THIS IS RELATED TO US – OS BY thanmy HAPPY B’DAY sayu dii n a note

Hello I’m sorry first okkkkk don’t be miffed with me I’ll tell u all the reason for my absence first let b’day girl cut the cake
Happy b’day to u
Happy b’day to u
Happy b’day to dear sayu dii
Happy b’day to u
I’ll do my bak bak at the end first read my os
Characters :
Sayu dii – 25 years
Twinkle or Jasmin – 25 years
Sidhant or kunj – 26 years
So let’s start…
kunj was the author of an ff called hidden love in enmity n twinkle was the author of don’t u trust me n then sayeeda was the author of l can’t stop loving u sidmin …..
Twinkle n sayeeda were besties from college time itself n can’t stay without each other they both shared very close bond n shared everything with each other….
And then coming to the TU everyone had a really good bond twinkle was a silent reader of kunj’s ff n same was with kunj both really loved eo other ff’s but never commented

One day
Kunj posted his ff n said that this was the last episode of his ff twinkle was shocked finally she commented saying not to end his ff as she really his ff kunj was very happy seeing twinkles comment n decided to extend his ff (this is what generally happens with us right???)
Next day even kunj commented on twinkles ff saying ur doing an amazing job.
Twinkle was very happy to see kunjs comment slowly both commented in eo’s ff’s
On the other hand sayu dii is always there to encourage everyone her comment always brings a million dollar smile on everybody’s face n kunj also loved sayu dii’s ff n then twinkle n sayu dii r besties what to tell now obviously she comments
One day when kunj checked the notifications he saw that twinkle sent him a private message he immediately opened that message n read that
Msg : hiii
Kunj was smiling n replied hello

In that way both of them started chatting with eo
Whenever they see eo msgs a big smile would appear on their face like that both started knowing each other became best frnds but never asked eo numbers they soon know eo so well n their bond….there were no words to express it…
On the other hand kunj n sayu dii were also in touch with each other n twinkle told sayu dii about kunj as they share everything with each other
But somewhere kunj n twinkle liked eo more than frnds never accepted….
3 of them were in the same office raipur but kunj never knew that sayu dii n twinkle were in the same office
Still 3 of them had some of the time for their passion n kept on uploading ff’s n didn’t stop chatting wid eo
One day kunj n twinkle were walking wid out seeing eo n bumped into eo both of them fell down
T: aaochhh
Kunj gave hand to get up twinkle gave attitude wala look n caught his hand n pulled him down n she got up
K: what the hell
T: oh really u have to see n walk no do u think its ur house to walk as u wish we r also working here understand
Saying that she started picking up the papers which fell down from the file
Kunj smirked n while she was picking up the papers he pulled her down and he got up
K: same to u u also have to see n walk n this is not ur house also got it miss …
T: Jasmin Jasmin bhasin
K: yaa whatever…
T: o really Mr.whatever mistake was even urs
K: sidhant . sidhant gupta
T: okkk I don’t care
K: me too
Both of them go in opposite directions (tashan e ishq plays in the BG )
Twinkle sat with a disgusting face sayu dii asked her what happen twinkle told her everything to her
Both of them sighed n got back to their work

Next day
Kunj n twinkle both were assigned a project both hesitated but still agreed to work on it
But ego came in middle they would fight where to meet n for so many hours they would fight fight fight then finally after 3 days they completed their project in this course both of them did not open tu account hence did not msg eo
When they opened the account found strange that they did not msg eo even once
Kunj started the convo saying what happen twinkle
Reply came saying that no I was bit busy with my work so issliye
K: what a coincidence even I was busy with my work
Both of them did not talk of their fights because they did not want to spoil their mood talking of those stupid fights
No sooner they realized that they love each other
Kunj POV
Now I can’t deny my feelings anymore I love twinkle yes this is love this is such a special thing I did not even see her once n but I started loving her o my god….what is this feeling???? N idk where she stays but still I love her n I’m sure I know more about her than I know her I love u twinkle I love u…..
Here same was with twinkle but she did not tell it to sayu as she wanted to tell kunj first but sayu dii was her bestie so she told sayu dii the feelings that she had sayu dii was very happy but twinkle asked not to tell it to kunj as twinkle knew that sayu dii had a conversation with kunj.

