A Rejected Princess – Episode 5


A really long chapter to u all..which ll surely give all the answers to ur questions..u asked me till date..


“Swara…swara…swara ki bacchi utttaaa”..yealled avoice which made our princess get up..and still sitting on bed ..just then someone comes and sits beside her..
she keeps her head on the persons sholder..and sleeps yet again..

“ur my princess na plzz get up my baccha..elsee ur bhabhi ll kill me “gestured a voice

“uff arnav bhai u r such a fattu na?”must say ek number ke fattu u r!”yealed she..
and even before gesturing..him further to talk she continued..
“but how ever u r ur my lfe my world around whome i love to be…”

“areee abhi bhi so rahi hai?utta na jaldi swara…”another voice disturbed her..

“kya yar ragini..plz na..dont spoil my mood early morning..and hw did lucky lev u so early today..
romance se bore hogaya kya vo…”teased swara winking at her inshort taking the revenge from her ..

“u spoilt brat..c bhaiya its all coz of ur extra love ..”said ragini

“are not only coz of him..also coz of ur papaji beta…”continued shomi..

“aree wahh today all in this devils room how come..”chulked lucky and immediately yealled tooo”ahhhhhh!”
all turned towards him..

“how dare u call my princess as devil u lucky mokey…gestured him in anger tone..by pulling his ears..”

(u all might have guessed na ki it was our swara super dad)

just then kushi enetered..are i arnav ji i sent u too wake her up not make her emotinal..
challo now brekfast is ready…

all left the room…and swara was indulged in great taughts..
s…1 more month had passed since swasan had confrunted each other..

she went into deep taughts..

(guys flashvback starts from swara getting angry at shanky…)
sw-“han han han i dont u to be with me..i had knew right from very first day ki ur not just shanky but sanskar maheshwari..
i knew everything..
but ur always giving me a specail feel made me forget many things of my life which can never be forgotten by me..
u know shanky its better if u lev me..
i dont want to become a bad owen in ur life..
ek kalla dhabba nahi banna chahathi hun main..

samaj jaoo..aur dur challejoo..
i had tried enugh now,….
now i ll tell u truth and by listening it u ll lev from here..
by urself..
u know what u loved a girl who eat her chachu and chachi the very next moment she was born..
here i was born and their they..(she stopped their..without getting any words to speack her voice chokked…)
shanky wanted to console her but he too had made her mind ki he ll not lev till she burst out her truth ..
and she did..his idea worked indeed..
u know i eat my best frnd too..
i shd be rejected all who are near to me..

go far..
because of which i was rejected even in frndcircle…
i wanted some of my own time to indulge..
so i became only swara from swara mehra..
arnav bhai knew abt it so he supported me..
and i went to shimla..
their i met u..
u too came their for a break coz u wnated to stay as only sanskar not any business man..who has all powers..
like u i too wanted to find myself..
so i came their..
v fell in love..
but actually as days passed n holiday came to end..
reality hit me..

and i dont wanted to be reajected by u this time..
coz if it would have happened then i would relly …(she chokked)
shanky understanding her immediatatly..
hugged her..
(and seeing herr not responding..he wa shocked a bit..)
snu r mad u know since u enetered my life i was so happy and got such big deals too..infact only good news came and afteru left me..
i got stuck by badluck..
never say like this s..
my princess my shona was rejected by all others so that her prince can select her as his soul mate..
now this is when she hugged him and cried out loud..
he smirked evily now..

he cupped his face..
wase u might be hungry na?
swara noded..
shanky leaned to kiss her..
swara shocked shanky rocked!!!
sw-kya…kya…wt r u doing…san…sans..krrrrrr
sn-u r hungy me too..so filline our hunger..
saying so he placed his lips on her lips..
she din part a bit..

he froned..
and played with his tongue she smiled looking at his curosty..
she parted..
he played andshe too..
their tounges faught..they tasted each other and then broke the kiss after few min..
looked into each others eyes..and joined their forhed..

guys seriously i read ur cmmnts n wt was that han?
u all were so shoked reading that last line hahahaha!
i was imagining ur expressions and laughing so much..
and those people around me looked at me as if i was an allin..

her trains of taughts were broken when she felt a hand onher waist she smiled understanding who it might be..

sw-wts this..?subha subha here in my room..?
sn-han han our room baby..
sw-still time is their for that..
sn-ohh hello ur officail engaged to me oky and after 48 hous u ll be MRS SM..
and u r saying time hai abhi..
he turned his face..
sw-few people must not act when their dono acting..
sn-(smiled)tho tu sikhade na muze..
saying so he nulged hs head in her neck and bit her she moned..and he lick it to smothen it…

sw-accha now enough u too go and get ready dont forget v have hour mehndi and sangeet fun..today..

sn-yeah yeah..u know wt..people say their romance is disturbed by others but in my case its don by me own girl..
ur impossibl.eeeeeee..

