A Rejected Princess – Episode 4


hope u like this chapy..!


Swara gets up from bed by closing her eyes still walks off too..
goes to her balcony and removes the curtain..
and smiles brightly when the sun rays touches her face..
as she opens her eyes they wwere completely swollen..
and red
and was cmpltly visible ki she din had a sleep
she smiles hinking ki how still she keepsup few words of her shanky..

swara and sanskar are in their beach house..
its not a big huge banglow..its a beach house..
beach house arre small 1 to 2 rooms house these have only 1 floor’s fully decorated with natural things and all things their are of wodden blackons..
more over decorated usually with flowers..and shells..
and a small barbique at the back..
and few rest swings (this is what i know of beach house are..i have similar type so described it in this way)

and here theirbeach house was just of 2 rooms..
1 bedroom and a huge hall which had a seperate compartment like..for kitchen..

swasan were in their room..
swara wakes up first..and looks towards shanky who was sleeping on couch..
yup he was sleeping on couch..
she smiled at him and then moved towards the window..opend its curtain..and inhaled the fresh air..
just then shanky to gets up and is mesmerised to c swara..
her face glowing more and more and then those rays of sun touching her face giving him the most heavenly pleasure watching her..
he slowly moves towards her and back hugs her..
and says “hii my shona..
sw-gm shanky

shanky again sleeps on her sholder..
sw-accha now comeon get up..be a good boy na shanku..
c v u promised me ki u ll play with me in beach..
sn-han oky..v ll but on one promise which u ll give me..
sn-u ll always do this thing ..
even after our marriage..
sw-this thing matlab
sn-are my bhuddhu shona..
this thing matlab..
waking up like this and inhaling this esssence of air and then those rays falling on u..
i love watching u like this na so..
u make me feel heaven..
sw-promise i ll do..
sn-pinky promise
swara kisses his cheeks and looks at him and then both burst out laughing..

flashback ends..
by the time she comes out of her taughts..

sanskar wakes up and looks at the sun that had arose with a new things in his life..
but our sanskar was thinking something different..
one side he was happy ki he had choosen a girl like swara and had fallen for her..
but other side he was feeling sad as he always taught ki girls are back of him for money so he had lied to swara and made frndship with her saying hes a middle class boy..
and when he had selected her as his better half..
and wanted to tell her truth..
she had already known about his reality..
and he was cursing those moments in life when he decided to hide the truth from her..
but now he was sure ki he ll convince her and make her his at any cost..

all mehra family were having their breakfast ..
just then shekar announced that he had invited MR SM for lunch and swara should be with him and convince him for further procedures..
she just nooded..
she still din know ki Mr SM is none other than Mr Sanskar maheshwari and her own love boy her soul mate
her shanky…

and by the time swara was finishing her brekfast totally lost in her own taughts..
other family memebers were buzy in eye to eye talking..
yes..now all knew about swasan love story..

yet they knew half..but still arnav had all planned to make her sisters life settled..
so he was fully pre planned everything..

it was luch time..
sumi and shekar made some silly reason and had left house.
arnav had beeen to meeting and our lovable jodi raglak had moved on for their private matters(need to explain na?)

and now swara was all alone..

after sometime..
their was a ring on the bell..a servent opened the door..and greeted the person..and later on he moved to a room..
were swara was sitting ..yup it was study room / conference room
and she was buzy surfering her presentations..
she din even bothered to look at the person as she knew he was Mr SM..
and as servent had already informed her she was all set..
our shanky was du gunna hushar he talked in a changed voice and asked her to proceed…
and room was alredy dark…
imagine an conference room guys..
and lights were off..
as she started her presentation..
she was all well going but the last slide was not..
yup her prestaion consisted of 19 slied and all was well with her till 18th slide but on 19th slide all went wrong..
suddenly the presentation continued with swasan pics..

pic-1:shanky pulling swara’s nose

pic-2:swara kissing him on his cheeks..

pic-3:shanky picked her in his arms..

pic-4:swara putting cake on shankys face..

pic-5:swasan rooling on floor..

pic-6:swara on shanky..

pic-7:shanky and swara stairing each other

pic-8:shanky addoring her neck with ss pendent

pic-9:shanky kissing her forhead

pic-10:swasan hugging..

before it could end she threw her the dice on the projector..

she had tears in her eyes..
she composed her self..
sw-i m really very soory for this Mr Sm..
sn-koi bath nahi swara..(he spoke it in his voice only)
and here his voice she quickly switched on the lights…
she had tears in her eyes..so did he..

she suddenly realised ki shes getting week so she composed her self..and walked past him but he pulled her heard which made her land on





are not his chest….hehehehe!but on th chair kept beside her..
he bloked his hands in such way ki she could not move ..
his eyes were teary + blood shot..
anger love agrresion was all seen in his eyes..
he was more had guilt on himself..
but he had to do it now..
coz it was now or never

sn-i m fed up of asking sorry fro u..and u are never fed up from being angry on me insted of forgiving me..
now i need ur answer..
look into my eyes..
(he shouted)i said look into my eyes..
she did!
now say cant u c love for u…
guilt for hurting u..
i knew i should have said u truth…
but i was ..
just maff kardo na?

swara was all crying..
sanskar made her stand up he turned her towards the wall..he pinned her and questioned her and in anger swara blurted out..

after few minutes…
(hehehe! i kmow u r eager t know y did swara move far away from him…as much as u were to knoe truth f guilt f shanky but its not that easy..wait for another epsiode)

swasan were now hugging each othet..
not swasan..
only atually sanskar was hugging swara stood their as a life less body..
and shanky smirking evily..

huhuuuu finished another chappy..
hope u liked it….!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Tulina

    Smirking evilly means?????????? Is Sanky a villain……..can’t understand…………Please clear the doubt and post the next part soon……….

  3. Mica

    see… you are really crazy huh !!!! giving shock over and over !
    poor swasan, love it so much.. ty

  4. what did swara say??!! And shanky smirked evilly??!! Please reveal suspense…!!

  5. Evily????????whats he upto……dont dare to hurt her again?????
    Awesome part dr….revl the truth dr…..update asap dr???

  6. Arshaanya

    Evily??? Now again cnfsn… is he bad ??
    He loves swara truly na… uff plz post next part ASAP cnt w8.. n loved dis chappy

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  9. Haaaaaaa!!!!!? smirk evilly???????? i think Sanskar’s plan worked as Swara blurted out everything… may b her love n emotions also…. ?? confusion n confusion… n d solution is u…..plz update fast dear.?

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