A Rejected Princess – Episode 3


here the next cahpter begins guys..tq so much for the love and showring..

shanky with a firm determination moves out of f the mansion which is noticed by arshi and raglak..

A-shit..dekha kushi his each and every word in todays song was saying how broken he was and seeing him my princess to was broken..
did u c..i m proved today that i m not a good brother..
K-no plzz dont say that..no brother ll do as such as much as u r doing..
hayy devimayya..
i have an idea..
K-by which we can get them close..
but a bit risky coz swara may deny it..
A-u dont worry i ll handle her just say me na plz..
k-oky listen then..(……IDEA IS MUTED……)

u r just so damboo lucky..u monkey donkey u moron how can u plan such risky things..
god grace if it flops na then v ll get nice beetings here..
n i warn u..
laksh-are my ragooo plzz chillax..its full proof plan..dont u trust me?
r-i dont trust u so only i m saying..
laksh frons …
r-what?u think like all gf say to their bf or like lover says to each other i should say u that cheezy line..
“i trust u more than my self”then u ll smile and hug me and say just keep this trust i ll do all well…
n all..
ohh hello mr bulakad i know u very well oky..
n so i m saying u this plan may backfire us..
in process f bringing my bhabhi and bhai together something happend means?
no baba no..
i wont let such …
(she was about to continue but felt something…not his lips on hers yar…dont except more..
he kept hands on her mouth…)
l-shup just shut ..n now no more talking…
i m going on with my plan n ur supporting me coz u dont have any other options…

nos lets c..if these boths plan ll work or back fire them…

on the other hand shanky reached his home…
closed his door and started jumping and shouting and dancing like some mad dog has bit him..
he was going full crazy and mad…
and at that moment as he was jumping on his bed he fell on bed as his leg go struck to duvet..
he fell i mean muh ke ball girna hahahahaa!
imagne this secne..
then after realising this he sat properly on bed..
and smiled brightly thinking about something..
lets go deep and c wts he thinking off…

few hours before..when sanskar was pulled by swara towards the pull side..
swara-wt d hell mr Shanky or say Sanskar Maheshwari tthe great business tycon..
is doing here?han..

sn-swara..plz na swara ..stop it na..
i m ur shanky9cupping her face)
only ur shanky not any sanskar maheshwari
and where did u disapper han?u know i searched u so much i was a lifeless body when u ewere not with me..
plz na come back na..
ur shanky needs u..
plz na swara..

saying so he took her into his embrace by hugging her..
she was feeling her back wet..
yup she knew he was crying but something struck her and she pushed him..

sw-“dont cm near me..
and if u ever loved me then never come infront of me again mr Sanskar Maheshwari..”

sn-“swara..wt are u saying han?i think u r not in ur sences ..(sobbing still)
how can u lev ma?
how can i stay without u..this punishment of leving me for 2 months and staying far from me is enough..
now..i had enough of ur punishemnt..
abb mein tume kahi jane nahi dunga..
never ever ll i let u go..
u r my life..
my support system ki ikloti kadi ho tum..
if i m earth then ur air..
because of which this earth has life going still..
and i cant let my life system go like this..”

his tears were continusly flowing
which had no stone turned …and when he saw it he was heart broken..s he was…
he immediaely cupped her face..

sn-“mere chodo..just lev about me can u stay withut me?
han we have a relation still swara and how can u even think…
think chodo u directly said me to lev u..
how damit how?(she scremt)”

realizing wt he said he cooled himself..
and again cupped her face kissed hr forehead..
sn-“sorry sorry..i shold not have scremt like that on u…
i know that..
sorry na baba..
u always said na if i ever do mistake u ll pull my ears make me do situps and then take me in a bone crsing hug and say..
“tume mere zindagi ho..aur kabhi bhi mein apne zindagi se kafa nahi hosakti”
this is wt u used to say na..?”

still noticing that swara had no expressions no feeling reflecting..
once her eyes used to talk with him..even if she dint need it..her eyes were enough for him..to read her feelings..
coz they refelcetd love..grace simplicity..truthfull ness..sincirity which was why he had fell for her..

sn-“oky…fine..u do a thing swara..u hit me slap me..if u want kick me too..but plz talk to me..are yar v have a realtion btwn us..the realtion of love..
u know na we are 2 bodies but 1 soul ..u know na swara atllst say na something..kuch bhi swara…”

that was it for her..she broke her tenence..

