Hi everyone i have come back again to give you a new OS . But before starting the story I want to ask you some questions.

1) In a relationship, what does matter mostly ? Outer or inner beauty. Can we grow a relationship only with outer look? Then my answer is a big no.

2) love only happens at first sight. Then for me again no.

3) in a relationship, relation only matters for a couple or entire family. Then my answer is, it matters for entire family .

But nowadays everyone is running behind the outer look which is least needed in a relationship . We are preferring outer beauty than inner beauty. But a relation needs a person or a family with whom we can share our sadness and Forgetting our all worries. Life partner is not or should not be a show piece which we will show the people. It is a relationship , where we will get peace in our life. His/ her one smile to take away our whole tension. With him/ her we will share everything without any hesitation. So this is a simple story, how a man will choose his life partner to see the inner beauty not outer look. And a family who has supported him on his decision.

So now I am starting the story and stoping my bakbak. If you will get any grammatical mistake or any type of Spelling mistake then please pardon me.This story is a little bit big one. So read it with little patience? .







In Baadi

A small yet beautiful house is showing which has decorated beautifully like a bride. Today baadi is very hustle bustle by the baadi people. All are busy in their work. To see the decorations whoever will think that today a marriage is happening here . When I entered inside the baadi I saw some people were gossiping about something. When I tried to listen their conversation I got to know that here no marriage is happening . But today UK’S no.1 businessman Mr Ram Prasad Maheswari is coming with his family to meet the bride’s family for his son. Who is now a most wanted bachelor for whole business world. Before 4 years he has joined in business world but this short span time period he has achieved that much success for which a person will try in his whole life. He has got 2 times best youngest business achiever award, 1 time best entrepreneur award and last year he has got best youth businessman award. But this achievements credit he gives to his parents. Nowadays he is the hot topic of every news channel and page 3 magazines. He is none other than Sanskar Maheswari. Yes Sanskar Maheswari, whose name is only sufficient for business world. But from when the news has leaked that Mr Maheswari is coming India to marry an Indian girl , then it has became spread like a fire to the every industry . Now media is chasing to collect some breaking news about him and his marriage . Now everyone are wanting to know who is the luckiest girl whoever is getting him as her life partner. But till now media don’t succeed to get a single info about him. So now for media it is a challenge to collect information about him but till now they are unsuccessful on it. Today he will come baadi to meet with girl’s family who has selected by his dad’s cousin sister, who is a friend of girl ‘s mother. So in baadi, everyone has waited for Mr Sanskar Maheswari to see his one look.

At this time a auto reached in front of baadi. All surprised to see the auto because they thought an AUDI or a BMW or any other luxurious car will reached in front of baadi . But here to see an old auto , the baadi people are surprised. Everyone anciently looked towards the auto where a mid twenty aged boy came out from the auto. He wore a simple shirt with a blue jeans pant. To see the boy everyone became confused. Because they weren’t believing on their eyes that Mr Maheswari has come in an auto and wearing this simple clothes. Now everyone was looking at each other stupefy. At this time other side from the auto a girl came out. Now people started to gossiping about the girl, who is looking ungainly . She wore a simple chudidar and tied her hair in a single thread . She wore big glasses of specs on her eyes and braces on her teeth.

First man: I am thinking, Mr Ram Maheswari has thrown out Mr Sanskar Maheswari because he would has married with this ugly girl

Second man: I think you are right. Look the girl, she is looking like a witch. The children will fear if they will see her at night.

First lady: I am thinking that , Mr Sanskar Maheswari must be a handsome boy after all he has got ” a most wanted munda ” tag. But see he is looking so simple

Second lady: And poor also

When all were gossiping about the boy and girl , the girl is nervous to seeing the crowd and their continuous gazing on her.

Girl: Bhai, why all are looking us like this?

Boy: I also don’t know choti. Forget about them lets go inside where the girl nodded her head nervously.

Now both boy and girl have stood in front of the decorated house their . Then the boy is ringing the bell when a mid forty years woman opened the door. To see both of them and the crowd she is worried. At that time a early fifty years man came near the main door. The woman pulled both of them inside of the house where the man handled the situation to say them that they are his niece and nephew ,who has come to stay here.

Woman: Why have you both come here today? I told you na you both will come after one week. Then, why did you come here today? And you Laksh ( yes the boy is Laksh)Specially I told you, you both will stay somewhere for one week because today some guests will come and they will stay here for one week . But you never listen me

Girl: But chachi , bank has been take our house. And without chacha ji, we both don’t have any relatives. So where we both are stay?

Kaveri ( Laksh’s chachi): Shut up Swara ( yes the girl is our Swara only) don’t argue with me. For you only today I ashamed in front of everyone. You have seen your face in front of mirror that how much ugly you are ? Today a big businessman is coming to marry my daughter. When they will see you, what will they think about me?

Now Swara is having tears on her big almond shape eyes which has hidden behind her specs . When Laksh was trying to say something ,Swara hold his hand and denied him through her eyes to say something .

Out side baadi, at this time a BMW car reached . And baadi people are trying to see the owner of the car I mean the great Mr Sanskar Maheswari. In car , First a mid forty years lady come out , who wore a saree and is looking simple but beautiful. Another side a mid twenty young, handsome boy came out who has wore a black jeans , white t shirt with yellow blazer. And on eyes he is having a black branded shades, which is increasing his hotness more. He is looking dashing and hot. Everyone was looking him without blink of their eyes . Where newly bride girls were crushing their fates and husbands, there the young girls are praying to get him in their life . And boys are berating to Sanskar.

