Rehnuma- Thapki Pyaar Ki Three Shots (last part)


Hi, I am back with the last part and yes there will be lot of unexpected twsits. What is it you will get to know by reading this part. Hope you like it and thank you so much for your lovely comments.

Some weeks later
Thapki is once again looking at the window after some weeks. She was looking at the window like she did that day, but this time her face didn’t show confusion but showed sadness. It was specific that she was really disappointed about something and she was also quite desperate. There was a lot of things arising in Thapki’s mind.

Holi day
Bihaan opens the envelope and he reads something silently which was totally unexpected to Bihaan. Bihaan looked at Thapki.
Was it divorce papers? No it wasn’t divorce papers,
“Come with me.” Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and brings her upstairs.
Thapki was confused why he did so.
Later at their room,
“Bihaan, why did you bring me here?” Thapki questions Bihaan who was quite surprised by his actions and expected an explanation from him.
Bihaan takes out and shows Thapki the earrings , Thapki’s earring to Thapki. Thapki gets shocked as she didn’t know if she was happy or not.
“This?” Thapki asked,
Thapki remembers that this was the earring she lost the day she met the G guy she was confused how did it come to Bihaan.
Thapki takes out the G initial, and Bihaan shows Thapki his bracelet which have an initial missing. The bracelet mentions “HAJAB”
With a G it equals to “GHAJAB!”
“This is mine. Mine.” Bihaan shows Thapki and joins the bracelet.
Yes G guy was none other than Bihaan Pandey, whose cheesy dialouge is Ghajab. They were the each other’s first love. Thapki couldn’t believe it. She was confused and she got her answer also,
Bihaan cups Thapki’s face .
“You are my Rehnuma. And you were the one I was looking for quite a long time.” Bihaan speaks his heart out to Thapki.

Thapki remembers in the letter how she mentioned she was in love, but she was confused who was it Bihaan or G guy and she narrates how she meets G guy that day in the letter. She wrote everything and conveyed the message she had for Bihaan and whatever she wanted to say to him in words making it a letter and passed it to Bihaan to make things easier for herself, to convey her message,
Bihaan instantly knew that girl he was looking for was none other than Thapki too. No. he already knew that was Thapki as he remember how he found Thapki’s other earring and matched it with the other pair and confirmed that he was already in love with Thapki before. The girl he was in love with none other than Thapki. He was already in love with her and he was relieved and was smiling inside and brings Thapki upstairs to surprise her,
” Was that really you?” Thapki asked Bihaan who was happy from inside but very very confused.
Bihaan pulls Thapki closer to him,
“Look at my eyes.” Bihaan immediately said afterwards to prove himself.
Thapki and Bihaan looked at each other and shared an eyelock and knew that they were the same eyes they were looking for quite a long time.
” You are my Rehnuma” Thapki showed her confirmation and hugs Bihaan.
She was so engrossed in finding back her love, she didn’t want to lose it again, she decided not to tell Bihaan about why she actually didn’t divorce him, she didn’t had the courage to lose him again.
Bihaan plays Holi with Thapki wholeheartedly and he showed her and applied every color to her, saying what their love had. They knew their love had face all the ups and downs. They both played holi happily they were so happy they got their love. Bihaan tries to apply more colors, and Thapki shows her cute face, and she runs upstairs to their room, and they fall in the bed together. They both smile hug each other and later from the hug, they both didn’t realize how it turned into intimacy.

It may seem that Thapki have already got all the happiness, but no she didn’t because as usual the truth she hidden turned out to be the villain of her love story. She was sad but she wanted to be happy. She was happy but very sad, This was because of the problems the truth created in her love life.
After some days of holi,
Bihaan and Thapki were enjoying their love life and romance, they knew nothing could go wrong this time. Thapki was worried as she fear that the truth may drift her away from her Rehnuma, but she had no other way. At times she tried but she couldnt.
That day, Bihaan was walking and he gets to know from Shraddha about the truth of his and Thapki’s divorce. He knew it was all wrong after all Shraddha was a witch.
Bihaan comes to the room and shares what Shraddha told him. Thapki knew that this time she had to tell the Bihaan truth before making their relationship more complicated. She gathered courage and told him. Bihaan gets shocked and he wanted to turn back the time if he could he didn’t want to listen to what she said,
He felt he got deceived by his love of life, that broke his heart so much that he started hating Thapki, he loved her from deep inside but showed hatred for hiding the truth. He wanted to prove to her that she didn’t did right by deceiving him. He pretended to become the old Bihaan. He was the old Bihaan but his love for Thapki was never different.He always tried to ignore her but at times he couldn’t.
This made Thapki very sad. But she knew Bihaan still loved and cared for her. She was worried most of the time. One day, while working she suddenly faints, and Bihaan rushes to Thapki. He was so worried for her, he couldnt see Thapki like this and started panicking.
The doctor comes and checks Thapki. Thapki gets to know about her pregnancy but she stops the doctor from breaking the news to the family. She wanted to solve all the problems between her and Bihaan first and then share the news to him. Everyone was informed that she was just weak thats why she passed out.She also gets to know about Shraddha’s fake pregnancy and she wanted to expose Shraddha.

