Rehnuma- Thapki Pyaar Ki Three Shots (Part 2)


Hi. I know you all have questions arising in your minf after reading part 1. You may get your answers after reading part 2. Enjoy my Rehnuma- Thapki Pyaar Ki Three shots part 2. And thanks for all your lovely comments.
Thapki is looking at the window, at the sky, who is currently the most confused person living in this world. Her heart and mind are having debates which is making her quite confused. Just then she looks at the shooting star, and gets into the flashback.
Thapki’s happiness knew no bound as she got a step ahead to fulfill her dreams. She was dancing with the beat of her happiness and she collidies with a guy and her dupatta falls on him. She sees his eyes, and they both share an eyelock as if both fall in love at the first sight. She is confused as if someone just woke her up and her dupatta gets stuck to the guy’s bracelet. She finally manages to seperate it but fails to see his face. And they both walk at separate directions, she tries to see the guy but she fails to do so, and even the guy’s eyes was longing to see Thapki’s face, and seems that he also didn’t see her face. Yes they both fall in love just by seeing their eyes imagine what would have happened if they saw each other’s face.
” Who was my Rehnuma?” Thapki gets thinking and quite desperate for her answer,
Just then she realizes her dupatta had something, she finds an initial. The initial was a letter G. Yes G.
” So his name starts with a G, is he my ji(G)?” Thapki starts asking herself questions and knew that this was one big evidence in the biggest case of her life.

Thapki gets thinking and moves on. But she is still desperate to see her G. G for guy,
Thapki gets out of her flashback.
Thapki looks at the initial G and gets thinking.
“Even till date I have not yet meet him, but I didn’t know that even this day will come to my life.” Thapki gets thinking.
And she gets into flashback again,
Thapki remembers how she was totally focused in her career, until one day she got married. Her marriage was not a typical or simple marriage like others. Even her marriage had a complicated story. She rememebrs how she accepted Dhruv’s proposal for marriage, and decides to move on in her life and tries to forget about the G guy. She wasn’t able to do so but she still agreed for the marriage. But she got married to Dhruv’s brother Bihaan instead of Dhruv due to Vasu’s plan who hated Thapki for her stammering. She thought maybe she will move on after getting married to Dhruv, but when she got married to Bihaan by cheat, she totally lost trust in love. But Bihaan like a ray of hope again awakened love in her, as Bihaan himself was deeply in love with Thapki but he didn’t know how to confess it. Thapki fall in love too, but she didn’t know who was her Rehnuma Bihaan or G guy. Just to confirm Vasu’s truth she instantly rejected to divorce Bihaan which became an energy boost for Bihaan and makes him determine to confess his love for Thapki.
” What is happening to me?” Thapki questions herself and she looks at the G initial.
Just then Bihaan comes,
” You haven’t sleep yet?” Bihaan asks Thapki.
Thapki goes to sleep, and as Thapki goes.
” I am deeply in love with you Thapki. I love you a lot. Tomorrow is holi I will confess love to you tomorrow.” Bihaan thinks in his mind.
Thapki while on the bed looks at Bihaan,
” I have finally taken my decision. Thank you God for making me take a decision. Really this was the most difficult decision of my life.” Thapki gets thinking and she looks at the initial G.
Thapki was relieve and happy, but still she wasn’t feeling completely relieved thinkomg about it.
” Who are you?” Thapki questions on and falls asleep.
Just then the guy with a letter G is shown,
He takes out a earring and looks at it.
He remembers how he collided with Thapki and how her earring got stuck to his shirt. From then the guy G treasures and protect the earring.
” Who are you?” He questions himself again and his eyes is shown, the same eyes, but this time with questions and confusions. His eyes were clearly desperate to see Thapki’s face.
The guy goes to sleep.
Next day morning,
Its holi. Everyone is busy celebrating with colors and all, but there was two person whose eyes were longing for something something colorful. They were Thapki and Bihaan. Both wanted their life to be colorful again. Today both are going to take important step in this colorful day.finally Thapki comes to Bihaan,
Bihaan’s heartbeat starts to beat faster and later he stops himself and decides to confess his love right now, as he was about to do so. Thapki comes.

“Bihaan, this is for you.” Thapki passes Bihaan an envelope.
Bihaan knew he had to be patient. Bihaan opens the envelope and gets super stunned, it seemed his world changed.
What was in the envelope which shocked Bihaan?Finally Whom did Thapki chose?

I will publish next part this sat or sun or latest Monday. I will inform once I submit the article. And its a must must read as part 3 will have the biggest twist, I hope you all love it. And I am sure after you read part 3 you will love it more hopefully.
And please do comment and feel free to express your opinion. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  1. very nice but plz unite thahaan ok no that mystery guy G

  2. very nice but plz unite thahaan ok no that mystery guy G ok

    1. Just wait for part 3 u will know who will be the one united finally πŸ™‚

  3. I think Ji and G in your mind

    Guy G for Goplani…….!!!!!!!????
    Our Ji for jigyasa. …….!!!!!???????
    I thinking positively. …….

    1. Wow nice thinking wow I commend your thinking , but whether ur right or wrong u will get to know in the next part hahaha πŸ™‚

  4. nice epi……… waiting 4 nxt epi

    1. I will update next part ASAP either sat night or sun morning πŸ™‚

  5. Nice episode. Eagerly waiting for next πŸ™‚

    1. Hey true love thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  6. Wow I loved episode.
    You’re honestly so impressive Hun.
    love you~Nusz

    1. Hey nusz thanks for commenting was waiting for it an when will u update your ff m waiting for it

  7. Very nice Pal , hope u remember me??

    1. Yes zuha I remember u how can I forget u luv ur ff

  8. Awesome yaar….I really enjoyed a lot…so much of twists and turns makes your ff fabulous.still excited to read next part to know what’s the stunning surprise.

    1. Yes the last surprise will be really stunning and totally unexpected

  9. Hey fatarajo it is soo good. Great job frnd. and ……sorry for not commenting on your previous part. I was a little bit busy that’s why.!! Upload the next part soon.

    1. No problem u commented this time at last I was also busy this week only weekends I m free and other days busy with lessons especially wed and thurs

  10. aiza siddiqui

    very nice dear…..even i too write ff …..on thahaan…

    1. Oh I read it sorry couldnt comment as I was busy

  11. I m just waiting for the twist update it asap…

    1. Yes it will be a big and stunning twist hopefully

  12. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    I just summited it… It will take some time to upload.. I am actually feeling really ill and sad… I posted it on my ff why (related with soccer)..~Nusz.

  13. It’s soo good waiting for next part

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