Subhendu (Swara ‘s chacha ) welcomed them and fetched them inside his home where Kaveri was scolding Laksh and Swara till now. To see her guest immediately she changed her expression and welcomed them.

Sujata( Sanskar ‘s mother) πŸ™ To see Swara’s crying face asked) Kaveri ji , why the girl is crying? And who is she?

Kaveri:( said with a fake smile) actually she is crying to see her brother, who has come here after a long year. And she is ( took a pause and then said ) our servant.

Laksh Swara and Subhendhu were surprised to listen her confession where Kaveri was glaring them . Kaveri brought her guests inside the house and said to sit on sofa.

After they adjusted themselves on sofa
Kaveri said : You all came but Ram ji isn’t seeing anywhere.

Sujata: Actually he was wanting to come. But an emergency came . So he couldn’t come.

Kaveri: Oh its ok. I am understanding his problem. You don’t worry. You are staying here like your own home.

Sujata: Thanks Kaveri ji. So now can I meet with my daughter-in-law . First you call her. I am eager to meet my would be daughter in law.

Kaveri: Why not. I am calling her. From morning she doesn’t come down for shyness. When she known about this marriage ,she has became very shy. But you wait, I am coming to bring her here. And Swara you come with me to kitchen to arrange the snacks. Kaveri and Swara left the room where Sanskar is busy on his phone as and when he entered in badi. Till now he doesn’t see anyone.

In kitchen

Kaveri: ( in a strict tone)Listen Swara I am just allowing you to stay here as a servant. I don’t want anyone know about you because it is harmful for my daughter ‘s marriage. So now onwards you are a servant of this house

Swara:( said with a fake smile) you don’t worry chachi ji, you won’t get any complain for me. And I won’t have given any chance to your guest also

Kaveri: It is better for you and your brother. Then Kaveri leaved from kitchen to bring her daughter downwards. And Laksh was supposing waif himself to see her sister’s state and is angry on his fate

After 10 minutes a girl coming downstairs with Kaveri. She has wore a knee length short red colour frock with matching accessories and freed her hairs. She is looking beautiful. She came near to Sujata and Sanskar and said hallo. Where Sujata was thinking , this girl is looking shy from which side? Sanskar saw the girl and immediately hugged her where Kaveri take a relax sigh .

Sanskar: Hi beautiful, I must say you should have born in foreign countries. I was thinking India ‘s girls are shy but to see you I am changing my opinion. Nowadays they are also not less than from foreign girls. ( parted from hug) by the way I am Sanskar, Sanskar Maheswari. ( forwarded his right hand) and you

Girl: ( shaken hand with him) I am Kavita, Kavita Gododia

Sanskar: Nice to meet you, Kavita

This time Swara entered in hall with some snacks and cold drinks. She served it first Sujata and took bless from her and then gave it to Sanskar

Sanskar: Hi . What is your name?

Swara looked him surprisingly because first time in her life anyone is wanting to know her name .

Kaveri: Sanskar beta , she is our servant. So what will you do to know her name?

Sanskar: So what ? She is also having a name. I want to call her by her name not servant( looked towards Swara)

Swara:( said hesitantly) Sw..a..ra

Sanskar: Swara! Wow, such a nice name and you are wanting to hide it. Very bad Swara. Now onwards I will call you by your name only . Ok

Swara just nodded her head where Sujata became happy to see his son’s nature.

So now character sketch:

Swara: A 21 years girl whose mother has died before 15 years when she was 5 years old. Before 4 months her father has died also . Now his brother, Laksh is her whole world. She is a simple, quite girl but for his family she is a bubbly girl. She is princess for her brother. She has completed her graduation now.

Laksh: Swara’s brother. He is very simple . He crushes his fate for his helplessness.

Kaveri: Swara’s chachi. A very cruel and greedy person. She hates Swara for her look

Subhendhu: Swara’s chacha. He is a very good person but afraid his wife . So he never does / tells anything against Kaveri

Kavita: A modern girl. She loves herself and her freedom very much. She neither hates Swara nor loves her. For her, she is only her a ugly cousin that’s it.

Ram Prasad Maheswari : A famous businessman in UK. He loves his family very much specially his wife, who is his whole world

Sujata Maheswari: A housewife. She loves her husband and son very much. She is a perfect combination of modern and traditional. She belongs to a poor family . When Ram saw her kindness and good heart . He fallen on her love . After that he proposed her and they became married.

Sanskar Maheswari: He is 25 years old. Now he is having a tag i.e
” MOST WANTED BACHELOR ” . He is very success on his business. In outer world he is very strict but for his family he is a caring, lovable and a chatter box who is chatting anytime with his mother. He wants a life partner same like her mom. For this only he has come to India to be marry with an indian girl. He believes only one concept ie , ” A RELATION MADE ONLY FROM HEART”

So now let’s back to my story:

At night

Time passed like seconds. Now all set in their respective rooms where Swara was helping Sujata to unpack her belongings from suitcase.

Sujata: Swara, from when you are staying here?

Swara: ( in absent mind) from today

Sujata: What?

