Reincarnation 7

Hello all people..thanks a ton for reading n encouraging me for my stupid plots..lol…don’t worry it’ll be finished 50-60% today..only few chapters…bear that..let me know ur views…
ritu dear hope this chapter will be a long for u,but thing is how long I write I can’t posted by a heading two chapters..so u think by urself it’s two chapters…lol…now in exchange demand I want LRD tetra dhamaka …awww plzzz

Arjun was hell tired but no use of his teachings..it was fifth time he tried to teach radhika how to make noodles ; but as usual she made mistakes..finally she gave some mercy on Arjun n kicked him out..at least in this short span of time she got to know he will never leave her alone to complete even any simple task..so all that drama needed to push him for rest..she saw still Arjun sneaking from door step,she banged bowls n shouted..Arjun ran toward his room seeing her different avatar making her rolling on the floor..she thought;” billionaire loafer is cute also”..she continued her cooking act..

Arjun checked out Neil n teji slept peacefully on the bed leaving some space..he went to his room which was next to Neil’s room..he was tossing n turning on the bed..he smiled himself n mumbled ;determination n dedication,i love that..he felt happy n contented,so sleep caught him today easily…but what ever it’s, his inner subconscious mind never let him be alone without his dreams..its like it takes oath after Arjun realized the truth bit ,it will be at ease..his dream world took him back to era of 5000BC……

A sentry came run into royal court of Azana..he gave the news to king;” ur highness,as per ur request the king of Astana is coming here with his whole family,we should be prepare for their warm welcome”…
King of azana was very happy…he went inside palace to give the news..princess sameera thought it was her lucky day as he heard the handsomeness n bravery of prince Arjun..more than that she also would get glimpse of the most famous warrior neelkant…

After the warm heartfelt welcome prince Arjun n neel were taking rest in one room..by that time neel become best friend,philosopher n guide for Arjun and Arjun strictly banned the formalities between them…

” I heard the beauty of princess even whole aryavarth was after her to make her their own bride..what do u think?? Will u marry princess??I just got a glance before n she’s quite beautiful”, asked Neel with pressing his anxiety with a little bit mock..

Prince Arjun could sense that n smiled..” I thought u know me completely..u know m not an admirer n worshipper of beauty..to become my queen I need bravery,cleverness,sensitive n honest person irrespective of which clan she belongs I don’t care”, replied prince Arjun with a great interest ..

” but u r a prince ,Arjun…belong to royal blood..what if our king opposed n most importantly what quality u want in ur lady,did u find any kind of girl like that?? Its just u want..if our king promised to king of Azana then it would be a big problem”, expressed Neel with a very thoughtful manner

Prince Arjun always admire Neel’s thoughtfulness..he joked,” if u were a girl ,I would definitely marry u”..
Neel’s eyes widen but later he figured out Arjun joked..both laughed…

” I already discussed with father about that..as u know Neel even my mother was not a princess..she impressed father by her bravery n cleverness..so he promised me he will manage everything..if it’ll be necessary princess sameera can Marr my little brother”,said Arjun diplomatically

” but before that we should see n talk with lady sameera,how can u reject her without paying a visit..it would be out of ur palace etiquettes,”said Neel with a convincing manner ..Arjun nodded..

Both went out to see the view of palace..they stopped at the place where soldiers practiced their sword fighting,aiming arrows or other tricks..everything carried out with discipline n silently..what caught their eyes was a boy commands them n taught how to fight a war,though they didn’t saw his face…both amazed n spoke in unison” strange”!!to the next royal garden was there ,as they entered sounds of giggles n jokes audible to them..both move forward to the direction from where the sounds were coming..they saw under a tree sitting on a estrade princess sameera was busy in drawing abstract paintings..the view told them she’s a fine artist..both were impressed a bit..by seeing them near princess feeling shy ..both praised her painting genuinely..sameera signed to leave them alone for some talk..followers dispersed..they just stared each other ..every one has a single thought roaming their head;” what i heard about the handsomeness or beauty,u r more than that”..their thought was broken when an arrow fell near their feet by crushing a snake..all startled a bit..

