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After six months

A girl stood alone beside a window and was looking outside. She was looking so simple in her blue kurti and white leginse. she wore a spects on her eyes and freed her long hairs which were playing swing on air. She is thinking something deep or we can say about her journey with her husband Sanskar. Yes the girl is our Swara who is thinking about her Sanskar, her love , her man and her lovely husband ( when she thought about her Sanskar a flush covered on her face)

Swara’s monologue:-

Life is so unpredictable. In my dream also I never imagined the great business tycoon and the most bachelor of UK will marry me and will be proposed me in front of the whole world. In this six months he has treated me like a princess. He has fulfilled my all demands before I will say it to him. I will must say he is a mind reader specially mine. He has fulfilled my all dreams . Now I am feeling blessed to having him in my life.

I can say ,he is my wishing star who fulfills my all wishes, my super hero who protects me from every evil eyes, he is my hero who feels me like a princess sorry her princess every time by his surprises. Today also I remembered, how did he give me a surprise the next-day of our marriage. It was the best surprise and wedding gift for me from his side.

Till now I have remembered, how he gave me the surprise before leaving in india.

Flashback starts:-

Next day of our marriage we were returning back to UK totally a unknown place for me. I was hell nervous because first time I was going somewhere far to leave my family I mean my brother. I wasn’t wanting to leave him alone here because I know without me no one have here for him. He is my whole world like I am his . I don’t want to leave him here alone. But I am helpless. How will I talk about this with Sanskar.After all I am a newly wedded bride who has married before one day with a person whose I don’t know anything about him without his name. I know last day he has proposed me in front of whole media . But still I am a new bride who doesn’t know about him .

Today is my flight at midnight 1 am. I am very sad because today I will leave my brother, home, city and my country also. But the one thing which is bothering me i.e my brother . I don’t want to leave him here specially after my parents death .

At 12 am

We reached in airport with our luggage where I found my bhai is very calm and carefree . This was shocked me very much because here I am tensed for him but he hasn’t care about me. Now my concern and sadness changed into anger.

After half an hour when I listened the announcement for boarding I forgot my anger and ran towards my brother and took him a tightwala bone crushing hug. I am crying where I got to hear some laughing sounds. I parted from the hug and looked everyone faces where I found all are laughing on me. I couldn’t understand anything so I looked blankly towards my bhai’s face where he hugged me in sideways

Laksh: Pagal, why are you crying? I am going with you in UK. Today jiju told me about this. I was wanting to share it but he told me he wants to give you this surprise in airport. So this is your wedding gift from my jiju’s side . You like it or not. ( Said near her ear) You tell it directly to jiju because he wants to see your reaction when you will get it.

Then everyone moved from there leaving swasan alone

Sanskar:( came near her) you like it

Swara: Thank you

Sanskar: Ahh! I asked , you like it.

Swara:( with a little smile) I loved it

Sanskar: Thank you

Swara ( surprisingly) for what

Sanskar ( pointed his index finger towards Swara) for this smile. I am wishing everytime I become the reason of your every smile .


This is the first time I felt something in my heart. Because first time after my family someone care for me. Someone wants to be reason of my every smile. I don’t know,how he knew about it that I was missing my brother and it was bothering me from yesterday after my marriage. But I must be admitted he is a mind-reader of mine. And for this I proud on myself.

Next day we reached in UK. There a car waited for us. We sitted there and starting our journey in MM. When I reached in MM I saw a big bungalow where Maheswari Mansion has written in big letters on the name plate which has present on boundary . When we entered inside the gate I saw a big garden where different types of flowers has placed in it. When I came out from car I saw a big fountain present at middle of the garden. And at a corner a swing has present. And other corner 5 cars have stood in a queue . Then I entered in MM to completing my grah pravesh rituals. When I saw the house only one word came out from my mouth and i.e ” beautiful “. Every corners are looking lavish and all furniturs are giving a royal touch to the house. Then maa took me inside Sanskar’s room or I should tell to my room.

When I entered inside my room my breath stopped to seeing the scenario. All the room had decorated with red roses, Jasmine flowers, perfume candels and diyas which was giving a romantic feeling. I must say it was decorated perfectly for first night. After that maa leaved me alone inside the room. At that time I was nervous. After sometime Sanskar entered inside the room. My heart beats were beating very firstly and loudly from her normal beats where anyone can hear it easily .But as usual he again surprised me by his words. He gave me mine own time to accept this relation but only in one condition. When I heard his condition I happily agreed on that.And his condition was , we are be friends before taking our relation to next level. And he forwarded his hand towards me which I was accepted whole heartedly to joined my hands.

