Rehnuma- Thapki Pyaar Ki Three Shots (Part 1)

Hi. I m back with a three shots of Thapki Pyaar Ki. I am writing this three shots not as a Thahaan or Tharuv fan but as a Thapki Pyaar Ki fan. The first part is the shortest, but the next two parts will be much longer I promise.
Some kids were playing in the corridor. Among all the kids, there seem to be a special, cute and beautiful girl smiling. While playing with her friends, she remembers something and she quickly runs into her house. As she goes in her huge house, all the people their face turns into a smile once they see her. She is happily running to her, and she runs to grandma holds her saree’s pallu and hugs her.

” Oh so finally, you are here Thapki.” Her grandma said being glad.
Yes, the girl is none other than little Thapki she smiles and she again remembers something and she runs into the room, she is finding something, and later she opens the drawer and smiles seeing the drawer.
Later at night Thapki’s grandma is making her fall asleep and she asks her grandma.
“Grandma, will I ever get my Prince Charming?” Thapki asks her stammering.
Her grandma starts laughing and smiles.
“Of course.” Her grandma replies.

Her grandma puts her in sleep, and Thapki falls asleep.
A girl is shown trying to hit the cans with a ball, she targets the cans properly and later throws the ball, and she manages to hit the can. The girl is none other than Thapki who is a grown up now, smiling. This little things are the things which always gives Thapki happiness. But later did she know that her life will take an unexpected twist.
One day, Thapki gets an opens the envelope and she is super happy as she is reads it. It seems that all her dreams got fulfilled.
“Finally, my dream of having a career as a news reporter is fulfilled.” Thapki says this happily and she dances happily. Thapki happy music plays.
While dancing non-stop, Thapki is not in her senses and she collides with a guy, and she is surprised to see him as her dupatta falls on him.
Who is the guy whom Thapki collided with? Is it her Prince Charming?

If I get good response, I will continue with this three shot, and when should I update next part Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday?

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  1. is he bihaan?

    1. That will be reveled on Friday whether he is Bihaan or not ?

  2. Interesting. ..plz continue …plz upload on tomorrow itself if possible. .

    1. If I update tomorrow it won’t be possible for me as tomorrow my schedule is quite tight, if I publish I will publish on Friday

      1. Ok dear no problem. ..

      2. Thanks for understanding 🙂

  3. Very interesting waiting for next ff..update it on Friday

    1. Thanks for commenting vennila , yes if update I will update on Fri 🙂

  4. Wow my girl you’re always rocking, can’t wait to find out who the guy is Hun~Nusz

    1. You have to wait till Friday to know 🙂 so happy u commented nusz

  5. amazing . waiting for nxt episode

    1. Thanks Tara for commenting hopefully I will update the next part on Friday

  6. It’s awesom plz continue. … 🙂 he must be bihaan plz…

    1. That you will know if I publish the next episode on Friday 🙂

  7. Superb yaarrrr.its like a beautiful poetry.I wish its Bihaan.

    1. Thanks pooja Prabha for commenting 🙂 you will get to know on part 2 who is the guy

  8. Hai fatarajo. ….
    No doubt about your precap its our hero bihaan ….. ……
    Becoz your a one of big Thahaan fan …..
    Welcome back new thahaan ff
    I request to you make a minimum 15 episode…….
    Your older ff THAHAAAN journey to hatred to love. …. amazing yaarrr I don’t forget the story in my life

    That story is really superb…..superb. …….. I wish you another ff krz……..

  9. It’s Superb RF please update soon i can’t wait n update whenever u get

    1. I will update the next part on Friday 🙂

  10. Sorry I was wrong entry. …your older ff thapki pyar ki. ..pat of love(loving pat)….
    I like 3 ff ….1 pat of love
    2 just be with me
    3 journey to hatred to love

    1. Haha thanks for liking my previous ff 🙂 yes I wrote the loving pat ff no yaar it’s not possible for me to write a ff , as my lessons just began, as it’s the first week, I decided to write a three shots and already I m working on two ff which I work on and publish on weekends. Thanks for commenting santosh for eagerly waiting for ur comment , and who is the guy you will know in the next episode

  11. One and Only bihaan. …….

    1. That you will know on Friday only 😛

  12. sorry not to comment earlier love ur work

    1. Thanks Anu for comembfing was eagerly waiting for ur comment 🙂

  13. Hey everyone, actually I can’t publish my ff part 2 before tomorrow , so by then you can read anu’s ff.
    Actually anu’s ff accidentally got published in Tashan e Ishq page instead , so please do read her ff named Sab tera part 2 even the pic is wrong, actually besides rehnuma on TPK I also write Sab Tera on TEI 😛

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