Reincarnated soul: a restarted love story {raglak or ragsan}-Episode 2

Ep 2
Hi guies I know I am late. bt you know na my tests. Hope you like this chapter. Do read it nd comment. This story is interesting nd what will you not expect will definitely happen.
Rags pov:
‘My credit card my debit card my bag nd ya my purse. Ol set’ I breathed out in relief. ‘rago comeon be fast, laksh had already come, you will miss your train’ I heard shona screaming on top of her lungs. ‘coming na bae’ I quickly took my bag nd other things nd put them in laksh car with his help. ‘bye shona mona I will miss u’ a tear full of pain escaped from my eyes, though this is not the first time I am leaving her alone but.. ‘ill miss you too damn it’ shona said while wiping tears while laksh chuckled a bit. ‘no u wont , you have my chuddy buddy with you’ I saw shona’s eyes widened a bit followed by an aaanger glare, on the otherside laksh was looking adorable with a confused expression. ‘chal u leve rago’ swara said while I bleamed at her with a hope that she also come to bid adieu to me till station but as usual she never comes to drop me. I don’t know whats the reason, I think she is a bit emotional person.
‘laksh please help me’ this was the 8th time I was asking him to carry my luggage. ‘um no’ he said while escaping eye contact. ‘please….. oh I am sorry I forgot… please help me my chuddy buddy’ I pleaded him with his fav name ‘ya now I am going to help’ he said nd I grinned a bit. ‘dramebazzz… vese I will miss you yr’ I said with eyes full of emotions ‘ I will not miss you’ he spoked .. ‘uh you so bad laksh’ I slapped him lightly on his arms.. ‘are chuddy bol yr tabhi to miss karunga’ I tell you he is so naughty. But I am seriously gonna miss him in this month.
Tu tu. ‘rago go train had arrived’.. ‘I will miss you chuddy buddy’ my eyes turned red nd my body suddenly turned hot I mean temperature increased. I don’t know but this is the first time I feeling too exhausted to leave my two hearts in Udaipur. I saw tears in laksh eyes too. I signed to wipe them off while entering my buggie nd slowly trained started again. I gestured laksh that I am gonna miss them both.
It was a nnight journey of 7 hours or so. It was already 9 so I tried to sleep. Soon sleep conquered me as I being tired of crying.
Chan chan….i saw a girl dressed traditionally running in a corridor with lamp in her hand. She was sobbing I could hear that but her face why cant I see.. Uh I jerked up nd saw a full moon flooding his beautiful shine on me. I don’t know but whenever I see moon it gives me some uncomfortabeleness. I tried sleeping but as I saw it was already 2am nd that dream made it more difficult nd only 2 hrs left for my destination. I decided to call swara. No no I wont call her she will be asleep.

Swara pov:
I missing you rago. I hugged her pillow. I am a very emotional person, sorry rago I could not come to drop you. I don’t know but this time these vibes are getting stronger. I don’t know but I am feeling so irresistible but whatever it is I am going to jodhpur in 2 days.
Rags pov:
‘Jodhpur station jodhpur station chai vala madam pani le lo mungfali lelo’ so finally I am here. I took my bags nd put them on the platform nd then helped myself getting on the platform.

Writers pov:
Shhhhhh shhhhhhhh.. wind started blowing, birds started chirping soundly, as camera turned around it soon start raining.. it seems that nature was happily welcoming his loved one. The morning nudeness of nature with its black light all over made it more appealing to ragini. Though she was never so much fond of atmosphere around her but this was something disffrent for her. Though her body nd mind do not know the reason bt the soul inside her knew everything. It is just that the energy of soul is too dim for her mind to recognize nd recollect everything. Souls are immortal nd her story was different. God gave her rebirth. She was special to him.
Ragini was seen enjoying this part of nature. She fondly looked around.
A women in her late 90’s is seen with rudraksh mala nd black clothes enchanting something. She jerked open her eyes. ‘dekha I told you she will come one day, see she has come. Her destiny made her come here. She had to come to give him punishment nd to fulfill her incomplete love story. She had come now he will also come. Rani nisha promised me she will come to take her revenge’.. ‘doctor doctor.. see she again started’