Swara:( come back to her sense and said worriedly) from today me..an..s today I ha…ve com….ple..ted my five years

Sujata: Ohh. And what about your family

Swara is having tears in her eyes.

Swara: My mom has died when I was 5 years and my dad has died before four months. So now I and my brother, both are orphan.

Sujata was feeling her pain because she also undergo the same pain in her past . When her father died in her childhood . Then how her mother struggled for her upbringing . She has also felt the same pain . Now She was agonizing for her .

Sujata: So what ? I am also like your mother. You call me mom

Swara:( hesitantly) but how can I call you mam? I am a servant of this house and you are the guest of my ..

Sujata:( cut her words in middle) you are not my servant. You are like my .. Not like you are my daughter. If you won’t call me maa then ….( thought something) ya I will tell this to Kaveri ji , you have disobeyed me.

Swara: ( nervously) please don’t tell chachi ji. I will call you maa

Sujata: ( hugged her) thanks beta to become my daughter. ( parted from hug) You know in my pregnancy, Ram and I were wishing a girl but see Sanskar born. But to fulfil our dream , we were wearing him girl’s dresses. And you know he was looking very pretty in these dresses. But today I am very happy. Today I got you as my daughter. And when Ram will know about it , he will become more happy than me.

Swara: Thanks ma’am….sorry thanks maa to give me this much love where Sujata was caressing her hairs. At this time Sanskar entered in the room.

Sanskar: Hi girlfriend ( gf) . Till now you have waited for me. Don’t worry I have came here to finish your wait.

Swara eyes widen when she listened gf word from Sanskar ‘s mouth

Swara: What did you call now?

Sanskar:( said casually) gf. But why are you asking me dear where Sujata chuckled to see Swara’s face

Swara: But how could you call me like this? I am not your gf.

Sanskar: Sorry. ( then laughed loudly) you thought I called you girlfriend. Then sorry sweetheart for break your heart ( placed his hand on Sujata’s shoulder and hugged her in sideways) but I called gf to my mom. She is my first crush and my gf.

Sujata:( hitted her head softly) Swara, you don’t take his words seriously. He is a totally mad.

Swara totally embarrassed by her act. So she tried to leave this place immediately

Swara: Ok maa I am going . You sleep now

When she turned to leave Sanskar called from her back where Swara closed her eyes tightly. She don’t want to face him again.

Sanskar: Why did you call her maa? You don’t know, she is only my mom. I can’t share her with anyone.

To listen this Swara is having tears in her eyes . When Sanskar saw his tears he doesn’t know why? But he was feeling her pain.

Sujata:( angrily) Sanskar, I have told her to call me maa.

Sanskar:( tried to lighten the situation) ok. But only she can call you mom. Not anyone. I am very possessive about you my gf

Swara smiled a little to see their bond and leaved from their.

After Swara went Sujata asked Sanskar about Kavita

Sujata: Sanskar, what did you think about Kavita. I know for your bua’s sake you have selected to Kavita . But beta , you will spend your whole life with her. So before to take a decision please think about it again.

Sanskar: Mom you have already known I want a Indian girl like you. I never believe in outer beauty. I don’t want a show piece for me . I want a life partner who will must guide me , share my problems and mostly loving me . She will most become like you. She is having your qualities like “KINDHEARTED”,” INNOCENT”,
” BUBBLY”, “THINK ABOUT OTHERS BEFORE HER” and mostly ” BEAUTIFUL ” ( took a pause and said) NOT OUTSIDE BUT IN HEART “. ( these are main qualities which he wants on his life partner. )

Sujata: ( with chuckled she made a pout and said) So now I am not beautiful for my son

Sanskar: You know mom, you are most beautiful lady I will ever seen in my life and hugged her. And mom, about Kavita, she is beautiful. But without it I don’t know anything about her. But I trust bua. She will consider good about me . ( to lighten the environment he said in a funny way) and one thing i have totally forgotten ie , she is to be making kheer like you.

Sujata: ( hitted his arms slightly) Now I understood , what are you searching in your life partner? Now you go and take rest. You must be tired by your journey.

Sanskar kissed her forehead and said: By gf and sweet dreams. ( said strictly) But only allow to see my dreams not your majnu . Ok, good night

Sujata:( Little pushed his forehead and said ) batmiz, now go and sleep

Sanskar left the room. When he was going to his room he saw Swara was going outside to hide herself from all. Sanskar followed her . Outside badi she stoped in front of a small boy who was looking poor on his dress. She gave him some chapati and vegetables. She was talking something with him which couldn’t hear Sanskar. After that she returned to her room.

Where Sanskar said:” KINDHEARTED GIRL “. Nice. And he also came to his room and slept within a seconds due to tiredness.

At midnight

Laksh entered in Swara ‘s room when Swara was looking towards sky from her window.

Laksh: Today also you are talking with mom

Swara:( without turn said with a little smile) not only mom now I am talking with dad also

Laksh: And what are they saying? ( stood beside her near the window)

Swara: Nothing, they are saying just stay happy always

Laksh: ( said in a guilt voice) Swara, I am sorry

Swara:( looking him surprisingly ) but why bhai?

Laksh: Because I am a failure. I am not protecting you from chachi and bad people. Always they are taunting you for your look. And you are alone brooking everything . I am a very bad brother, Swara. And I am not doing anything for you ( alone tear escaped from his eyes for his inefficiency.)

