A Rejected Princess – Episode 6



hai guys crazy here!..well i m here with my new stroy..
actaually i was in my DMS class..
were my sir..suddenly asked us about number of students reading novels..
n obvio..very few of us raised our hands..
indeed all were my frnds only..
but then he passed me a novel after my clg..
lending me to go through it..
as he knew about my intrest in writting n while reading it i got a marvellous idea in my head thats is y i m here..
but sorry u may not find d novel as its of his time when he was around 18yrs..n now hes 65+

. . . . . . . .




. . . . . . . .


Anika a princess..indeed..
staying with her parents.and a lil bro..laksh
shes princess of her family..as after 3 generations shes d girl born..
she has an elder brother Arnav..

thou he was her cousin..
who had lost his parents when he was just 10..
later on was addpoted by Anika’s parents..
they gave him more love and care then their real childrens..

shes d most pampared child..but d fate never levs the way..
if she has the world around under her feet..as shes the princess..

but rejection never left her..
either she sacrifised d things or the things sacrifised her..

shivaay..a business tycon..he is world famous..is an orpan has a sister Priyanka…and Anjali..

his sister is his world..

he has PA com his best frnd Kushi..
kushi stays with her bua..
and shivaay and she share a very good bond..
shivaay considers kushis bua as his own..
all think that they r frnds..but in actually they share a brother-sister bond..
an understanding bond..
btwn them..
were each other understand their feelings and snays before even speeling out!!!

. . . . . . . . .


“happy b day” my mom said me by hugging me..tightly..i responded..
but soon our quality time was intruupted by a stern voice..
my dad..
“i believe its my turn now..”said he by pulling me into a hug n giving a trailing kisses on my forehead..
he held me by arms and i gladly wrapped my arms around his waist..
“ur an year older now..congo my clid “continued he..

and suddenly she broke her hug with her dad..
and jumped to an guy who held her and twrilled her..
and said happy bday princess!!!

“thanku ASR”replied she..

though she was happy much but she showed some fake anger too..

“awww my princess i m really sorry c i have also held up my ears..oky fine i ll do situps now..”

i mumbled a giggle and again threw my self on him..
and warned him not to do late night works…
he gently smiled at me..

then again i was pulled by my another brother..mr laksh..
he held my hands put them on his neck..and and started dancing and trwiling with me..
i just looked astonished..coz he always has a unique style on wishing on my day..and today was also the same..

he continued “today u are looking so beautiful..smart..kind..young..n i m proud of u…afterall u ll be revealing ur face today isnt it..?
i bet u ..u ll rule it..”

i just let out a laugh…and he again continued by wishing me happy bday..and passing me to my bhai ASR..
now ..

awww..it was a happy moment…
i had tears in my eyes..
my both bhai were the one who first noticed it..
they quickly made me sit on sofa..
and continued..by looking me with disbelief coz they knew i m crying coz of happiness…!

“u know mom said not to tell u but we are telling shes making ur fav waffels that too with extra choclate..”was which these two told me…

then i was shruged with arnav bahi..who pointed me to look at so,ething and that something was my lil bro laksh..
hes never an angry young man but es always an hungry young man..
me an bhai looked at him..thinking if he ll lev us too something or no..

laksh looked at us and exclaimed “Yummy…very yummy”
we indeed had a good family time ..
is what Anika Mehra wrote in her daily diary..which was her only frnd..
she never had any frnds who she can say trust worty..
coz when ever she trusted she was REJECTED..
s she was REJECTED princess..
A water droplet fell on the that page of the diary..while she taught of the circumstances she went through in this witty world..
but soon she had a SSOile too on her face thinking about her family..
that how calmly they supported her..
but deep inside the heart she too knew or say had a dout
ll her family too REJECT her someday..like all?

. . . . . . . .

“if you can see them then ur already dead..is u can hear them then ur not far from it
if u can SSOell them like the forest they live in the avoid danger at all conceviable costs..
coz they are the monsters in those shadows..”
reading the above quote a girl laughed…

then came their an irritaed voice
“just stop that yar kushi..how annoying they write but these words seem really pinch “isnt it?

han the world who knows this person as the famous bussiness tycon with no emotion is praising this line wow..
but dont forget ur ruthless business man only to this world but for me ur my shivaay…

he just siged at her..

but a number of flashbacks drowled over his sight with the name “shivaay”
s..he remebered someone..someone who was very near to him..
someone whome he trusted..
someone whome he dediacted his enntire life..
s..all taught he had moved on from his dretful past..
but no..
their was no chance for him to move on from their..
how could he?
he not even taught of any girl in his life except his lady love..
coz he was a one women man..
he nevr kept up his feelings for any one..
but he did infront of his lady..
but she did?
she did was to lev him..
and not even gave a simple chance to clarify the things..
he never regretted for meeting her
he never rereeted for stating her his love..
but he regreeted for hurting her
he regreeted for bringing tears in her eyes..

he just closed his eyes with some strong feelings
its not of any guilt..
its the tears that he has stopped since 2 months..29 days..
coz he had promissed himself..few things..

. . . . . . . . . .

“she again was remembering those days..i m a bad brother na?
i could not save her relation..
she still feels that shes REJECTED..
how should i tell her that shes not an REJECTED princess..!”
cried out a voice ..

some one kept hand on his sholder..
he quickly wrapped his arms around her waist..
as he was sitting on bed and she was standing in front of him..

“please control urself..u cant breakdown like this my laadgoverner..u should be strong u should be for ur lil princess..
u should become her strength..not her weakness by showing ur helplessness..
ur ASR..
who makes everyone cry..
but not himself cry..
u r not a cry baby…arn’t u?

“i just cant take it more..u know na..i cant c her like this..well ur right i should not becm week now its time for some actins..i shd bring her to world now..
she has accepted to cme forth..”

“s..now we shall make them meet..make their incoplete story complete…”

“s kushi ur right…”

episode ends with
-Anika crying by keeping the diary close to her heart…
-shivaay closing his eyes and resting on his chair..
-determined faces of Arshi..

guys this is not any ff..its a 5Shot!
a few shot story!

plz let me know ur views
and mind u ur cmmnts ll decide that i should continue the story or not..
so dont hesiste to cmmnt..
and yeah give ur ideas too..!


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  1. Hey i think you started this story for swasan and as per my memory u left it incomplete.can you complete it? The story was really nice

    1. Crazykipuh

      Well replying on behalf f crazy
      D story was completed
      It was 5shot ff
      That compltd
      But no idea y this z posted here !

  2. Sanswa

    Awesome..n amazing..
    Continue plzzz

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