Laksh pov:
I think that all for today. Go nd complete your work for set5 soon…’ yes sir’
Hm now I have to inform ragini that one of his chela will not come. Though I wanted to visit there but I cant. But whatever..
‘laksh’ I heard swara.. ‘yes swaru bolo’ she was looking tensed ‘vo I wanted to say that I also wanted to go to jodhpur’.. ‘are you mad.. don’t be crazy swara.. If you react like this then who will do this much work’.. ‘but’
Though I know I was rude but we are ca nd has some ethics nd professionalism we have had to get over our emotional side.
Swara had to be strong even my dreams are getting weird nd wilder know. Even yesterday night I see the same swords nd 2 man fighting nd this time I could even hear them..
‘I am going to kill you raja’ 1st man said.. ‘but you were my gem why are you doing all this’
‘you took rajkumari nisha away from me, I knew her before you even met her, I love her nd I will make her mine even if I have to kill you raja ji’ he smirked evilly nd took out his sword nd strted scratching the raja ji.. he thrusted the swords in him twice nd here I could feel his pain.
‘Ah ah aha ah’…… I saw my stomach it was all right nd that pain had vanished. What was that dream that got wilder today. Am I getting mad or what. I had to consult someone’
Those dreams what will I do if I got them again. Even I am feeling different. I should go nd visit ragini soon.

‘Bhaiya, kutumb palace le chalo’ I hired a taxi. I could not wait more, I was already 2 hrs late because of rain, its already 6 am nd know it will take 2 hrs to reach there
‘lo madam aa gaya’.. ‘yes’
Oh wow this is amazing wow literally
‘hey excuse me, where will I be able to meet mrarjun’ I stopped a boy I think he was a spot boy.. ‘he is in main gallery after 2nd hall’.. I enterd the huge buildings, it seemed familier to me.. I went up with the flow nd started imagining myself as a queen…… ‘cut it cut it’ I heard some sounds. that means I was in right direction.
‘helloo mr arjun’ I patted a shoulder while asking his identity.. ‘yeah ya I don’t know you’ he said.. ‘oh I am miss ragini’.. ‘the auditor? Mr sinha told me about you’he asked out of curiosity .. ‘omg you know me’.. ‘ya’.. ‘oh god am I dreaming’ I said.. ‘you found this place alone you would have called me’he asked.. ‘why cant I come alone’I questioned.. ‘no actually this place is so deep inside this palace we found it hard to find it nd you easily came here’.. ‘oh ya I came up with the flow’ I said casually.. ‘nice joke acha I have to go see you later’ he went.. joke but he was right how did I find this place easily. Oh ra don’t think much.

I started seeing the palace.. soon I entered a huge room, it was looking as if it was raja rani room.. I saw a man standing in front of me but I started feeling dizzy nd again I started hallucinating.
A man standing in aroom dressed as a traditional groom smiling nd staring at someone, I looked in his direction nd saw a lady in a veil sitting on a bed looking as a beautiful bride. It looks as if they are recently married nd it is their first night. They seem to be very royal. The groom started going towards the bride, sat on the other side of the bed nd said ‘you know rani sahiba the first time I saw you I wanted you to be with me in this room as the sarvashretha rani[most important queen].. ‘this room is amazing, kya aap hamse itna prem karte h [she asked do you love me so much]. This voice is so familier.

Han rani ji’ nd he pierced the veil.. the face of the bride was now clear.
Ah ahhhhhh …… where I am, was I dreaming again?.. ‘ Ragini are you okay’ I saw mr arjun standing in front of me.. ‘ya yes’ I replied wiping of my sweat from my temples.. ‘Why are you sweating so much’ he asked much concerned.. ‘no just a bad dream’ I replied to cover up my tension. He gestured to take rest nd left.
I again dreamt of a girl.. before I used to get glimpse of a girl wearing lehnga nd payal running in a corridor but now these come in my dreams as well.. nd that girl just look like me.. but how is this possible. This is just a dream don’t think much. Leave it. But it is just that I will go mad one day.