Swara: ( wiped his tears and hugged him) bhai , you are the best brother in whole world. And you never ever will try to bad mouth about on my bhai. You understand ( Laksh innocently nodded his head) . For him I am a princess. I don’t care about others. I am happy I am a princess of my bhai. And its only needed for me. ( parted from hug) now you go and sleep. I am fine.

Laksh caressed her hair and moved from there. Where Sujata heard everything ,who was going to fill the water bottle. She became happy to see the bonding between brother – sister.

Next day

Sanskar ‘s room

Sanskar woke up and went near the window where he was welcoming to the Sun. When he is watching the outside view , he saw Swara is watering on plants. After sometime she looked every direction. Sanskar was seeing her confusingly. Where Swara started her playing section with wet soils. When she is playing with wet soil someone poured water on her. When she turned to see the person immediately anger climbed on her nose.

Swara:( said angrily ) bhai , you ? ( yes the person is Laksh not Sanskar. I know you will mostly think that the person is Sanskar. Then sorry, but everytime why will hero get all the fun?)

Swara was chasing Laksh where Laksh was running whole the garden. Their laughing sounds are echoing in the garden.

Sanskar is having a smile to see their love and said: She is ” INNOCENT AND BUBBLY ” and went to washroom.

In dinning hall

Everyone has gathered on dinning table . All are eating their bf where Swara was serving them . At end she served kheer to everyone . When Sanskar ate it , he did something for which Swara embarrassed in front of all.

Sanskar: Mom, todays kheer has made like my birthday’s kheer. I love you mom to make it tasty again for me.( stood up from the chair and went to kiss her mom’s hand.) Show me your hand , today also I will give kisses on it.

Sujata:( in a teasing way) then you should give your kisses to Swara’s hand not mine. Because today she has made it.

Sanskar:( said in a surprise voice) impossible. How can she made it same to same like you? Where Sujata was giving him, I don’t know look.

Sanskar went near to Swara and said : Hai, give me your hand

Swara: Hmmm

Sanskar:( said again but loudly) give me your hand

Swara: ( again) hmmmm

Sanskar:( irritatedly ) hold her hands and lifted it a little. Then he slightly bend down his head and kissed on her both hands. Swara’s eyes widen at his sudden act where Sujata chuckled to see her face. And Kaveri was fuming in anger. Sanskar kept her hands gently on her place and went back to his sit and started his bf again .

After finished their bf, Sujata talked about marriage arrangements with Kaveri.

Sujata: Kaveri ji I think now we will start our shopping of marriage.

Kaveri ji:( with a smile) I was also thinking that . So when we will start our shopping.

Sujata: According to priest after 2 days the best day for engagement and next week is best for marriage. So i think from today we should starting our shopping.

Kaveri: Yes Sujata ji, you are saying absolutely right. Now we have no time in our hands.

Sujata: Then kavita will go with me in shopping because I want my daughter-in-law is looking special on her every occasion.

Kaveri:( gave satisfactory smile) yes Sujata ji, now onwards you have more rights on her than me. Swara will also go With both of you .

Swara: But chachi ji , how can I go? Here many works have remained .

Kaveri: You don’t think about it. You just go and help Kavita on her shopping . ( Swara nodded her head)

After 2 hours trio have stood in front of kalamandir shop which is a famous shop in Kolkata. Here you can find everything like all kind of traditional and modern clothes. When they entered into the shop Kavita took them modern clothes counter.

Kavita: Mom , can I choose modern clothes for me. It is very comfortable and after marriage I will also wear modern clothes in UK . So why we will spend our money on traditional clothes. You know mom, I don’t like traditional clothes also.

Sujata: Beta I have no problem if you will wear modern clothes after marriage. But for marriage you must wear traditional clothes because it is our culture. And Sanskar gives respect to our culture.

Kavita: Ok mom but first I want to select modern clothes then traditional

Sujata nodded her head and trio entered the modern clothes section where Kavita chooses branded clothes for her. After she finished they went to traditional counter. This time Kavita ‘s phone was ringing. She went to attend the call. After attend it she gives some excuses and left from the shop. Where Swara and Sujata are choosing traditional clothes for Kavita.

After seeing so many clothes Sujata choose a maroon colour designer lehenga which also approved by Swara.

When they are selecting other clothes the salesman came and said: ( looking towards Swara) Mam , will you try this lehnga. Then after we can stich it ,according to your figure .

Swara: But how can I ? I am not….

Sujata:( cut her words and said to the salesman) you go. After she changed it I will call you.

Salesman left the place .

Swara: But maa how can I wear it? It is Kavita ‘s engagement dress. Then how…

Sujata:( again cut her word) listen Swara it is just a matter of size. If Kavita present here then she tries it. But now she hasn’t here. And your figure is also same like Kavita. So now you go and change it.

Without any option Swara went to washroom and changed the clothes. After 20 minutes she came out from washroom and went near to Sujata. Now her backside is only seeing the people. Everyone who is present there just staring her and wanting to see her face for only once . She is looking outstanding in this designer lehnga. Her fair skin is totally suiting to maroon colour and her slim flat waist which is visible now for lehenga is increasing her beauty more. It can do mad anyone . Swara became nervous to see everyone’s gaze on her. This time salesman again came to near them. When Swara turned her back towards salesman who has stood behind her. This time everyone see her face , they made faces and moved from there. Sujata was marking all this and now she has known, what should she do now?

