Relation of Souls (PMHMD+Ishqbaaz) Part:1


Hi Guys. Shakaib here. Its my first fan fiction on Pardes mein hai mera dil and Ishqbaaz. So,lets start.

The Episode starts with a lady coming downstairs. She is none other than Dadi(From Iahqbaaz). Two men come next to dadi. One of them touches Dadi’s feet. His face(Mahesh Thakur) is shown. Dadi says Be happy Tej. Other man also touches Dadi’s feet. His face(Siraj Mustafa Khan) is shown. Dadi says I pray Shakti, your relationship doesn’t break ever. Tej and Shakti smiles.

Dadi says where is Jhanvi..?? A woman comes and says I’m here mummy ji! Dadi says Jhanvi, I ask you to see everything for mehndi of Billy’s coming wife, have you done..?? Her face( Mrinal Deshraj) is shown. Jhanvi says Yeah! mummy ji! Dadi says and where is pinky..??

Screen shifts to a room. A woman is wearing earrings. She goes. out of room. She comes to hall. She says Maa! Dadi turns and says pinky. Her face(Nikita Anand) is shown. Pinky says yes. Dadi says Have you call designers..?? Pinky says How can I forget..?? I’ve already called them. Dadi says and my Grandsons..?? Pinky says I’ve called them. They are on the way.

Four boys enter in house and together says Dadi. Dadi sees and opens her arms. Four boys run to Dadi and hug her. Dadi says Shivaye! I’ve bring your dress for mehndi. wear that. Boy’s face(Nakuul Mehta) appears. Shivaye says How can I argue on thing which is brought by you. Dadi smiles. Jhanvi says Om. Boy’s face(Kunal jaisingh) is shown. Om says Yes Mom! Shivaye sits on sofa. He takes out his phone. He sees a photo and smiles. Jhanvi says Rudra and Yours’ dress is ironed. You get ready. One of the boy says Billu ki mehndi. Pinky says Raghav. Boy’s face(Arjun Bijlani) appears.

All laughs. Raghav says just joking. Shivaye is lost in seeing picture. Last boy’s face(Leenesh Mattoo) is shown. He snatches phone from Shivaye. Shivaye comes in senses and says Rudra, give me my phone, right now. Rudra sees pic and says wow Bhaiya! You were seeing coming Bhabi’s pic. Shivaye says so what..??

Shivaye goes to Rudra. Rudra says let me see the pic. Shivaye moves his hand. Rudra throws phone and says Raghav, catch it. Raghav catches it.

Shivaye goes to Raghav and says Raghav, give me phone! Raghav says of course Bhai! Shivaye smiles. Rudra becomes dull. Raghav says but first let me see the pic of coming Bhabi. Shivaye makes face. Rudra smiles. Shivaye try to snatch phone but Raghav throws it and says Rudra!!!! Rudra try to catch but Om catches. Om puts phone in pocket and says Now, ask me. Shivaye says thank god!! you got my phone. Now give me…. Om says sure, why not..??

Om takes out phone from pocket and gives phone to Shivaye. Om says Go to your, else they will again tease you! Shivaye says Yeah! Rudra says But…. Om signs him to stop. Rudra stops. Shivaye leaves from there.

Om takes out phone and smiles. Jhanvi opens mouth in surprise. Raghav and Rudra laugh. Om,Rudra and Raghav sits on sofa. Rudra says Bhabi is so beautiful that anyone can be ready for taking risk of SSO. Raghav says yeah! You are right.

Om says see, our coming Bhabi is kissing Shivaye. Rudra and Raghav see at each at each other and open mouth in surprise.

Shivaye comes and says Om! Om says yeah! any problem..?? Shivaye says yeah! there is problem, give me my phone. Dadi says Stop pulling shivaye’s leg and give him,his phone. Om gives phone to Shivaye. Om says and my phone..?? Shivaye gives Om’s phone to him. Rudra jokes Go Billu, Enjoy your life..!! Shivaye fumes and leaves. All laughs.

Precap: Shivaye and Anika moves towards each other. O Janna plays…. Anika hugs Shivaye.

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  1. SamSun


    1. Shakaib

      Thank you Samsun.

  2. Soha

    Oh God both of this serials are my favourite thank you so much dear for updatign such a good ff i just loved it keep writing and ASAP post it

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you soha.

  3. Sat_9492

    Mind blowing episode…. Please continue….. Waiting for next episode…..

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you sat 9492.

  4. Mind blowing ep post asap ?????

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      Thank you nafisa.

  5. Jasminerahul

    I don’t watch ishqbaaz.this is the 1st time i’m reading on Ishqbaaz.I have no idea abt d characyers.since u wrote d names of d actors i googled to see their pics.since i’ve seen d promos i’ve seen the 3 brothers.So Shivay Anika’s marriage is fixed.all brothers r making fun of him.dadi is also interesting.i luv raghav i’m reading this ff 4 them.plz add raghav naina scenes in every part

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you jasmine di! Raina scene will be in part 3.

  6. Nice start.. Waiting for the next update…

    1. Shakaib

      Thank you ankita.

  7. Yashu


    1. Shakaib

      Thank you yashu.

  8. OMG! Such a awesome start, I’m fan of both serials. So, no characters problem for me. Shivika marriage is fixed. Wow! Mehndi function soon. Waiting for female leads entry.

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      Thank you Sara.

  9. Chithu

    Wow Shakaib that was an awesome start. Waiting for upcoming updates

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  10. Pls update fast. I just can’t wait. If 1st episode is so much awesome how would be next. Very very nice story. I just love it. ???

    1. Shakaib

      Thank u riya.

  11. Pls update fast. I just can’t wait. If 1st episode is so much awesome how would be next. Very very nice story. I just love it.

    1. Shakaib

      I’m really happy you people love it so much. Your comments are showing it.

  12. ????????awesome update.

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  13. Riana

    Its a Mindblowing start shakaib Superb!!!??????????????????????????????

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  14. Love it, please continue.

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  15. Please update next part as soon as you can.

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  16. ????????plz continue.

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