A person seemed coming toward them…both prince Arjun n Neel shocked n scream,” that boy”…princess stared at them perplexed while neel looked Arjun…Arjun cleared;” when I was hurt badly by backfire of my power with anger in jungle to death he saved me by applying some leaf n flower juices”… Radhika went forward n greeted them warmly…she said;” I just saw something hanging from tree n tried to hurt u,so I guessed it must be a snake “..i hope I didn’t scare u..apologies for startled u”… She stood with bowing her head below…Arjun n Neel just thought about her normal behaviour coz she already met them…sameera said smilingly;” u saved us yet asking for apologies..why r u so formal with me?? I already told ,u r more than a friend to me”..

Radhika replied with a respect;” I know u don’t want to be formal,but its my duty to save u and my status n position said me to respect u..i can’t able to change that..in other way it would be good for us..m sorry for my extra words”…

Neel came forward n asked her about archery..he praised how she target long distanced objects neatly..neel signed radhika to let prince Arjun n princess sameera alone..both excused themselves n went..Arjun was pacing in their special arranged room,waiting for Neel..he just chatted friendly with sameera n back after some moments..all his thoughts occupied by Radhika whom he thought as a boy…Neel n radhika entered with talking n laughing..they were like long lost friends..but the truth is their status were same ,so as thinkings..they only think how to serve with loyalty..so they mixed well..Arjun just stared them with so much questions in eyes which were cleared by Neel later…

King of Azana wanted to get one inscription which was safely kept by one tribal king..that inscription was very much important as it’s the last piece which hold the power to reveal some future prophecy..already one piece was available at his palace,second piece was gifted by king of Astana n this was the last piece they wanted before full moon…and it was not an easy thing to get it..in other hand if it’ll be late it had a chance the prophecy will be invisible…enemies were not let easily to get it..only two days left for full moon…general commander assured king not to be worry n left..he explained each n everything to her daughter radhika n gave her some sample which may help her to get it…

In dusk time when Arjun n Neel were returning form their horse riding they saw commander sent radhika somewhere..Arjun said to Neel ;” its dangerous to go alone as night will approach after sometime,how can a father send his child alone”.. Neel also seemed tensed ..both decided to follow her..radhika knew after sometime that she was being followed..she hided herself n caught both of them..she was surprised n said,” why u both were following me??”

Arjun replied,” don’t u think it’s absurd to go anywhere at this time n moreover how u hided urself so neatly even our powers couldn’t trace u??”..

She said,” I was stood behind that tree covered by shrubs…n what u used power to find me?? “.. She laughed..n continued,” I think ur power didn’t not work well”.. She teased n laughed again forgetting about the status n position..

Both Neel n Arjun was feeling suspicious about her n lost in her laugh though they didn’t know she was a girl..Arjun thought;” only god can save me from falling for this boy,don’t know why there is a strong pull when he is near me..his intelligence,limited talkings n braveness impressed me more with due to time..but its wrong to fall for him”..

Neel praised her n her ability in mind..finally he felt he found his soul mate…

To their surprise they reached at tribal king without any problem..when Neel wondering about it radhika answered ;” that’s because our enemies wanted the inscriptions ,so we may get attacked during our return time,so be ready”..both stood numb by hearing her reply…

She impressed tribal king n his clan with her warmness..first she gifted them the samples which was given by her father earlier…she praised their food,their lifestyles,simplicity n bonding in a genuine way..Arjun n Neel impressed with her, though they feel like puke when they eat their foods..finally she got the last piece of inscription as a gift without her saying..Arjun n Neel stood like frozen..they learned that ” to get a thing,everytime a fighting or show off power is not needed; its ur behaviour n way of approach even can make impossible to possible”…Arjun thought;” god m gone ,why u showed me this side of his..why I feel strange attraction towards him ..he is a boy..but the thing I wanted in my future queen should possess,he has everything…why don’t u send him as a woman to earth??”…

(u guys must be think ,why they don’t use power to reach destination asap?? But they never use it until n unless it is needed..that’s they learned before acquired mythical powers)