Engagement day

The badi has decorated again like a bride . All are busy on their work. Sanskar has worn a maroon colour sherwani with golden paijama , which is matching with Kavita’s lehenga . His hairs are set perfectly by the gel. He is looking dashing . He is all set to go downstairs when Sujata entered in his room.

Sujata: ( happily said) my bf is looking handsome today. You know today your every girl fans hearts must be broken .

Sanskar: ( said irritatedly) mom, you know that, I never interested on any girl. I love only one girl and I.e my gf ( hugged her mom from backside)

Sujata: But beta now you will give this place to your bride who is going to be your life partner so soon.

Sanskar: I know mom. I will try to give her all happiness.

Sujata: ( surprised to listen his talk) you will try it. Beta after one week she will get your name, your identity and you are saying, you will try. ( cupped his face) what is the matter, Sanskar? You can share with me.

Sanskar: I don’t know mom. But when I see her I don’t feel anything.

Sujata: Then why did you accept this proposal? You must be denied it

Sanskar: But I trust my parents and elders, who only thinks my well being .

Sujata: ( tensely) but beta , a relation doesn’t growth onwards like this. For this love needs. Love is the main base of every relations. If you aren’t feeling anything for Kavita then I am denying for this marriage.

When Sujata turned to leave Sanskar hold her hand and stood in front of her : Mom, I know I don’t feel anything for her. But when you married dad ,you weren’t also loving him. But slowly slowly you had fallen in love with dad. Like this I will also fall in love with her.

Sujata: But Sanskar, our situation is totally different from you. In our relation Ram was loving me but you or kavita aren’t loving each other. You can’t…

Sanskar: You trust me , mom ( nodded her head) then please leave this topic now.

Sujata:( caressing his hairs) my son has grown up now. As a mother I am happy to having you in my life. ( kissed his forehead) when mom and son are talking some emotional talk at this time kavita, Kaveri and Swara entered in the room worriedly. When Sanskar saw Kavita he laughed loudly which was irritating Kavita more. Actually the engagement lehenga is tightly fitting with her body for this her fatty belly has come out from the skirt.

Kaveri:( said tensely) Sujata ji see na the lehenga is tightly fitting on her body. How will she wear it on engagement?

Sujata: I am sorry Kaveri ji I have stitched all the clothes on Swara’s size. Because Kavita had leaved for some urgent work and her phone wasn’t also reachable. So finally I decided to stitching all the clothes according to Swara.

Kaveri: No its ok Sujata ji. But now main problem is , what will we do ?

Swara: ( think sometime and then said) chachi , we have brought some sarees. I think if kavita di will wear it then all problem will be solved.

Sujata: Ya Swara is saying right. I have totally forgot about it.

Kaveri:( said with a fake smile) I am also thinking that ,it is a better option. ( where Kavita was making faces all the time)

Both kavita and Kaveri leaved the room when Swara turned to leave the room Sujata stopped her and said: Swara , why aren’t you wearing this lehenga.

Swara: Me! But maa how can I wear it?

Sujata: Like you wore it in mall.

Swara: But maa

Sanskar:( cut her word in middle) but mom , how can she wear it. She will look like a monkey na

Sujata glaring Sanskar and said: Sanskar. Stop your masti now. If you are ready then go downstairs and attend the guests. Sanskar left the room give an angry look to Swara.

Sujata convinced Swara to give her vow. Now Swara is helpless. So she was agreed in compulsory . Sujata herself did her ready. First She freed her hairs and wore a pair of jhumkas on her ears. And finally she wore her a new specs which is not very stylish but a nice simple one for which she denied first but later she convinced by Sujata. After became ready Sujata take balai so that no bad eye fall on her. Today she is looking different from others day.

After sometime engagement started . Sanskar and Kavita exchanged their rings. After engagement the would be couple stood on stage silently.

Kavita:( broke the silence and said) Sanskar, how am I looking?

Sanskar: ( see towards her and said) nice

Which irritated kavita. So she leaved that place. But Sujata listened their talk. So she came near to Sanskar and said: Why aren’t you acclaiming anyone?Why aren’t you ever complementing a girl as ” BEAUTIFUL”

Sanskar:( irritatingly said) because I never meet any beautiful girl besides you. When I will meet a girl like you then I will no doubt to say her ” BEAUTIFUL” .

Other side Swara entered the hall where everyone are seeing him surprisingly. This time Sujata called her . When Swara stood beside Sujata , Sanskar looked her sometime and said : Today you are looking nice and different also . And then he leaved from there.

After listened his complement Swara’s face colour changed into deep red like tomato . Because this is her first time where someone has complemented about on her look.

Engagement finished everyone went there respective room to take some rest .

Next day

Swara was going somewhere when Laksh called her from behind.

Laksh: Swara, you have remembered na today we have an appointment of doctor Dash at 1 pm. Today your braces will remove . So before 12 pm you will reach here . Then hand in hand we will go to hospital .

Swara: No bhai. You will go to hospital. I will reach there directly. I have some work. So you won’t wait for me.

When she turned to leave Sujata stoped her and said: Swara , I am seeing from 2 days you are going somewhere at this time . Can I know, where are you going everyday?