Tring tring.. I saw my phone ringing on with laksh nd my photu that bring me out of the trance.
‘Yes buddy.. I miss you yr’ I said smiling widely.. ‘oh o missing me nd didn’t even called me, you know what your di was eating my brains’ I smiled cheekily thinking about his condition.. ‘oh vo actually sorry.. is di there’ I had to say sorry this was really my fault.. ‘yes.. swara speak to her’ I heard him telling shone..‘hi bol kya hai’I heard a stern voice from the other side. ‘are my shonu is gussa I am sorry na’ I tried to pacify her but I think I failed…. ‘shut up. You know how much I was worried, why didn’t you called me’I think she was crying I could feel it through her voice.. ‘I m sorry please forgive me this time’ I said pleadingly with a puppy voice.. ‘oh acha just this time’ I knew it she will definitely melt..‘I love you’ I said..‘huh dramebazz I love you 2 bye’ I heard from the other side.. ‘bye bye’ I replied nd hung up.
I came out of the room nd saw mr arjun thinking something.. I think he is worried.
‘hi arjun’ I saw two worried eyes lost somewhere .. ‘hi hi’ I heard him
‘what happened’I tried finding the reason .. ‘ no nothing’ I knew it he wont tell so easily.
‘tell me’ I forced those two words on him .. he saw me from up to down.. ‘what what happened am I looking that bad’ I asked concerned. I don’t want to destroy my image infront of my idle.
‘no.. yeah mil gaya.. ragini can you do a favour for me’ his that lovely smile came back
‘it will be my pleasure’ I replied joyously without knowing what has written by god in my destiny.. ‘can you play female lead for this shoot’ I was dumbstrucked for a second
‘but why sir where is your heroine nd why just me’ I asked him curiously. I was literally shocked, I never thought to be an actor. I am an average looking girl though I do get compliments for my features nd look but to be an actor is just a big question.
‘vo actually her car got struck in some village nd she could come till tomorrow, riots are going on there nd you have similar body as her so I wanted you to take her place’
‘but sir I cant act..i’ I tried to cross him.
‘no need to worry.. this is trailor shoot nd we will arrange in this way that only your back will be visible’
‘but sir’
‘please don’t say no.. this decoration nd setting has a huge cost.. I will incur a huge loss nd mr sinha will kill me’ he was right looking at the setting anybody could say it had taken a huge capital of his. He did it for his promo. The hall was filled with white dupattas at random places falling vertically, in the middle it was a huge chandelier about 8 inches it must have costed him 20 lakhs or so, the huge room was decorated with white real lily to give a realistic effect nd ithink it was still in progress, cameras set at every angle nd one man big camera was in middle.
‘oh okay just for you’ I could never deny him.
‘there is the make up room, shhersha will make you ready nd then come here I will tell you what youhave to do’ shresha must be the make up artist probably.

I wore the dress that shresha gave me.. it was a beautiful white coloured lehnga. She signed me to sit infront of mirror. She nd her team started applying make up. I don’t know what all she put on me.The end result was I was looking myself as If it was not me. I cant imagine an average looking girl looking so pretty in white shade. A beautiful silver eyeshadow with black kajal smudged up, big artificial brows were increasing beauty of my eyes. Contour on some areas nd ya my dark circles vanished. Beautiful peach lipstick, I think it was candy.k colour of kylie jenner brand. The bronzer nd beautiful nude peachy colour blush nd silver highlighter. Perfect she said nd I appreciated her work.
She platted my white netted chunni nd pinned it on my silver boat neck blouse. My umbrella white silverish lehenga was making me look like a queen. She took silver studs nd a silver mang tika nd a pair of big silver anklets to complete my look. My hairs were straightened nd then some of the strands were curled up.(bich ki mang type)
‘So complete you are looking fabulous’ she patted..‘Thank you’.She gave me pairs of silver high heels to cover feet.

A spot boy came nd asked me to accompany him to arjun.. ‘oh my god ragini.. you are looking amazing, you will definitely look good with sanskar’
‘ty sir nd sanskar is our hero right’ I tried questioning as if I don’t know.
‘ya come I will explain you what you have to do’ he took me to the gallery which was accordingly at 2nd floor. The breeze touched me but you know my spot boy he would not leave me alone with th umbrella.

Recap: sanskar entry nd ragini shoot.

So this is it comment guys. I got lesser comments but nevertheless the one commenting I owe this chapter to them. I know this was something unexpected but I thought why not make boring life of a CA a chilly pine type. Thank you everone for reading. I love you all nd I promise I will update sooner. Next will be the update of the story of broken trust nd lost love raglak and ragsan ep 8. Till then enjoy take care. I will definitely love if you tell me my mistakes.. thanks mahima nd axx for your feedback in pc I tried improving this 1 hope you liked it. by

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    1. CAsush

      Fairy.. My fari thanx a lot for appreciating this much. Even i dnt have words to thank you nd coming to d story the thing which u will expect d least will happen 😉 😉
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      Haha yeah farii 50% possible 🙂 🙂 u too tk care 😉 :*

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