It was one of the darkest night on their way of return..all were returning back with different horses ..Arjun used his fire power a bit to make visible their ways..his all thought n concentration was on radhika..neel broke the silence n asked Radhika:” U know u v many qualities with humbleness..i feel like after so many years I get a friend whom I searched..will u be my friend??” Showing his pleasant smile..radhika in response pulled him down from his horse with a lighting speed which shocked both Arjun n Neel..but next moment they understood as they saw an arrow just pinned the tree behind Neel..within few moments they were surrounded by enemies..Arjun was going to use his power fullest stopped by Neel..he said it may destroy the whole forest n its living creatures with tribal clan…they stood in some gaps ,that’s the problem..Neel signed when they will be together he will use his power n they all will reached at palace safely..but their distance increased with fighting..Neel n Arjun amazed seeing radhika’s fighting skills…

Neel thought seeing radhika;” I was wrong by underestimate him as a boy..he was the correct choice to taught soldiers how to fight..i never met such humble n talented person at this age..m really lucky having him as friend”…

Finally they kill almost all people and gathered as Neel said… Just before Neel used his power someone come from back side with sword to stab him ,But killed by Radhika.. but her elongated clothes from her turban also got stucked..she tried to pull ; they heard many foot soldiers n horse coming toward them..she told Neel uncaringly;” lets go,else it will be late”…Neel took them inside cloak n disappeared before enemies caught them again…the leader of the enemy growled like a hound..he mumbled himself;” it was not the end prince Arjun..this Neel will not be with u forever..I’ll make sure ur friendship should ruined..moreover its better for u if u will not know Radhika is a girl..else destruction will be there”…

On the next few moments they reached at palace…Arjun n Neel looked back n shocked to see radhika..coz her turban already gone,her long knee length traces waving according to wind..Arjun was the most happiest person of that moment,likewise Neel..they asked;” u r a girl,but u never said that”..radhika replied;” coz u never asked,simple…now lets visit the king”..she ran into palace..king was very happy..he patted radhika head n said;” u r a gem of my land,my fortune..i must did something very great so I got u”..she politely declined king’s praises n replied;” if they both were not with me then I may not be able to have it”.. King thanked Arjun n Neel…princess sameera feel happy n show her gratitude..literally she confused between Arjun n Neel…

They all were eagerly waiting to see what prophecy the inscriptions held…they joined all three n read the riddle:






What’s this??…everyone there shivered with fear..they couldn’t understand anything but understand some devastation is coming,one can save them..but who is that person???

The next everything were running at a high-speed which could not be visible…Arjun woke up from his dream with screaming…he was trembling with fear..what devastation??he was sweating profusely…he went to see if radhika was still cooking or slept..he saw rads sleep peacefully near by Neil..Arjun was so afraid he didn’t think what will happen morning if Neil will see Arjun there..he didn’t care.. He slept near radhika..he heard when teji n radhika talked that what a kumbhkarna she is?? He pulled her into him n placed her head on his shoulder n slept by seeing her face…

In morning samaira entered with an attitude to see Arjun..rana always laughed at her back seeing her..he thought;” poor girl,she was after Arjun from childhood,she became model only to pull his attention but failed”..Sam asked Rana about Arjun..he pointed his room…she went n found it empty..she went to next too n screamed aloud..rana ran for his life thinking ‘if Arjun will woke up what happen then??’ But the view made him dumbfounded also..he couldn’t believe Arjun can sleep with someone..the view is Neil slept in between,teji put his head on his chest n his one leg is in hanging position from bed when other one on Neil’s leg,radhika’s head on Arjun shoulder facing him but her legs on Neil’s belly n Arjun held radz tightly..rana signalled Sam not to scream but she didn’t listen..everyone got up except rads..Arjun was in a hyper mood,teji n Neil shocked to see him with them…Neil didn’t say anything but thought” I’ll put some conditions for him to stay here”..his another shock seeing Sam there..