After 2months of my marriage

In this two months I adjusted myself fully in MM . Sanskar,maa and papa have helped me very much for it. Now maa and papa are loving me more than Sanskar. Sometime he feels jealous for this or I can say he acts like that. Till now I haven’t told you na that he is a great actor. He acts very good in front of all but I know he is happy for me because now I am getting parents love for which I was craving from so many days

After Sanskar ,papa and Laksh going to office I help maa in kitchen and after that when all men return from work we gossiping with each other where specially Sanskar pulling everyones leg. In these days I have met a different Sanskar which is having totally opposite characters from his outside. In home he is a totally care free and fun loving guy where for outer world he is a arrogant, ruthless and dangerous businessman who never forgive anyone on their first mistake.

In this two months maa has insisted me many times to go outside with Sanskar but every time i have denied it . Because I have known,when he will stay beside me he will being start his naughtiness. For this every time I am nervous to go with him outside. But one day maa forcefully took me in shopping mall where later Sanskar joined us in mall. In UK , this is my first time to go for a shopping because before every time maa choice clothes for me. That day in mall I enjoyed fully because we both pulled Sanskar’s leg for which he became irritate.

Flashback starts

In mall

Swara and Sujata were doing their shoping where our tired Sanskar holding all shopping bags. It’s his first time to go shopping with ladies. Today he is knowing why his father gives lame excuses not to go for shopping with his mother.

Sujata:( said in fake anger) you know Swara your papa ji and Sanskar are never give me company in my shoppings. But I am telling you , you won’t believe his every excuse and won’t leave him if he will deny to take you somewhere specialy in shopping ok

Swara: nodded her head as a yes silently ( where she giggle looking towards Sanskar)

Sanskar: ( angrily looking towards Swara and said in a complaining voice)why are you saying like that to her ? I am not like my dad. I love to give my company and attention to my lady love (( winked looking towards Swara where Swara was blushing like hell)

Swara choices so many sarees where Sujata praised for her choice where our Sanskar was praising himself because after all Swara is his choice. And Sujata also accepted it fully and after heard sanskar self praising her condition we won’t say then that’s better.

When they returned Swara saw a red sleeveless gown and bought it for her. This is her first time when she bought a dress like this because before marriage she was wearing only chudidars and after marriage she is wearing sarees.

After one week

Swara is all ready with her new look to go with Sanskar in his business party. Today she has wore that dress which she brought from mall before one week . Today specially she has told Sujata to do her make up.

Last night when Sanskar told her about party she thought to give him a surprise like he gives to her every time. And also she knows that how people criticise him for her look. So today she will made him happy by her new look

In party

All are busy on party where Sanskar has waited for his lady love. This time Swara entered inside party hall where all are looking her on their widen eyes. When Sanskar saw the entrance he forgotten to taking his breath. She wore her red sleeveless gown with matching earrings. A pinch of sindor has placed on her maang.A mangalsutra has wore name of Sanskar across her neck. And a red lipstick has put on her juicy lips.First time on her eyes she has used contract lenses rather than spects. And she has put muskara and eye Kohl on her eyes which is increasing her beauty. But when he saw everyone are looking her on their lusty eyes he clenched his fist tightly and went towards Swara and hold her arms tightly and moved from there.
Swara is clueless to see his anger. So silently she went with him.

In whole journey both kept silent. When they reached in MM Sanskar again dragging her inside their room . When Swara tried to asking ,what happened Sanskar?The words left from her mouth next moment she pinned on the wall where Sanskar was looking her angrily.

Sanskar:( said in a dangerous voice) what is this Swara? What has you wore today? Where has your spects? I asked something tell me ,( said loudly) Why you changed yourself?

Swara: (said nervously) for you only

Sanskar: for me but why?

Swara: because every time your friends make fun of your’s which I don’t like.For this I wanted to change myself. I want you feel proud for me in front of all not ashamed.

Sanskar:( in a disbelief voice) really Swara,you think about me like that. I am that much cheap who will ashame to introduce you in front of whole world. And what did you say ,you have changed for me? I have told you ever, Swara please tries change yourself according to others. I said ,I don’t like your old look. I said…..