. . . . . . . . .


all were hasting and here and their every where what u c is laughter happiness and joy with few music ‘s in bg..
full to on swing..!
and the center of attraction their was our Swasan..
who were made to sit on swing..
with each other..
swara had just applied her mehndi an hour ago..
her hands and legs were full of it..
and she was made to sit beside sansakr obvio both took care that in their secrete romance her mehndi was not spoilt..
obvio it was their sangeet..
soon the lights were off and raglak and arshi danced gracefully on

Hatho mein in hatho mein Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Hatho mein in hatho mein Jeese padhti hun Main subaho shyam
Jeese padhti hun Main subaho shyam
Hatho mein in hatho mein Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Yaad mujhe jab unki aaye
Haay re haaye

bada sataye Yaad mujhe aa aa jab unki aaye
Haay re haaye bada sataye Dekho soorat mein Unki main subaho shyam
Dekho soorat mein Unki main subaho shyam
Hatho mein in hatho mein Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Ab uske bin laage na mann
Woh jogi hain main hun jogan Ab uske bin laage na mann Woh jogi hain main hun jogan
Sapane dekhu saajan Ke subaho shyam Sapane dekhu saajan Ke subaho shyam
Hatho mein in hatho mein Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam
Hatho mein in hatho mein Jeese padhti hun Main subaho shyam
Jeese padhti hun Main subaho shyam
Hatho mein in hatho mein Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam.

and soon all to joined them..
making rounds around swasan..

. . . . . . . . .

time flewd in quick..
and the next day was soon arised..
yup it was their haldi..
soon shanky was made full to yellow..i mean haldi was applied to him and after his haldi his juti haldi was applied to swara..
tho shanky wanted to break the most impt role i.e no watching each other after haldi but swara was adment..
yup she was she had faced so much so dint want any hast things happining..
and this was also a reason ki jo rasam hoti hai na use nibhane ka maza kuch aur hota hai..
this was she had saidand made him convice..
though they din c each other but talked with each other day and night..
and our shanky thanked god for not making any such ritual where he cant even hear each others voice..
listening this all chukled..

. . . . . . . . .

no sooner the wait of swasan was over..yup it was atlast the time for their marriage…
swara and sanskar gave personal touch up and made sure ki their partner would look prince-princess..
yup swara had selected dresses for shanky and shanky did it for swara..

swara desecded the stairs with red and purple lengha by taking a shalo on it..
and shanky sitting in mantap with peach + red shervani..
with a pagdi on his head..
both were mesmerised to c each other..
they urged to kiss hug each other but cing time situation and surroundings..bothstayed quite..
soon shanky put vermilen on her forhead marking her as his and adorned her neck with the black holy thread..
it is said that durining marriage black color is not used as its said to be inaspicious..
but this one thred has such a huge meaning in every religion which every girl wish to adore her neck..
giving a sign that she marked to be his..

a tear droped from swasans eyes ..
thinking that finally they are one..
pandit ji announced them to take blessings of elders so did they..
and soon marriage rituals were finished and they both moved to their mansion…

. . . . . . . . . .

sage was all set and swara was sitting their by covering her face with the veil..
her hertbeat raising for every sec..
as if they were running for 100km/min
and soon the door sound made her alert…
and she could sence ki sanskar has entered..and was sure ki now he was staring her..
he slowly sat beside her admiring his princess..
he slowly removed the veil she had closed her eyes..knowing what could be next..
he smiled at her ..
and blowed air.from his mouth by which she slowly opened her eyes..
she blushed and hugged him suddenly..
it was so sudden ki fell (obvio on the bed only..a their were sitting on it..)
and soon she was to top of him..

it was shock for him and took few sec to get back to sences..
and slowly cared her back and calmed her and hugged her tight..
and started giving open mouth kisses to her..
now he roled over her and on sooner did he unpin the pallu too..
and now he had his many desire and soon they made their love making her grasp!..
and the moon night and those wonder full stars withnesed the union of two souls..
and shanky wishpered in her ear..

“ur not Rejected princess but u r my princess who was rejected coz u were destnated to be with me”

. . . . . . . .

gosh! completed my first ever #SS
thanku to mahi dii and my swarukli..
actaulyy my swara my swarkuli this whole #SS is dedicated to u and obvio to girl whome i adore in her writing skills i.e my MAHI diii!!!


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