Next day
Sayu dii asked kunj his number n told he gave her n twinj talks continue n with each little msg like even for hii both of them turned crimson (magic of love☺?)
One day sayu dii was walking towards kunj(sidhant desk)because of some work….
He was replying to everyone’s comment (I know office mei mana haii par ff mei nahi naa??)
As sayu dii came he shut the system…
Sid: yes
SD: I have a work with u sidhant so I’m just here to clear it
Sid: yeah sure
They both complete the work n sayu dii was going back to her desk she was thinking
Sayu dii POV
Wait did I just see him replying to tu comments I’m i wrong or what I saw was true yrr sayu kya soch rahi haii tu if he replies so what he may also visit tu forget it vaise today me n twinkle r going to shopping if I’m late she will chop me down
Saying that she left….
In few more days twinkle n kunj’s fights intensified day by day n everyone were habituated to it in the office they hated each other on the other hand their loved was also growing stronger n stronger day by day 2 feelings at a time??
One fine day
Sayu dii was passing by kunj’s desk and saw him replying to tu comments again she observed it carefully n was shocked to see the author’s name it was kunj she was terrified??
She saw again n it was kunj only
Sayu dii POV
What I saw was true is Sid kunj ???? OMG twinkle loves Sid n they both o god I need to clear the confusion right now
She called kunj n to her horror Sid’s (kunj’s) phone rang she was totally shocked she didn’t knew how to react…..
K: hello who’s on the other side??
S: hey sid its sayeeda can u come to terrace plss
K: yeah sure
[Only tu frnds know him as kunj for the world he is sidhant Gupta]
On the terrace
K: hey sayeeda
S: kunj……
K: what did u say??
S: r u kunj the author of hidden love in enemity
K: u r u the same sayeeda tu wali
S: Yessss
K: woahhhhhh I mean initially I thought u were the same but then dropped my thoughts as there many sayeeda’s in this world u r my sayu my frnd wowwwwwwww destiny what a plan u made for us now I wish that I could just meet twinkle n tell her how much I love her
S: do u also??? N u met her 1000 times
K: whatt
S: yes twinkle is only Jasmin n Jasmin is twinkle
K: what matlab how
S: ur Sid for this world n kunj for tu in the same way twinkle is for tu n Jasmin is for world
Kunj reminisced all the fights that he had with twinkle n chats he met her already they were in the same office n he was so stupid that he didn’t identify his twinkle……
K: I want one help sayu S: Yessss kunj tell me
They discuss a plan which is muted…..
S: what kunj yeh karna zarrori haii kyaa??
K: plsssss plssss plssssz sayu plsss help me ..
S: okkkk
K: thanq get ready my love……..wait sayu
S: Yes kunj
K: twinkle is ur bestow she shares everything with u naa even feelings also
S: yes
K: does she love me
S: khud jaanlo mei kyun bataoo
Kunj was disappointed
Here twinkle was going to her home when someone hit her on her head n she was unconscious it was sayu dii??
She lifted twinkle with gr8 difficulty n she smirked n said I’m so sorry twinkle but kunjjjj n smiled
After a while twinkle regained consciousness n she was sitting in a chair n she was at a place which was beautifully decorated with balloons of different colours n in front of her there was a bottle of champaign n curtains roses scented candles everything was perfect ……..
Twinkle just loved the setup but she was wondering who did all this????
Kunj came from behind the curtain
T: uuuuu
[By the way what u all thought sayu dii is gonna do ummmm I’m sorry dii I know mera sayu dii bohut aache hai u won’t even hurt a person in ur dreams…..buttt I’m so sorry okkkk aap log jaloo mat she is ur sayu dii also happy]
T: tummm
K: twinkle……
T: wha…..
She was shocked how do u know my name
K: not only ur name I know everything about u I even know sm things that u dont know ur self…
Twinkle was shocked because these were the lines told by kunj…
T: kunjjjjj
K: Yessss twinkle ur kunj finally I met u
See twinkle I really dont know what to say how to start but without seeing u n without talking to u or listening to ur voice I fell in love with you how where when I really don’t have answers to these questions I’m a stupid guy I was having my Lady love in front of my eyes n I met her everyday spoke to her everyday I mean fought n I was not able to identify u I always loved u twinkle n today finally I’m expressing n I’m proposing u I really didn’t have these guts all these days to tell u these as I didn’t wanted our frndship to break with out even seeing eo n today finally I’m doing it twinkle….. I accept whatever ur response will be whether it is a yes or a no I’m ready for it all I want to say is after some years I’ll tell I love u to someone after you n that will be our daughter twinkle I love u twinkle U r very very special for me Just remember this thing
U r one the most important part of my life(these lines r very special for me from ur very very special n I’ll read these lines everyday as someone dearest person of my life said these to me sooooo they r damn special)
Kunj took out a ring n kneel downed in front of twinkle twinkle also kneel downed n
K: yes or a no twinkle
T: u know what kunj u better get a licence because ur driving me more more crazy each n every second for u of bhuddu I love u too
Kunj made her wear the ring n both hugged eo
Sayu dii came clearing her throat
Twinj parted themselves
K: thanq sooooooo much sayu we r together because of u thank god I was replying to every ones comment in office n u saw it
S: haan voh tho haii n she shouted kunjjjj
Twinkle was hell angry with her
T: meri sayu beta I told u each n everything n u u hid all this from me how mean huh n u beat me on my head awwww sayu not fair only today I’m leaving u okkkl tmrw I won’t spare u….
S: y what is today???
K: u forgot ur b’day in our chakkar sayu really
T: haan
Twinj brought the cake n made sayu dii to cut n 3 of them hugged sideways n celebrated sayu dii’s b’day!!!!!!
Sooooo guys how was it n yaa this is dedicated to sayu dii hope u like it dii I really don’t have words to express what u mean to me dii I’m really lacking of words ur just like my big sissy infact not like my sissy ur my sissy u guide me u teach me u help me u share ur experiences u do everything to me n I know when I do some stupid thing tmrw u will scold me as ur my dii n y have all the right to show me the correct path
So dii its just a small gift from me hope u liked it n dii ur very very special person hope all ur b’day wishes get fulfilled n may god bless u and always be by ur side hold ur hand n guide u all I want to say is dii
I love u till how high the sky is n how deep the ocean is n how wide this universe is I guess all the sum of these should be infinity so love u till infinity dii
N I know u will never ______ me
If I start u know I’m gonna write a book on u soooo that too without words??
I’ll better shut my mouth
Love u dii ????
~UR __________________
SO GUYS how r u all surprised to see me naa I’m so sorry guys really really sorry my exams r fast approaching n I want to focus on them so plsssss try n understand I’m gonna stay away from tu already from 4 days I’m not visiting tu that’s why I’m not commenting on them also n I’m not gonna post my ff’s also I’ll try to post 1-1 episode of each but I can’t promise u all sooooooo plsssssz hope u all understand n don’t miss me yrrrrr because I’ll be back soon because I won’t leave u all that easily…..I’ll be back on November 5th approximately n yaaaa staying away from u all is damn difficult but I have to do this for my career I’m 10th so plsssssss understand n love u all n miss u all???????????byeeeeeee guys………
I’ll miss u all

