap om.sad that Ishana’s proposal plan failed as shewtlana proposed om.hope om rejects her n accepts ishana

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di. Om has accepted her proposal. It is written after Shewtlana proposing Om flashback.

  6. Happy Birthday Dear… Awesome episode…

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    Awesome ep and so so so sorry for not commenting early.

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  8. Belated happy birthday dear. May all up dreams come true the year ahead. The episode was nice but y mohit malhotra In negative role?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks for wishes.I decide to show mohit in negative role after watching him in -ve role in jamai raja. Further more, I’ve write it in update that yash is avenging on Oberoi family as well as Shewtlana for revenge.

    2. Shakaib

      Thanks for wishes.I decide to show mohit in negative role after watching him in -ve role in jamai raja. Further more, I’ve write it in update that yash is avenging on Oberoi family as well as Shewtlana for revenge. Thanks for comment.

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