Swara: Yes maa , you have the rights to know about me. But today I am late. So I will tell you after return.

Sujata nodded her head in agreement and Swara leave from there hurriedly.

After sometime Sanskar, Sujata and Kavita also went to market to change the fittings of clothes according to Kavita. After finished the work in market Sanskar insisted to go his mom’s father house means Sanskar ‘s grandfather house. So Sujata without any option constrained to go her home , where no one is leaving after her mom’s death.

When they entered the locality Kavita kept handkerchief on her face . It is a very scruffy place . There foul smell is letting out. But no one can’t imagine that Sanskar is very comfortable with this place. But Kavita couldn’t stay here and left from there immediately to give some excuses. After that Sujata and Sanskar entered the house. It is a small home but it is very clean from inside. Because Sujata has appointed a care taker to be care of her house. Because it is her mom and dad’s last symbol. Sanskar looked around the home. Then he came out and looked the surrounding. When he was busy to checking the place he saw Swara was going towards the main road with a small boy. He called her but Swara couldn’t hear him. So Sanskar followed her but she had already left the place in an auto. When he was returning, he saw the same boy who was going with Swara and he is also the same boy ,before some days who was taking food from her at night. Sanskar called him and asked about Swara.

Sanskar: Hai come here

Boy : Me??

Sanskar: Yes you. You are seeing anyone else here without you. ( boy went near to Sanskar) now a big girl came here na

Boy:Everyday many big girls come to here. You are asking about, which big girl?

Sanskar:( said with a irritated voice ) which did give you food before some days, I was asking about her only?

Boy: You are asking about Swara di( sanskar nodded his head) . She come here everyday.

Sanskar: But why?

Boy: To teach us. When she got to know that like me , my friends aren’t also getting time to read for our work. So after that day she comes here and teaches us in free cost . She is very good. But why are you asking about her?

Sanskar: Nothing. Now you go. Your friend must be waited for you.
Boy moved from there to leave Sanskar alone. Sanskar thought about her sometime then said:” SHE THINKS ABOUT OTHERS BEFORE HER ” . Nice girl and he also leaved from there.

Afternoon in baadi

Everyone present in hall. Where Sanskar and Sujata were drinking tea with snacks. Other hand kavita is busy on her mobile. Kaveri and Subhendhu have been market for shopping. At this time Swara and Laksh entered in home. When Sujata saw both of them she went near to Swara and asked about her meeting with doctor. When she saw her without braces , she can’t imagine someone can look that much beautiful.

Sujata hugged her immediately and said: My daughter is looking so beautiful. No no I said wrong. My daughter is beautiful. ( parted her from hug and kissed her forehead)

Time had passed very firstly . After 4 days haldi and sangeet ceremony also finished. Then next day mehendi ceremony has arranged in evening.

At evening

Everyone started to arriving in badi. Where Sujata is searching her phone from afternoon. But till now she isn’t getting it. That time Sanskar entered her room .

Sanskar: Mom , what are you searching? I thought, after you got your daughter-in-law you will close your searching but till now you are searching. But I have a doubt. Why are you searching a girl under bed , table , inside the bed sheet ?You are searching a girl or cat for me.

Sujata:( glared Sanskar who has sitted on bed while eating an apple) here I am searching my mobile from afternoon and you are doing fun with me.

Sanskar: Ok fine. Now your bf come so my gf ( stood from the bed and moved towards Sujata) now you relax yourself ( sitted her on bed) and tell me, last time where did you go?

Sujata:( think sometime and said) afternoon I went to Swara’s room. This time I had my phone. But after that I don’t know, where I have kept it?

Sanskar: But now I could know that where you have kept it. So give me sometime I have been taking it.

Sanskar left from Sujata’s room and entered in Swara’s room. When he entered in her room she was in her washroom. When he was searching the mobile he heard a door open sound. When he turned to ask about mobile but no words came out from his mouth. Swara came from washroom wear a lehenga without her choli and her hairs are wet . She has not wear her specs. She is looking beautiful . First time Sanskar was seeing her black almond shape eyes which is very deep . One can easily swim inside it.Now he was feeling his throat is drying to see her like this . And which tongue never stop, today a word isn’t letting out from it. He is feeling something which he did not feel through his entire life. This feeling has captured first time to his heart. Here Swara unknown the factor that Sanskar is looking her without blink of his eyes.

Unknowingly only one word left from his mouth: ” BEAUTIFUL” . That time some water drops fallen on his face which came from Swara’s wet hairs . Immediately he came back to his sense and leaved from there with embarrassment. But Sujata saw everything because she was coming behind at him. She is happy because finally his son found his love . As a mother , she is happy for her son. And about Swara , she likes her from the frist day. So today she is double happy for both of her son and daughter. Now she is determine to help her son on his love matter which has supressed inside his heart.

Then mehendi ceremony started and after two hours it finished. Then all guests leaved but before that they assured , they will come tomorrow to give their blessings the newly wedded couple.

Next day means on the marriage day

Everything is ready on time . Why not? After all this is Sanskar Maheswari ‘s marriage . Ram also arrived at morning. When he got to hear from Sujata that his son has fallen in love that also with Swara, now he is happiest person on this world . Because from when Sujata has been leaving here everytime she only talk about Swara. And after hear about her , somewhere he has felt that she is same like Sujata.