Swara:( interpret in middle) Sanskar please don’t say like that. I have changed myself because I don’t want anyone offend you for me. It hurts me Sanskar when your love one gets pain for you

Sanskar:( angrily holding her hands) And what about me Swara? I am thinking,you have forgotten I proposed you in front of whole world. I said that three magic words,”I LOVE YOU ” in front of everyone. In this two months, I have told you this three magic words more than 1000 times . Because I love your heart not your look. For me outer look doesn’t matter. If it would then today I would marry a beautiful girl whose throw herself on me not you

Now Swara can’t hold her tears more. it’s hurting. When I listened about other girls from his mouth I don’t know why but my heart was feeling some unknown pain like someone was stabbing my heart. And now my tears are falling down from my cheek.
When Sanskar saw her crying face he cursed himself to giving her that much pain

Sanskar:( cupping her face and gently kissed on her temple) I love you princess. And I am telling it from our marriage day. Ok tell me onething(Swara looking towards Sanskar) in past before our marriage, you must have seen some dream about your dream man. But in this two months,one day you have seen I want to change myself according to your dream boy. no na( swara nodded her head as a yes)then why you are wanting to change yourself. See Swara, I want you accept me like this only.i want when you will say me I love you then you will say it for me only, not for your choice of criteria about your dream boy . Like this I only love you .You don’t need to change yourself for others not for me also. And then he leaved from their room.

Swara in a thud sat on floor. She was crying badly but this wasn’t tears of any sadness this was the tears of happiness. Because she is happy . From her marriage day she was feeling some insecurity about this relation. She thought, Sanskar has taken this marriage decision to save his reputation. When Kavita denied to marry him without getting any option Sanskar married her for saving his image. And when in press conference he confessed his feelings in front of everyone somewhere she was feeling it isn’t true. Because the great business tycoon and most eligible bachelor in UK will love someone like her in real she wasn’t believeing to this fact. so every time this insecurity increased more and more each passing days. but today it became clear Sanskar really loves her. His every words are true. Today she has hurten that man who loves her from his bottom of heart. And now she knows ,what will she do for changing his husband’s mood.

After 2hours

Now the wall clock is showing 12am when Sanskar entered inside their room. When he came inside he saw swara has stood beside window. Now she has changed her clothes in a simple night dress and as usual wore her specs. Sanskar ignored her and took his night suit and went to washroom for changing. After freshen up he came out from washroom . When he was moving towards the bed ,he heard Swara ‘s appolige .

Swara: I am sorry Sanskar. I am really sorry to hurting you. Please forgive me only this time . I will never repeat it again.

Sanskar without a word again moving towards bed . Today he has really hurten by Swara. Today he can’t forgive her .

Swara:( now in verg of crying) I am sorry Sanskar. I am really mean it. Sorry for hurting you again and again. I am sorry and I LOVE YOU

Sanskar became freeze on his place When he heard her confession . Sanskar turned his face towards Swara where Swara immediately hugged him tightly.

Sanskar: now what did you say?

Swara: I am sorry

Sanskar: not that after that,what did you say?

Swara: woh !woh !I said ( didn’t get words what will she say)

Sanskar: ( parted her from hug)don’t tease me Swara. Say clearly

Swara: woh I said ( took a pause for a minute and again said) I lo….v..e y..ou ( again hugged him tightly)

Sanskar:( without further think he hugged her back tightly ) Swara it is true na. It is not any dream of mine. Today you really proposed me. You know every time I had dreamed for it . And you know it’s more more beautiful from my dream. It is the best feelings when your love will respond back to your love. Today I am so happy Swara and planting a kiss on her temple.

Swara:( said nervously) so san..skar will we start our new life from tonight

Sanskar: ( parted her from hug and looked in her eyes where every time he read her eyes successfully after all he is her mind reader) today he could see a different emotions in her eyes where he got to see affection, love and more over desire for him. Sanskar hold her hand and moved towards bed. When they reached beside bed he sat her on bed and gently caressing her palm and pecked on it

Sanskar: Swara, I know what are you wanting to say? And I am promising I will fulfil your all wishes and dreams. Because your all dreams are mine now. But Swara, I have also a dream. I was wanting to enjoy my love life with mylady love before marriage. But I had never fallen for any girl. And when I knew I have fallen love on you I wanted to propose you first then some days we would have enjoyed our love life then we would get married . But before I propose you Kavita’s matter came . So I didn’t get time to propose you.But now I want to live my love life with you . Will you be made my gf?(forward his one hand towards Swara)

Swara happily accepted his wish and placed her hand on his hand with a smile . Which brought a big smile on Sanskar’s face.