Before Arjun could say anything to Sam ,Neil came n said;” Canberra Bandar what r u doing here this early??”.. Others laughed hard …

sam retorted back;” what are u doing here??”she showed her attitude;” m childhood bff of great Arjun Mehera”… While Arjun pushed her aside n went to his room saying ” they are my special friends”…another round of laughter is there…sam thought seeing Neil” this man always makes joke of me,but why can’t I get angry on him??she frustrated by herself n went down..

After many try when radz didn’t wake up,Neil put her on his shoulder n took her to dining table followed by teji..he knew if she smells food she will get up soon n his trick worked..but before she could eat teji dragged her for brushing…samarj perplexed seeing the sight..Sam felt a bit jealous seeing all the care n affection rads get..she didn’t see rads clearly yet as her hair covered almost her face..when teji n rads came after refreshing Sam stood up amazed n said unknowingly” warrior angel”…Arjun heard that n he thought if Sam dreamt like me,he decided to talk with her later…everyone started eating except Arjun..when Sam asked him the reason he replied;” he wanted to eat radz’s handmade noodle”.. Neil n teji’s spoon fell down with horror..Neil winked n said to teji,” when victim wants to be victimized what we can do”..sam was rolling her eyes continuously seeing rads by thinking” what’s special about her,so that she got so much attention”…

But radhika was busy enjoying her breakfast without caring anything…Sam n Rana n zubin got afraid seeing rads eating nonstop without caring Arjun’s word…to their surprise Arjun told radhika;” easy girl,nobody is going to snatch ur food..eat slowly or u will get indigestion..and i can wait for u to cook”..now its Rana,zubin n Sam’s eyes widen n mouth flung open seeing a very different attitude of Arjun towards radhika..

“Arjun Mehera can wait”, zubin thought something is seriously wrong in my boss’s brain …but Rana seemed happy…radhika completed her breakfast n went for cooking..neil n teji just covered their faces by news papers n sneak peek regularly..to their surprise rads came out within 15 mins and served Arjun noodles..he was surprised by the taste n poured out praises for her, which made Sam fume.. Teji n Neil were dumb,they went near Arjun n asked a bite for taste..both were dumbstruck by the taste when radhika gave them a winning smile picking up arjun’s collar..Arjun smiled seeing their kiddish behaviour..neil n teji hugged n swept off rads from floor with overwhelmed…

Later on Rana informed Arjun that he made Neil to stay here permanently with rads n teji…he apologized for not informing him before..but Arjun became too happy listening this he hugged Rana with excitement n said” thank u very much kaka”.. and went away…after so many years Rana saw the child Arjun in him n become happy…

Other hand Neil informed teji n radhika about their staying at mansion…they both hung on his neck with happiness when Arjun saw them..Arjun was also going to hug him,Neil stopped him n said;” I’ll put some conditions if we will stay here”.. Arjun agreed…Neil told we have to shift our things so we r going to our house..Arjun accompanied them with a shocking zubin..he followed his boss wherever he goes..when they reached at their place they saw a young man stood there waiting..zubin mumbled slowly near Arjun” elder master,Aditya Mehera ..when he came n why he’s here??”.. The new comers eyes glued to radhika who held Arjun by one hand n Neil another..unknowingly Neil felt annoyed n disgusted as he covered up radhika from front n Arjun clenched his fists…………

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  1. Sreee

    I was so laughing hard, when arjun thought y he was falling for a boy..and when he jumped seeing that she is actually a girl….oh god di amazing chappy….really am stilll laughing hard….past and the puzzle r confusing me so much….destruction?…oh god am so tensed for it di….and am really waiting for arjun to talk to sam…and both would retrieve their memory, and would fight together for raneteji….and i think aditya mehra was the one in past to have messed their lives…am tensed for Neil’s and rad’s reaction when they woukd know of their past…..didi plssssssss post next soon…i wannna know fully wat happened in past…pretty plsssssss…love u di fo ur amazing words and crazy ideas too(…lol.. )…muahhhh…and a big ,tight hug to you for this wonderful chappy???????

    1. http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Dark%3Aan+action+flick
      here u go with dark n its epilogue…thank u very much sreee …read n tell me how is it…btw m telling u before it’s not love romance saga…it was all about ur love for ur own country n bro-sis bond and bravery of a girl…hope u like it ?