sw-“Mr sanskar maheshwari..
we WERE 2 bodies 1 soul ..now we ARE 2 bodies with 2 souls…
we WERE having a relation of love..now we ARE having realtion of just 1 thing..
and that is..u sister is gonna be my brothers wife..
thats it..more than this there is no more relation than this..”
saying so she walked off..
and here he was speechless again..hartbroken again..he was not willing to believe his ears..but its being a saying ki truth is bitter and yes..it was the truth…turth and ear firmness which he just heard..and made his hear brek into millions and millions of piecces….
when he had hit a glass..and she left a scream ..
and our shanky immediately came forward to help her but she showed her hand and warned him to not cm forward and he stood their speechless…

and that is when he saw something..
s..he saw the symbol of their love still with her..
the chain which he had gifted her…
still with her in her neck..
but he thinks why was she hidding it from him..
or better say all?

flashback ends…
now shanky had a determined smile and his face completely showed how determind was he to get her back…

on the other hand..
swara was sitting with her guittar..
playing her tone..yes her fav tone..
and she intendeed to play it again..may be she dont wanted but her heart did…

(fell the song guys..)

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse..

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse..

Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah..

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse

Log Kehte Hai Paagal Hoon Main Yeh Bhi Na Jaanu
Dil Lutaya Hai Maine Ab Kisi Ki Na Maanu
Chain Dekar Ke Maine Bechainiya Yeh Li Hai
Neende Udakar Ke Maine Tumse Wafaye Ki Hai

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Jee Rahe The Hum Tere Dum Se

Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse
Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse

Kuch Ishaaron Mein Tumne Humse Jo Yeh Kahan Hai
Ab Yakin Aa Raha Hai Tumko Bhi Kuch Hua Hai
Kyon Tumko Dekhte Hain Kya Dil Mein Sochte Hai
Toofan Jo Uth Raha Hai Hum Usko Rokte Hai

Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Yeh Milan Hai Sanam Ka Sanam Se
Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

(her voice choked..and she stopped singing…s..she stooped..her hand had cut..coz she was playing it furiously…but she again continued it..without the guitar)

Kasam Ki Kasam
Haan Kasam Yeh Kasam

Di Kasam…

Le Kasam

Haan Kasam..




Kasam Ki Kasam Hai Kasam Se
Humko Pyaar Hai Sirf Tumse

Ab Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Phir Humse
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

after finishing this shhe started crying loudly..
shanky today i hurt u a lot na..so c god too punished me..
coz i had hurt the most purest soul..on the earth..this small cut is nothing infront of ur feelings that are hert and the way i broke ur heart into millions of pices…
but y u love me so much shanky y?
i m not that deserving for ur love..
shanky..i m not..
u deserve much more good one than me..
and y are u not understanding..
ki how much i m breaking from inside cing u like this..
y r u not understanding ki if u go far from me then only u ll stay happy shanky y shanky y?
saying so she cries cries cries and falls assleep..

this was all noticed by arnav..
and yes..being a brother he was not able to still understand y was she hurting herself and shanky?
he too left from their wiping his tears..

gosh….completed another episode..
so how was it?
emotional turmoil i guess..
few more episodes to end…
put in ut cmmnts dearo’s


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  1. Hey nice chappy….bt wts d mtr…..y z she hurting hrslf n him….plz reveal it soon…

    1. Crazy

      Soon to b revealed …
      Keep reading !! 🙂 🙂

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    Nice ?

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    aaahhhhh.. soo sad,

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  5. Arshaanya

    Nice…bt cnfsd in last chapy he said i did wrong wid her n i dsrve pnshmnt n swara also flt like rjctd wid watevr hd hpnd btwn dem… bt nw shez saying m hurtng u n i dun dsrve u…reveal it soon yr

    1. Crazy

      All I can say z wait n read

  6. Painful yet beautiful… ??..

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      Ohh tq dear

  7. Vyshu10

    awesome…reveal y swara is behaving like dis soon plz

    1. Crazy

      Ohh tq dear tq for cmmnt n yup sure ll reveal it

  8. awesome…!!loved it…!! Bu why swara doing all this??!!

    1. Crazy

      I too dono know y shez doing
      Let’s read n look further hegege
      Jokes apart tq for d cmmnt dear

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