Reincarnated To Unite -A Shivika FF- (Intro And Promo)


Reincarnated To Unite…

This FF is about rebirth of 2 un-united lovers, who sacrificed their lives for each other…


Shivaay Singh Oberoi: The richest family’s son. Rude and Strict. Loves his brothers more than anything else in the world.

Anika Gupta: Adopted daughter of Late Lata and Sujeev Gupta. Loves her brother Sahil although he is not her blood brother. A middle-class type girl.

In a place near the river. A man fights with goons, to save his wife, Priya, later another man tries to kill him from the back by pushing him on the river. His wife sees this to save him, she comes in between and the man pushes her instead she falls over from 30 feet high as the river was 30 feet down from the place. The man, who was fighting with the goons, sees this and also jumps in the river. For a moment they meet each other while falling and hold each other with their hands and they both fall in the river…

50 years later…
A handsome man collides with a beautiful girl. The man gets a shock (its like a electric shock) and feels a bond between him and that girl. He doesn’t see her face as she was in a rush and walked away.

Hey peeps?. How are you and thanks for reading. Comment for thumbs up?or down?to help me improve. A humble request to silent reader(s) (if there is one) to comment?. Recommended others? if you liked the concept?…

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  1. Its a copy of magadheera

  2. Fama

    Nice and different concept.? Waiting for your next part

  3. Awesome idea 4 an superb story plz do continue waiting 4 the next part

  4. Ruksy

    Wow sounds amazing.

  5. Nithu

    U took the concept of magadheera…irs my fav movie..its very nice do contu..i would love to read it in shivika role

  6. Puvi

    this concept of magadheera right i loved post asap soon

  7. Nice concept…

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