      1. Sreee

        Noproblem di…that is why ,i wanna read it…bro-sis bond i love it…

  2. Sreee

    I am first ..yaaaaay???

    1. Yes u r first…m glad …scroll down to read other story of urs..

    2. Do u know about sage,the great saints who were lord Vishnu’s parts…Nara and Nararayan…ohk..leave that it’ll be another story…they were meditating very hard near the end of Satya yug..to regain their angelic aura again…

      One good natured monster sahashra kavach was living at that time..he never torture anybody..one day indra was afraid seeing nara n Narayan’s tapasya..he sent apsaras to broke their tapasya but failed..then he able to polluted sahashrakavach’s mind…he was powerful…he attacked n try to break their tapasya…so nara n Narayan make their tapasya one by one…means when one do tapsya other one fighting with sahashrakavach…finally they able to destroy his 999 kavachs…with that one kavach the monster got afraid n hide behind Surya dev/god sun..sun protected him as he knew the truth how indra instigated him n polluted him…he cared him like his own child…then Narayan stood up n warned him we will meet u in dwapar yug n that will be ur end…so as per the past Narayan borned as shri Krishna,Nara as Arjun and the sahashrakavach who had only one kavach left born as our great hero Karna…

      I hope u understand his birth reason with past birth…next time I’ll tell about his work of danveer…how he didn’t hesitate to slaughter his own son for his promise n words…hope u enjoy it…tell me…will wait for u

      1. Jessie

        And nxt time inform me when u write or share abt karna anywhere..I like karna for his deeds..hv read abt him here n der.. so enlighten me..*rite nw am peeping thro d cloak* ?will read ur reply n decide if 2 disappear or nt.?this story abt his birth am reading 4 1st time. So he was good natured monster.!!!

      2. Ohk…I’ll inform u…lol…happy to hear that u also liked karna..so u snatched my cloak…I’ll not leave u…

      3. Rossy

        Ohk…Jessie madam…karna is ur fav myth hero I don’t know…so…and u stole my cloak…lol…that’s why I couldn’t find it ??

      4. S.v

        Ya ur rite twin. Nara in the next birth is arjun and narayana is krishna himself. It was so said that to break 1 kavach they should do thapasya for some years and they should fight for same no of years. They broke the kavach and when the last was still there pralaya kalam came so they took the next birth and they were arjun and karna.

        So after the death karna went to surya logh and was with bagvan surya narayan. Sry if any info wrong. Im not saying u rosie.

      5. Thnx Rosie SV Jessie for sharing it dear…I was not knowing about this…infact I was not knowing anything about his previous birth…So, thats y he was gifted with kavach.and Arjun and Krishna gave him mukti…plz do share more and next time plz inform me wherever u will post about Karn…I would be glad to read anything about him…

      6. Sweetie

        Lovely story..Thanks Rosie sweetheart for sharing it..I don’t know anything about Karna’s previous birth,glad that I met all of you guys’ here.. 🙂 You don’t know how happy I am to read Karna’s stories.. 😀 Stay blessed and love you all.. 🙂 😀

      7. Sreee

        Ohhh di..this is too much…even in his past birth,none have spared him..what does they think of him, a hand toy…arrrgh that indra too…but thank god for suryadev, he protected our karna……am going to worship him daily from Now on???….and thanks to krishna too…atlast he came and devoured him of his sins…and thanks to you to sweeet di…u posted it…….muahhhhhh…u r asking me will i wait….oh god, di his karna’s sake i willl wait till eternity.. but hope u wouldn’t, make me wait for that long….hehehe….love u…….take care….omg i forgot…bear hugs toooooooo???

      8. Do post things like this dear, I love read about these mythological stories and I learned something new today

  3. Shree

    Lol Radhika be a boy!! I’m laughing hard.. Arjun be so wierd . I will kill you if you call it stupid..

    Loved everything.. Sam remembers..

    Now put all in the right place and post soon

    Love you ??