Sanskar room

Sanskar is ready with his marriage clothes. He has wore a golden serwani. He is looking handsome in this clothes. But today one thing is missing on his face I.e his smile which never fading on his face . He stood near the window leaning on it and he is thinking about something very deeply. He wasn’t understanding , why doesn’t he happy today? Where till yesterday he didn’t have any problem with this marriage. And mostly, why did he say her ” BEAUTIFUL” where he never use this word for any girl. And mostly she is having all qualities which he wants on her life partner. ( he is thinking how he has admitted her qualities by himself) Now he is fighting with his own emotions where unaware that this feeling is called as “LOVE ❀”.

This time ramta entered in his room. To see his condition a mischievous smile spread on their faces.

Sujata: Sanskar beta, are you ready? Everyone have waited for you. ( Sanskar turned his face towards Sujata ) . Oh my god today my son is looking very beautiful ( bitten her tongue and said) sorry! sorry! In excitement I said it. But really today you are looking so handsome ( where Ram was giving disbelief look on her wife’s over acting) so let’s go. Everyone must be waited for you. When she turned to leave Sanskar hold her hand and sat with her on bed and then he rested his head on her lap.

Sanskar: Mom, how did papa know that he loves you?

Because my heart told me I love your mom , a voice came near from the door. When Sanskar looked towards the door he saw his father has stood there with a little smile.

Ram:( continuing his words) when I was seeing your mom , my heart beats were beating fastly . Her one smile had been making my day. When I wasn’t seeing her for a day it was becoming difficult for me to take breath. In my dream, only she was coming. Not was actually she is coming in my dream now also. ( Sujata hitted his arms slightly where Ram and Sanskar chuckled to see her mom’s blushing face)
So I think now I have cleared your doubts about love.

Sanskar: But dad, if someone will have confused about his own feelings then ,” what should he do?”

Ram:( with a smile said) then he should close his eyes and after closing he can see his love ones face in front of his eyes .

Sanskar: But it only happens in film

Ram:( said in serious voice) and who said that? It really works. ( looked towards Sujata) Sujata lets go. Everyone will wait for us. Then both left from the room.

Outside of the room

Sujata: You think, it will work. Can he know about his love for Swara

Ram:( pulled her towards him and hugged in sideways) : It will work because it worked on me. Sujata gave a disbelief look and both went downstairs happily.

But one person listened everything from outside the room. He is none other than Laksh. He is happy for her choti. He thanked to god to give this much happiness on her choti’s fate. He also leaved from there after give a single glance to Sanskar room.

Sanskar room

Sanskar is now worried. What will he do now? Without any option he thought for last time he should apply his dad’s idea. So he closed his eyes. But he couldn’t see anything. After a minute when he was going to open his eyes he heard some laughing sound which was hearing melodious to his ears. He searched the sound and found a girl , who has stood near a window. Then he went towards her to see her face . Now he has stood behind her. When the girl sensed someone is present on her behind she turned her back towards him. When Sanskar saw the girl he became surprised.

Suddenly he opened his eyes with a name: ” SWARA” . He wasn’t believing on his eyes what did he see before some time . After sometime he again closed his eyes where now both have stood at the same place. Swara forwarded her hand with a smile. When Sanskar also forwarded his hand to hold it . But she moved slowly backwards. After sometime she started running where Sanskar was chasing her. All the time they are laughing. And the laughing sound was echoing in the whole room. Now in real also Sanskar is having a smile on his face. ( swasan chasing scene is one of my favourite scene in Swaragini) .

After that he opened his eyes and said happily : Yes finally I got my love . Today I am very much happy. Now I will propose her and then I will stop this marriage.

After known his feeling he left the room and searching Swara. But he stopped in front of Kavita’s room. When he listened kavita ‘s talk he couldn’t understand , what will he do now?

At marriage hall

Inside the hall, only family members are present. Because it has kept private. But after marriage a press conference has arranged in another room.

After one hour on mandap

Sanskar has sitted in front of holy fire. When the priest is chanting the mantras. This time the bride came to downstairs with a long veil. She sat beside the bridegroom. Then again the marriage process started. Now ramta are sad because they couldn’t understand about his feelings. And here Laksh was searching Swara who is absent from starting of the marriage. Now he is worried for her choti.

Here priest was completing all the rituals. Finally priest said to tie the mangalsutra around her neck and applied pinch of vermillion on her maang . Sanskar did like priest said. Now priest declared, from now they are husband and wife. They took blessings from elders. Kaveri happily gave her blessings where ramta in a heavy heart gave their blessings. Then the newly wedded couple went to the room where press conference has arranged.

Press conference hall

Everyone has waited for Sanskar Maheswari and his newly wedded wife . This time Sanskar and his wife entered inside the room where Sanskar hold her hand tightly.
Sanskar and his wife went on the stage where all reports are ready to take photos of newly wedded couple. Everyone wants to know , who is the luckiest girl ,who has been take away Sanskar Maheswari’s or most wanted bachelor in world’s heart.