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  1. It was amazing thanmy

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    Thanu…. Superb.. Speechless…. No words…. Luv u?

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    Thanmy di…….wooowwww……….gazab….faddu……. jhakkas………what an os…….mtlb ur soo gud…..Nd we love u too….

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely os

  5. Kritika14

    I loved it! It was just so good! But I am sad at the same time, I won’t be able to read your ff’s -.- Anyway, try coming soon and posting them soon as well. Hope you have a look at my ff which i already posted and you were really eager to read it as well. Also, all the best for your exams. Love you ?

  6. Ramya

    Awesome thanmy loved it superb Kya gift I completely say u sayu will love it

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  8. Amazing.. loved it ❤❤

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    Omggggg…..thanmy for sure this is d best thing sayoo could get on her B’day
    Itna cute sa pyarra sa OS…..I seriously am like this mow??????
    U drove me crazzzzzyyy…. Just Loved it

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    Dats cute…
    Very diff and unique concept..
    Luvd it

  11. Sayeeda

    Thanmy jaan I’m so sorry for commenting so late……but koi nai tu na naraz nai hai Sayoo di I know that…..

    Navya yrrr thank you sooooooooooo much for so lovely OS ….it was the cutest one I ever read …..
    Same goes with us … earlier u were the silent reader of my ff …then one day u started to comment….then our first private msg …. then the best moment came when u called me for the first time …..Nd I heard ur beautiful voice….the word Di sounded like a pleasure to me to hear it from u ….
    Then our chats….nd now see we both love eo sooo much…..

    In the OS …I made Twinj got united….it the best task I did in my imaginary life…..????…. loved it too much yrr……

    I will always be ur elder sister ….will always guide u …Nd love you…..but promise me that u won’t leave me ..u know na mujhe aadat hogayi hai … without chatting with u my day doesn’t passes…….

    Love you….my BACCHA …..YES MY BACCHA….I LOVE U ….???????????

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    Loved it It was so cute 🙂
    sorry for the late comment 🙂 I had my exams today had a break so decided to read and comment 🙂 Love you 🙂

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