Reincarnated soul: a restarted love story {raglak or ragsan}-Episode 1


Hi guys. Though I have my test series going on but for my supportive readers I owe to give at least a chapter in a week. So here it is. do comment nd be supportive. this story is really interesting. i need your comments to write mmore nd efficiently.
Episode 1
‘Goodmorning ladoo.. wake up darlo. We will get late yr.. come on wake up or else I will call dad’..’Dad dad where is he?’ She waked up looking horrific. #I forget to tell you people she is really afraid of our strict dad.‘I was kidding. Come on now go to washroom’..‘Meri shone mona is getting naughty now a days. Is this what moma taught you, to irritate your younger sister. Huh.’ She is such a pure hearted girl. So bubbly, I just love her she is my life.
‘Ale swara didi why do you day dream so much.vese should I call him nd tell him about your love.’ I had to smile at her antics. Why she always had to be so naughty. ‘Are meri ragini sayani abhi tu washroom ja. Or else dad..’‘Oh ok ok ok ok don’t call him’ she replied waving her hands in air.Thank god she is getting ready, one of my major task has been completed.
‘Oo la la oola la tu hai meri fantasy iiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ Wth she again started oh god. But she is a good bathroom singer.‘Ladoo please lower down your voice baby’ ‘No na didu I am singing this for you only’ ughh she is so stuboorn like our dad. Meanwhile I heard my washroom door opening. This means rago is ready. She may be one of the best chartered accountant in front of people but the way she reacts in front of her family is just like a kid of 7 years. ‘Didu I am ready. Now u go till then I will serve breakfast for us’

‘Todays morning was fun hai na shona mona’ I asked swara didu to which she gave a whatever look. I knew it she is always upset about my illegitimate behavior but I have had to do such things in front of her to turn off her all time serious mode. ‘Speed up ladoo or else we will get late. nd today..’she said while giving herself touch ups‘I know today we had to deal withsome most important clients okay’.‘Yes so please I beg you drive fastly’ She bowed her head , joined her hands nd started pleading. After a minute of thoughtful process I came up to a conclusion #just faking, it was already my plan. ‘Okay on one condition’. ‘Say’ she asked suspiciously.‘While returning you will buy me a silk’ I asked with bleaming eyes nd puppy face ‘Silk?????? Uh okay acha’ she had to imply I had not left her with any choice
‘Hmmmm there we go. You just go ill park nd come’. She implied. ‘Tu tu’ I parked my car nd went straight towards my chuddy buddy’s cabin
‘Hy hi buddy..’ I said while opening his glass door #see I don’t take permission from him. ‘Oye hi meri ladu’..‘Hey I am ladoo not ladu.. huhu’.. what he said ladu, m I so sweet? ‘Are sorry bol kya hai’ see I always win from everyone ‘ what are you doing?’ I asked randomly ‘ I was checking whther all the contract documents are there or not’ oh shit I forgot to do mine ‘Vo actually vo’. ‘Yes say it say na’ his eyes wide opened.‘Vo today I have to give presentation nd I forgot to’ I said while I tried to hide my embarrassment.‘To tell your articles about it’.‘Yeah how do you knows’ to which he arched his right brow proudly.‘I know you. I have already distributed them work. Now go get ready with every document needed. We have had to leave fast to attend there annual general meeting’. ‘oh yeah’ laksh is a life saver he is an angel to me. ‘ thank you. I love you buddy’ while I kissed her on cheeks nd went away happily.

This rago is such a naughty creature but she is bliss for me. Her shiny eyes her happening nature everything so perfect in her.i caressed my cheeks where she gave me a kiss.. no a friendly kiss. Uh. Oh shit its late we should leave now. I called them. swara wont be coming. Now it will be rago me nd her 2 chele I mean articles. ‘come on three of you. Sit inside’ I ordered them to sit in my car.
I saw her giving presentation. Her sharp pointed lips, her rosy lips curved in a smile her, buttery cheeks nd her crimson neck.The fitted jeans nd shirt tucked in, her hairs pulled up in a high pony tail, her peach lips, golden eyeshadow nd light foundation nd some counters nd highlights enlightens her facial features more What the hell what am I thinking. She is my chuddy buddy. But whatever it is I will always be there for her. She is my love. she was nd is everything from past so many years, i mean from childhood. she is so amazing person.
‘Thak thak’ Everybody stood from there chair nd applauded for rago for her extra debating nd convincing skills.
‘Mr laksh’ I heard my name being called from behind. I turned nd saw mr sinha the ceo of sinha production house. ‘Yes mr sinha’. ‘The deal is final’ ‘Omg that’s good, so we got majority in favour’. ‘no… you got 90% in favour just because of miss ragini she was really good’. ‘oh good.. bas I wanted to say that provide us with everything on time or that ragini will give you a disclaimer opinion for her work nd I tell you she is really very stuboorn’. ‘ oh so you are frightening me up’ I smirked at his statement. ‘as you say’ on this statement we both started to laugh
‘Send your auditor nd articles to audit my sites. The shooting is ongoing for 7 films from our production, 5 sets are in rajasthan nd others are in mumabi nd this is main office of rajasthan’.‘Ya offcourse sir I know, nd bdw mumbai ones will be handled by our ventured firm in Mumbai kappor nd firms’
‘Okay then I should leave I have to talk to my secratory’
‘Okay nice meeting you’