    1. Awww my baby don’t kill me…then how will u get stupid plots…lol????..m not sudhuring

  4. Amazing update Rosie, hugs and kisses for u for such an amazing update. Arjun thought he was faling for a boy that reminded me one Korean serial I watched once. Loved everything about this update and loved it to the core. Stay blessed n love u

    1. Awww…giu baby minions…lol…do u like despicable series…i loved it…Korean drama…suggest some..I’ll watch…c u soon

      1. I loved minions, I don’t really remember the name of the series

  5. Saanvi

    Amazing story..i read it today for the first time but liked it..I will surely read the previous episodes and will also follow the ff 😀
    great job..keep going 🙂

    1. Thanks saanvi dear for liking it..n tell me how u like it…will wait for ur views

  6. This is really amazing story, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin for supporting me from day 1?? tc

  7. S.v

    Ah twin my peace. U know what I read the update in the night itself but I was reading it again and again and slept soo peacefully that why commenting in the morning. Pls dont stop it . I love this plot I want to read for eternity. So dont stop it. Love u so much dear.

    1. Twin glad to hear that u love it…ur peace…but it has also an end…so I’ll try my best to give a good time..

  8. Dipika

    Ohhhh my god Rosie darling this such marvelous update..arjun taught rads cooking.. Hiw cute…Rads fighting…. I felt like i was too at jungle with them n fighting… Thoda bahot to fighting me b sikh jaungi tumhare stories se….n their sleeping position.. I can’t handle my laughing u know…sam gettie angry.. Its like only she was left out of grp..so take her in too…n rads made good noodles.. Not bad..arjun is good teacher….when i read like this king queen empire n all..i want to go to that era…thanks darling for such brilliant concept… N pls nxt time come soon don’t take much time…love u my warrior angel..tc

    1. Hehehe..thanks heroine…next time I’ll send u that jungle so u can learn some fighting…lol…Arjun will become what I’ll make him…bechara main use torture karti hun..lol..but it’s fun..hehehe

  9. Sammy

    Wao Rosie di omg while reading your update I started imagining things …u know di I was waiting desperately for it ..it was lovely ..what to say each and every line was driving me crazy …superb ..mind blowing ..u know while reading I just only had one wish god pls don’t let me reach to the end ..pls ..marvellous di 🙂 🙂 and mars wala romance waiting for it

    1. Sammy my laadooo ur imagination make me imagine things..u r waiting for it..how lovely!!next I’m also thinking about mars…lets see..

  10. Jessie

    This is fantastic… Rosssiieee.. u r making fun of our interest on ur plots by calling them.stupid.. nxt time I will pull myself inside a cloak.n disappear if u call it so…
    Arjun thought he is falling for a boy…hahaha the best.. god.! Why dont u send him as a woman!! Bechara.. wat a plead frm a prince.. loved d past.. Zubin is gonna faint on one fine day seeing his boss’s twin avatar.. Rads cooked noodles..yummm.. andd.Arjun waits 4 it.. yaar.. ye sab sirf stories me ho sakta hai.. so bring more like this.. I will be all happy..lol god.?. why don’t u send such a guy as my wouldbe..?? waiting 2 knw wat sam knows abt their pre birth… n guess sam likes neelkant n tats y something gonna happen.. else they will misunderstand RaNeil… so curious..
    Sam is turning jealous.. poor girl.. she cant withstand Neil’s attention on Rads1 than of Arjun’s.. Awesome wala update.. gonna read it again..u remember my threat b4 calling ur plots so..! Arjun taught cooking.. Awwww… u stole my heart!!! Update tat story abt Mars..! Bear hugs n loads of love…

    1. Rossy run n disappear…Jessie is coming behind u…lol..u don’t have harry potter cloak…he gave me secretly…lol….jokes apart don’t worry…god will accept ur prayers n send a guy like Arjun to u…ur comment always give me a wide warning smile..n I will never say my plot stupid ?

