Reincarnated soul: a restarted love story {raglak or ragsan} Intro and Promo


Reincarnated soul: a restarted love story
Basically it will be a psychological thriller in romance in mystery genre
Couples will be ragsan nd raglak bt in the end anyone of the two can be ended up
It will be part present nd part flashbacks. Tejaswii will be in dual roles.
Set up: this set up will be in rajsathan
Exact location I will search on google nd tell u in my next update. Actually I like rajasthan a lot. I have just visited it once but I loved that state.
Ragini gadodia: a Charted accountant
Ex employee of singhania group
Now is a working partner in lr nd s ca firm
26 years old
Played by tejasswi prakash
Lr nd s group: laksh ragini nd swara ca firm is a firm doing audit of different co nd corporate
Laksh kapoor: a ca bt has a huge empire inherited by her mother nd has some relation to palaces.
28 years old
Played by namish taneja
Sanskar maheshwari: an actor currently doing his 2nd film
28 years old
Played by varun kapoor
Dev sa: an famous musician of 20 th centuary.
No one knows his whereabouts. Its just said that he was murdered by rani of the palace where he was musician of
Played by nil nitin mukesh
Rani nisha: she was a rajkumari of kutumbh palace
Later was married to raja shorya of amber palace
No body knows about her whereabouts except a panditain
Last seen when she was 27 years old
Played by tejasswi praksh
Raja shorya: he was a raja of amber palace
Got attracted to rani nisha nd married her
Died many years ago when he was 28 years of age
Not a natural death rather he was murdered
Played by param brata chattopaddhyay
{He is a Bengali actor who was seen in kahani as a police officer helping vidya balan}
Panditain: a panditain who is 90 crossed nd is mentally disordered sometime.
She was earlier a very famous panditain of amber palace
Swara gadodia: 1 year elder than ragini nd is a ca
She also is a partner of lrs group as a 2nd partner
Maithli singh: Mother of laksh kapoor
Very rich women. Related to palaces
It will be revealed later
Played by simone singh[ she was last seen inek haseena thi as shoryaz mother}
The story will revolve as to either laksh or sanskar will be the raja of rani ji. Nd the question is whre is dev sa nd if he is dead then is he reincarnated nd is he again planning something

Promo 1
Guyz please stop it yr. stop playing such a prank.
Camera shows a girl crying for help. She is stuck in kutumb city palace.
Chan chan
Whoz there.. why I feel suffocated in these places and its full moon day as well.
I don’t know but y this full moon makes me uncomfortable.
Ah help help help
Ragini ragini where are you. Can you hear me
Oh god ragini wake up wake up.
‘Laksh what happen to her why is she unconscious’
‘This is because of you. Why did you left her alone in that huge palace’ laksh answered
‘We are sorry laksh, we just played a small prank’
‘Is this the way, after all you know how much she is afraid of being alone in these palaces’ laksh shouted
Ragini get up see we are sorry.
‘You all intentionally made me go away from this palace’ he yelled again
‘Sorry laksh’
‘Yr she is my chuddy buddy’ laksh spoked in tears
Promo 2
A boy is seen sleeping peacefully
As the camera focused he is seen disturbed in his sleep and got up immediately
Ah god these dreams when will they stop.
My every sleep is distracted by these dreams.
It shows as if I am going to be murdered.
These swords. What shall I do.
My meetings got delayed because of this. Please god save me.
No no laksh you are laksh kapoor don’t be afraid boy. Now sleep.
So guyz these are the promos nd introductions.
Hope you guyz will like it nd do comment whether I should start writing ep1 or not.
Every sort of comment is welcomed nd give me advise too.
Please guyz do comment, in my previous ep of my SS I got a drastic decreament in comment nd I felt low really but asra fairy a.xx. nishu silentwriter varshu hema nd many more were there who supported.
Or else I would have dropped the idea of new ff nd must hve ended my ss by giving you all a summary in one shot.
Suggest actor for panditain please.
Nd love you all guys.

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