Reporters insisted Sanskar to open the veil.When Sanskar unfolded the veil all are surprised to see the bride. Everyone are looking at each other in a disbelief look. Where Ram and Sujata are happy to see the bride . Finally their son has got his true love in the form of Swara.( yes the bride is non other than Swara. ) She wore a red saree with golden border . And she applied light makeup on her face and as usual wore her specs . But now she has wore vermillion and mangalsutra, which is increasing her beauty more. She is looking simple but beautiful . To see a simple girl everyone surprised because they thought that he must choose a modern girl for him. And here Kaveri was fuming in anger. When she emanate to go Shuvendhu hold her hand and take out from the place . ( here i don’t give you their discussion because it isn’t needed)

Flash back start:

When Sanskar was searching Swara he saw Kavita was crying in her room. So Sanskar entered her room. When Sanskar asked kavita, why is she crying? Kavita said she isn’t wanting to marry with him. Because she loves someone else. But for her mother only she was agree to this marriage . But she can’t live without him. This time Swara entered in kavita ‘s room where she saw Kavita is crying. Then Sanskar told her everything about Kavita. Then Kavita requested Swara to help her. Sanskar gave advice to elope from the marriage . But Kavita denied to do it. Because when Kaveri will know about it she will search her. So Kavita requested to Swara become bride on her place. Sanskar also tried to convince her. But First she denied because she wasn’t wanting to cheat anyone. But when they didn’t get any other option she agreed for it. So like this swasan marriage happened. But in this process Sanskar didn’t get time to tell his feelings that he loves her and he only wants to marry her .

Flash back end

First reporter: Sir I think this is a arrange marriage .

Sanskar: Yes. Its a arrange marriage but it has happened with my permission.

Second reporter: Mam is looking very simple. I mean to say , you are the ” most wanted bachelor of world” . So you would choice a modern girl. But why did you choose mam? ( in every question Swara was becoming more nervous and her eyes became teary. To see her condition Sanskar wanted to confess his feelings now)

Sanskar: According to you I am the most bachelor of world. So what? If I am the prince charming of every girls then she is princess of my heart. ( Sanskar hold her hand and brought her on the middle of the stage) . I don’t know what do you think about me and my marriage. But for me its a life long relation between two people. I want a life partner for me not a show piece, to take her I will show everyone. Its a feeling between two people which joint them together. ( he is saying all this to see the reporters and now he turned his face towards Swara) I know you don’t love me. But I want to say something. I was trying to say it before also but everything happened very quickly, I didn’t get time to share my feelings . But now I want to share it. So I am coming to the point ( take a deep breath and said) I love you. ( everyone surprised to see his confession where Swara was not believing that the great Sanskar Maheswari is proposing her in front of all) I know you must be thought that when , how I love you. Then I am telling you, I didn’t love you at my first sight. This feeling grown up after every day . Your care, kindness , think about others and your pure heart which attracted me. For me a relationship is important not look. So Swara , my princess I love you . And I love you till end of my life. I know you don’t love me now but ( said in a chuckle) after see my handsomeness you will also fall in love with me. ( Swara gave a serious look) Ok ok I am sorry. I know like your types girls aren’t interested on boys look. But I am betting you , you will must be fallen on my love. So before hold your hand I want a permission from an important person in your life. Salle sahab ji ( looked towards Laksh) can I hold your princess hand who is now my princess.

Swara looked towards Laksh who is having tears in his eyes. She thought he has angry on her because without inform him she took a big decision on her life. A guilt took her heart.

Laksh:( said loudly) ji jija ji, now onwards she is only your princess and gave thumps up towards Sanskar.

Swara surprised to see her bhai who instantly agree for this marriage .

Sanskar sat on his knee and forward his right hand and said: So princess will you allow me to hold your hand for my whole life.

Swara first looked towards Laksh who gave positive sign through his eyes. Then she looked towards Sujata who said loudly: Swara, says yes and to be became my daughter for always . If you won’t say yes then I will say to Sanskar , now he will kidnap you from here . After all ” dilwale hi dulhhania le jayenge”

Swara is looking her maa’s happy face who is really happy on this marriage.
Then Swara looked towards Sanskar who has forwarded his hand till now. Swara was feeling his love and sincerity in his every single word. Now she remembered her dad’s last word when he said to her in hospital.

Flashback starts:

Sekher( Swara ‘s dad) beta everyone don’t get a second chance on their life. When you will get someone, who will care for you , fight for you with the world, you must be a precious thing for him and you would study his eyes then won’t leave him from your life. Never ever allow him to go from your life. Always be keep him near you.

Flashback end

Swara remembered their funny moments, his antics, his love towards his family, how he gives respect all girls and mostly he never taunts like others for her look.

When she was thinking all this Sanskar said loudly: In my bad dream also I never thought that a girl will think that much about my proposal. Swara, please say to yes na. I am promising you, I will protect you, give you love and care and mainly I will share my gf I mean my mom to you.

Swara laughed a little to listen his proposal then kept her hand on his hand and said: I don’t know I will love you or not . I don’t know I am perfect for you or not but I trust you. For this trust, I want to give a chance to this relation. So I am agree Mr Sanskar Maheswari to be become Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari . Immediately Sanskar stood up and hugged her where all crowd are cheering for them and reports are busy on clicking the photos of most wanted bachelor ‘s with his newly wedded wife.



Oh god finally it ended. I have tried my level best to show every emotions in a relationship. Because in a relationship only two people aren’t join together. With two persons their families and cultures are also joining together.I don’t know, how is it? But if you will ask me then I have tried my level best. If you like it , then tell me through comments. Criticisms are also welcome. So now tell me your views for which I wait everytime.

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