‘Is everything ready. Where is our hero’ I enterd my 2nd set to give everyone a surprise. ‘Sir he is coming. But I am surprised with your sudden arrival’ I heard director. ‘Vo this set was coming in my way so I thought y I should I not visit it’ to which he grinned a bit
‘Roll camera nd action..’
‘Don’t entangle with me or else bear this’ this hero gonna rock he is so good looking, his expressions, his emotions, his wittyness , his way of giving dialogues in front of camera, I can imagine him next to the khans nd kumar.
Dadh dishoom bham bham dadh
‘Its me, raja upmanyu you can never catch me’.‘Cut cut it.. amazing sankar well do
ne’ it seems director was really happy with the scene. ‘Sanskar.. come here my son’ I called him. ‘Oh mr sinha. You here. Howcome’ he also gave the same surprised look. ‘You are so good sanskar’.‘Ty sir’. Its looking like my day is awesome. Every best person is meeting me today ‘Here you performed so good nd there she performed so good’ I said while thinking about miss ragini. ‘Which heroine’ I slapped my head

Omg rajesh sinha was praising me. Seriously my day is so good. But I was getting jealous who was she being compared to me. ‘No she is not a heroine’ I saw him chuckling. That means he caught me being jealoused. He is so good in feeling others emotion. ‘Then witch.. I mean which who’. ‘She is a ca’ oh I inhaled my hacked breathe. ‘Oh good’ I am not good at praising people like him
‘Her name ragi..’
‘Mr sanskar director sir is calling you’ I heard my spot boy. ‘Sir excuse’ I looked towards mr sinha to which he nodded in positive.
‘Yes sir’. ‘ no only arjun am your friend right’. ‘ uh yes arjun bas’. ‘ so I have called to remind you that we are shifting this shooting to 1st set in jodhpur, so sleep well nd pack up okay’. ‘ya okay’
‘So the work is distributed. Again I am telling you especially ragini please work efficiently. I know you are effective but be efficient as well’.‘Tysm chuddy buddy. You gave me that set’ she was bleaming in joy. ‘Why what happened anything special’ I questioned her being surprised at the sudden change of her behavior.
‘Yeah you know my favi director is working there. His way of doing his work is superb. His every film is a hit. ‘Rago is he young nd hot as well’ I asked her while I expected answer to be in negative because I have heard directors are mostly oldies nd short temperd. ‘Yes love he is. But cheepo here I am talking about his work nd you are talking about his hoteness’. ‘his name’. ‘ mr. arjun.. vese is there burning something.. are you jealous buddy’ she widely smirked ‘no.. its just that..’. ‘ I assure you. That you will only be my chuddy buddy’

Omg tomorrow I will meet him wow. I will surely befriend him nd will implement his efficiency in my work.
‘Goodnight shona mona. I am sleeping early tomorrow I have to travel from Udaipur to jodhpur’ I saw her deeply engrossed on her laptop..‘shona’.. ‘ oh yeah ragu you sleep good night nd I will be there on your set in 2 days. Okay’ ‘ yeah shona’
I closed my eyes and thought about today. My swara di nd my chuddy buddy. He is awesome, I feel as if shonu likes her but why don’t she accept. I know I feel jealous of the thought that I have to share my buddy with someone else but its all right. One day or the other he had to get married. My presentation omg I did it all right.

Okay guys so they live in Udaipur. This place is beautiful so I have taken this.
Kutumbh palace will be in jodhpur. It’s a fictional place so don’t google it
Nd tysm to everyone reading this
Nd in this chapter I have not added any reincarnation drama or high voltage drama or romance, these all will start from next chappy. This chapter was indeed needed to settle up every character in its place. Bear me for this one but I promise next chappy will be awesome. I am really g;lad you likes this concept of mine.
Do comment nd share.
Love you

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