      1. Sorry warming smile

  11. Outstanding episode Rosie…I jst love each and every part to the core..I read it in the night itself but my stupid internet was not working so couldnt comment…OMG rads finally cooked well…Still I cant believe ? Her fighting…Superb..dear one thing I love about u is that in ur every story girls are brave bold and strong…and I really admire that…Arjun falling for a boy Rads.. ?? And Sam getting jealous… poor she…jungle scenes were fabulous…amazing update dear…Dare u call ur story stupid and U will see a warrior angel in me ?? I will torture u so bad wid my updates ??.. and seriously now I didnt want u to post a long chapter coz I really didnt want it to end so soon..I want to read its 1000 episodes…plz a request. dont end it so soon…?? thnx for giving us a brilliant story..u nailed it..and u write these stories so well applying ur Rosie’s tadka..?..waiting for nxt…plz post soon and waiting for mars as well.. ?love u..tc

    1. Rossy run n disappear…ritu dear what was that..1000 chapters…m scared…I’ll go to mars again…yes I wanted girls to be strong,witty n bold …i always make sure my lead lady’s importance..what to do yaar,but more than half of story finished…

  12. I hadn’t started reading it till third chapter.i thot i m not going to get interested on dis reincarnation drama with characters whom we know as serious in d serial…but when I started it really what a brilliant ideA of a plot….even with this supernatural plot, it stands in comparison to all d romantic n serious ffs going on TU…..u know d word everyone dat cms in my mind wen I read dis. BRILLIANCE….update soon about aditya/ marr..I really want to know d full history asap..waiting

    1. Thanks karnika for considering it n reading it…actually I always experiment different types of plots..that’s why it came up ..

  13. Rg2015

    Wow it’s tooo gud. I can’t wait to know Wat truly happened in d past. I love it. This plot is fantastic. It is in no way stupid. You have a very nice imagination. I loved ur story. Pls update soon.

    1. Thanks dear Ramya for considering it good..already most of past disclosed…but the major crux was still there which will reveal soon…nothing big there just simple things…

  14. Sweetie

    Rosie sweetheart..Amazing chappy dear.. 🙂 okay today I’m not in a mood to write an essay,so please forgive me for that..I can say only one thing,I just loved the chapter..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

    1. Thanks sweetie geethu dear…essay…lol…u came that’s enough for me…and if u have time read the story about karna on upper reply section of sreee comment…

  15. Lakshmi05

    Wow..Rosie dear…this is amazing… Everything is superb..in past n present…arjun’s feelings for rads without knowing she is a girl.. arjun n Neil’s friendship..rads fighting skills ….everything is too good… Update soon…luv u..tc…

    1. Thanks hari…after a long time see u…glad u r back…will update soon

  16. wow …rossy .amazing episode…………eagerly waiting next one…….tc

    1. Thanks subha for ur tremendous support…

  17. Gauri

    Rossy it was awesome… I love this story after the dark fiction 🙂 I am curious to know how Arjun betrayed Radhika and Neil… update the next one soon 🙂 love you

    1. Rossy

      Thanks a ton gauri for loving plot..Arjun’s betrayal…ahhh..wait

  18. It was just mind blowing Rossy di:) Kaun kahucha, stupid plot!!! Mora didi ra plot ko stupid kahile, dekhinaba mu kaun karibi. Few chapters? Ate jaldi sarideba:(

    Aau kemiti acha? Tuma pain gift acchi next chapter re aau os lekha chalichi, jaldi post kari debi:)

    1. Rossy

      Auch…nupur baby exam kemiti thila…mu nije kahili stupid boli..lol…hmmm au few chapters…ohk. Running to.ur gift n waiting for OS au baby jaldi register karidia….

  19. Wowwww awesome, lovely, marvellous, outstanding. ..I’m running out of words. …mind blowing update. ..rosieee my sunshine…muaaaaahhhhhh…you made my day. …..your flawless talent takes me to your dreamland….two totally different Era…. historic n modern….yet there is a strong connection….the way you weaved the scenes n dialogues, it’s outstanding….I’m totally bowled….the riddle was really awesome, it’s each n every word is meaningful…so creative…wowwww. ..I’m amazed n spellbound. ….you’ve created a master piece. …..I’m proud of you my sweetheart. …keep it up honeyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. …lots of hugs n kissesssss….. 🙂 😉 ♡♡♡

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