In this 4 months we were dating with each other like lovers. We were going to movie,park,mall and different places. In this period we had got to know more about each other .

After 4 month we thought to take our marriage in next level. So for this now we have come for our honeymoon. For starting our new journey Sanskar has choosen the same place where we met each other for the first time means Kolkata. Now I have present in my honeymoon suit and waiting for Sanskar .

When I was thinking about Sanskar two strong hands placed on my belly from my behind and I have known who is the owner of this hands. So without turn I said closing my eyes : Sanskar when you came

Sanskar kept his face on her nape: hmm now and kissed on it. So princess are you ready and turned her back towards his front

Swara:( said shyly) I am ready Sanskar . Please today make me yours . I can’t wait more

Sanskar:( said huskily near her ears) then get ready ( to listen his husky voice and hot breath near her ear Swara’s breadth became faster) for our date princess

Swara first register his words . When she understood it Swara gave him a shock look where Sanskar chuckled to see her facial expression. she beaten him on his chest where Sanskar was protecting himself from her princess.

Sanskar: stop it Swara. It is hurting me and hold her both hands tightly. What you thought we will start our new journey without giving a memorable end of our lovers life. So are you ready princess to go with your bf on your last date.

Swara nodded her head happily. And got ready with a black kurti where some white stones has worked on it with a white legins . Some pinch of sindoor and a mangalsutra tied across her neck. And as usual she has wore her spects. Every time Sanskar says without her specs she looks incomplete . Today she is looking simple and beautiful.

Then both went on their date . First they went victoria memorial ,then ganga ghat where they saw the sun set, then they went for a movie,lastly they went to hotel for their dinner. Full evening they enjoyed each other companies.

When they were returning to hotel Sanskar stopped his car on a lonely road. Where Swara was looking him surprisingly and asked him: what happened Sanskar? Why you stopped the car on this middle road.

Sanskar: ( cupping her face and said) you believe me

Swara:(said immediately)off course Sanskar I believe you more than myself. But why you are asking me about it now?

Sanskar: nothing. let’s go.

Opened her car door and gently hold her hand and took her a far distance from the road. After sometime they reached an isolated place where Swara got to see a tent . When she entered inside the tent she became awestruck to see the view in front of her eyes. The tent decorated fully on red and white colours ballons. And every corner she got to see red roses petals and candels. And on the middle of the tent a king size bed has placed where a pink colour bedsheet has covered on it . And the whole bed has decorated with red roses and Jasmines flowers. And over of the tent is blank where they can see the moon and stars clearly from inside the tent.It is looking beautiful and romantic.

When Swara was looking every corner Sanskar hugged her from her behind and kissed her neck and said: how is it?

Swara: beautiful

Sanskar:(turned her face towards his front) you like it

Swara:(kissed his both cheeks and said)I loved it

Sanskar:(kept his hands across her neck) then princess , will you allow me to start our new life from here in presence of moon and stars. I want to make you mine in the presence of thems. So now you will give me the rights to make you mine forever in every sense.

Swara:( hugged him tightly and said.) Yes I want you make me yours. I am ready to be became yours forever my prince( said huskily near his ears)

Sanskar :prince( stretched the word more) not bad princess. You are improving day by day

Swara:(placed her hands across Sanskar’s neck) off course prince. After all I have learned it from my handsome husband

Sanskar: not bad. So now will I start

Till now Swara was showing her bravery to Sanskar . But now her face turned into red colour to listen his talk

Sanskar seeing her blushing, now he couldn’t control himself more. So he started to give his love bite on Swara’s face. First he kissed her forehead, then both eyes and then her both cheeks. Lastly he looked towards her juicy lips which was inviting him for captureing it. Without wasting a second Sanskar captured her pink lips where Swara startled by his immediate kiss. But after sometime she reciprocated it in same fashion. Where both are busy to dominating each other in kiss there Sanskar hold her tightly from her waist and swara was just clutching his dress more tightly. Without break the kiss both moved towards the bed. When they reached near bed then the next moment both lied on bed where Swara was beneath of Sanskar. After satisfied from her lips he went towards below and kissed on her neck. And swara was just moaning his name pleasurely . After sometime Sanskar covered each other in a duvet and again continuing his love section where Swara was crazily moaning his name. That day they became one forever from their soul and the moon and stars are the eye witness of their love.

The End


As your demand I gave it to all of you.So now tell me you like it or not through your comments.

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