Relation of Souls (PMHMD+Ishqbaaz) Part:8

Thanks Sofiya.S. ,Ankita, Yashu, Jasminerahul, Visali vish and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 8. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Shivika Emotional talk, Ishkara share apple shake, Roumya and Raina share ice-cream, Anika misunderstands.

The Episode starts with Ishana saying that Om, I love you….My love isn’t a lie. I know you can not recognize me..because.. This is not that face which you know….Flashback….

A Girl sadly comes out of college. He face (Shrenu Parikh) appears. She sits in her car. She drives car rashly on road. She gets saved from accidents many times. People on footpath gossip that If the girl has gone mad..?? She is going in death’s well on her own risk..etc.

Girl driving car shouts I lost you Om..!! Ishana who get all things which she likes, has lost you today Om..!!

A truck is shown coming towards car. Truck driver gets a call. He picks. Man, on other side of call, says Are you driving that red colour truck..?? Truck driver says yes. Man, on other side of call, says What….???? Oh My God..!! Damn..!! I forget to tell you that its brakes are failed. Truck driver is shocked. Phone falls from his hand.

Truck driver says to himself that what to do now..?? He sees car coming rashly. He get hell shocked. Ishana sees truck but even then drives rashly. Truck collides with car. Truck turned turtle. Car blasts. Ishana fell out of car. Her face has totally get injured. She screams. She gets unconscious. Flashback ends.

Ishana says Om, Ishana lost her face, which you know….Flashback….

At hospital….

Dr. removes someone’s bandages. Her face (Vrushika Mehta) appears. Mr. and Mrs. Rana and Soumya comes. Mr. Rana says Beta..His this accident happen..?? Ishana sees her face in mirror and gets shocked. Ishana shouts Its not my face…doctor..have you lost it..?? Its not my face..!! Mrs. Rana says Ishana, are you important for us just because of face..Hmm..?? No..!! You’re always important for us….face doesn’t matter. Soumya says My cute sissy.. you’re looking more pretty in this face..!! Ishana says So, you mean.. my previous face wasn’t good..?? Soumya says Di and hugs her. Flashback ends.

Ishana says You know Om….Doctor said that day that my condition was so critical that I would have went into coma or even die…!! Tears roll down over Ishana’s cheeks. Ishana looks at Om’s pic and says But I fought with death for you….I come back from death’s mouth for you!! I got so emotional today that I was to reveal how I come back for you…. But I didn’t. My love is true….I come back from death to life for you. Ishana sits on her knees and cries. Soumya, who was standing at door and was hearing all, gets shocked. Soumya screams Ishana di…. Ishana sees back.

Screen shifts to Obroie Mansion. Om is in his room. He gets a call. He picks call. He says What…. Have you lost it….Yeah! your point is right…. Our elders will never agree for this relation…. Okay…. We’ll marry tomorrow in Shiv Mandir….Okay….Bye..!! He cuts call.
He thinks who will come with me in Shiv Temple..?? Yes..Ishana, I’ll call her.. But why I disturb her now..?? I’ll tell her tomorrow.

Screen shifts to Anika’s house. Anika thinks I can’t marry Shivaye. It will be a big cheat on him..No..!! Anika sits on her knees and cries. She says which man will marry with lady who can’t be pregnant..!!..?? Nainaa enters in Anika’s room and gets shocked. Nainaa says Anika di..!! Anika sees Nainaa.

Precap: Nainaa says Di…. why are you crying like this…what happened to you..?? Anika tells Nainaa. Nainaa gets shock.

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  4. Nice episode. Whose call om got.
    And what was the reason ishana lost om and she took tissue big step.

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  5. Jasminerahul

    never expected this twist.Ishana was shrenu b4,but in accident her face got disfigured n she got vrushka’s face.What happened btw om n her?why was she driving rashly?Were ishkara lovers?If them to whom did om speak on the phone regarding marriage?sad that anika decided not to marry shivay bcz of fertility issues.hope naina interferes n unites shivika.i want shivay to accept anika with her defect n he later he realizes that anika has no prob

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    Loved it…eagerly waiting for nxt episode….

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    Upcoming episode’s spoilers-On the same day of Shivika’s marriage, Ishkara will also get married. But how will it happen..??Stay in touch to know. Thanks.

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    Awesome ep plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post the next asap.

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