Thapki was looking at the window, and just then Bihaan comes,
“I am going to sleep now.” Bihaan says angrily and goes to sleep.
Thapki was quite sad, and she gets thinking. She really wanted to solve all the problems between her and Bihaan, so that she can share the good news about their baby to him too. Thapki holds her belly and gets thinking.
Next day,
Thapki was praying that all her problems get solved, and this happens, as Bihaan asks Thapki for help and join hands in exposing Shraddha as he gets to know about Shraddha harming Vasu. Thapki and. bihaan join hands and This brought their story back on track. Finally , Thapki and Bihaan’s friendship and love was enough to expose Shraddha, and gradually Bihaan’s hatred reduced towards Thapki and he starts talking to her. One day finally, Bihaan apologizes to Thapki for his and behaviour.
“I am sorry for hurting you a lot, but I love you a lot.” Bihaan finally tells Thapki, and he knew even this was not enough for what he did.
“I know what I did was wrong, but what you did wasnt right either, do you have any idea how much hurt I was?” Thapki instantly replied and vented out all her frustration.
Bihaan hold his ears and asked for forgiveness in a childish manner . Thapki couldn’t resist himself and hugs him back.
Bihaan gets worried for her and Thapki shares the news that they were going to become parents soon. This makes Bihaan happier and he didn’t know what to do. He knew he had to be more responsible not only as a husband, but also as a father, and promises to take care of his wife and unborn child.
Later they both together expose Shraddha infront of everyone and Shraddha the only one who knew about Thapki being pregnant tried to harm her . Bihaan stops Shraddha as he promises Thapki he will be there to protect her and their child. Later, Shraddha is thrown out and Thapki and Bihaan shares the news with the family and eveyeone gets happy and blesses them.
After few months,
Thapki and Bihaan shared some romantic and cute moments, and they were quite excited about their baby as Thapki’s delivery date was coming nearer. Bihaan always told Thapki that he wanted a baby girl who looked like Thapki but her character will be like Bihaan. Thapki never thought about that much.

One day,
Thapki was looking at a box, and she smiles looking at it, as there was the letter G, earring, letter, bracelet and all the other things related to hers and Bihaan’s love story. Thapki keeps them all together, and Vasu comes to her. Thapki was for some reason, wanted to keep all the things in the box which she did, and she tells Vasu that make sure her child gets this thing in 8th birthday. Vasu confused with Thapki’s weird request had to accept it. It seemed that Thapki won’t be there, but only Thapki knew why she did like this.
Just then Vasu gets a call and gets shocked and drops the phone.
Vasu gets shocked as Bihaan meets with an accident and his condition was very serious, she couldn’t tell Thapki the truth, as she was worried that this may harm Thapki and her child,but unfortunately, after a while Thapki gets to know about the truth and she gets shocked, she wasnt able to believe it she was arguing that this was not true,. Others tried to convince her but she was not ready to do so. She was not able to accept it, and this made her more worried and faints due to the pain.
Later, Thapki was also rushed to the hospital, doctors informed that Thapki’s condition was very serious too,
Bihaan on the other hand was fighting with life and death in ICU, ndA he gets back to his senses finally, but his condition was really serious,
“I want to meet Thapki.” That was the only thing he said and the doctor had no other option but to bring him to Thapki, as Bihaan was adamant,
Finally Bihaan was brought near Thapki who was in a serious condition too. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other and knew that all their pain will be gone now. Thapki was struggling, but Bihaan manages and helps Thapki by speaking to her.Later, she gives birth to the baby.
“Congratulations! It’s a girl.” The doctor comes with their baby girl in her arms,
“See I told you. I knew it, she looks just like you.” Bihaan says.
Thapki and Bihaan smiled looking at each other, and they both took turns and kissed the baby.
They both start to lose heartbeats and their condition gets critical. They knew they will die together.Thapki and Bihaan holds each other hands, and they both breathe their last. Their family members sees this and cries and even the baby cries,

After 8 years,
Same as part 1, that little girl was none other than Thapki and Bihaan’s daughter and her name was Ira. She was just naughty and fun loving like Bihaan, and looked a lot like Thapki and also did stammer. Everyone rememberd Thapki seeing Ira and also calls her Thapki, and the lady whose saree Ira/Thapki hold was none other than Vasu. Vasu later gives Ira the box the same one Thapki prepared for Ira before she was born. Ira takes it and finds the thing and reads all the paper and diary. While Ira was going to sleep, she looks at the stars at the window and later Thapki and Bihaan’s picture and smiles and goes to sleep,
The end

Message: Not all love stoies have happy endings, but all these stories always set a moral for others.
Honestly speaking, I Hate sad endings a lot and I can’t tolerate it. I wrote this one shot as someone told me whatever happen never happens in serials, so that’s why 😛 I am okay with anything, not sad endings. I hope TPk Will have happy ending for thahaan, and this is just a fan fiction so don’t worry. I just wanted to share this story that’s why.

I write two ff and I publish it on Sundays,
And read my ff The Strange and Full of Krazyness Story that will be comedy no questions for sadness(TPK, TEI, YVR, BHRK)
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Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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