Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 5)


Hii guys.. the episode begins with the taxi stopping in front of a mansion.Swayam and sharon get down from the taxi and swayam holds her as she cant walk without someone’s help.They both enter the house and its swayam’s house.swayams parents come there and nandini and namitha take sharon to the guest room.They make her sit on the bed.Everyone come there and introduce themselves to sharon.Swayam interrupts them and says Mom!she is feeling hungry i hope.His mom says oh.. i forgot about that and goes to bring food for her.

Swayam’s mom brings food and keeps in front of sharon.They all ask her to eat.Sharon is feeling weak and hungry and tries to pick up the spoon but unable to do so.Nandini sees it and says that she will feed her.She makes sharon eat the food with her hands and says that when swayam and namitha fall ill i used to do the same ,feed them with my own hands.Seeing this tears roll from sharon’s eyes and says nandini that even her mother never feeded her like this.Nandini says its okay beta ….and asks her about her parents, and why did they havent come till now to see her.Sharon starts crying and says her that her parents doesnt care for her as they got divorced.They got divorced and no one looked after me.. i was left abandoned.From then i was grewn up by some of my relatives and then i came out ,started living independently by availing scholarships.

Listening to her words everyone are teary eyed.. and nandini hugs sharon and says ‘now you are not alone and we all are with you.. treat me as your mother’ and rubs her tears.Swayam asks sharon whether that was the reason for her strange behaviour.Sharon says ‘i dont want sympathy from people and underwent depression, whoever knew about my past made fun of me and all my friends left me.From then i decided to not to talk with anyone and was minding my own business’.Swayam and everyone feel bad for sharon and his father says sharon that ‘beta…. whatever happened in past we cant change it right.. but why you are spoiling your future because of your past.Someone made fun of you ,it doesnt mean that whole world is like that.Decisions which are taken in hurry and depression always lead to wrong paths.And now you have a family…. and forget everything.It takes time but change is are now in a good company and hope that everything goes fine’.

Sharon says ‘aunty and uncle thank you soo much for your moral support and i think this is what i needed and i found it in you people today.Thank you soo much swayam for everything you did for me’.Swayam says friendship mein no sorry and no thank you.Everyone ask sharon to take rest and they leave.Swayam takes out tablets from his pocket and gives her.She says thank u.. and he says ‘oh god!mein kyun zinda hoon is thank you ko sunne se acha mar jana behetar hai.. mein iss glass mein khud ke apna jaan dedoonga’ .Sharon laughs and swayam rubs his eyes seeing her.
Sharon asks what happened,he replies that he was seeing her laughing for the first time and should declare this day as sharon’s 1st laughter day.Sharon laughs heartfully and swayam sees her and says ‘ now you are complete , till now you are incomplete without your smile, and your smile brings rhonak to your face.. and always keep smiling.whenever u feel sad just call me and i will make you laugh’.sharon says fine and they both smile.Swayam asks her to take rest and then he leaves.

Its evening and sharon feels bored and switches on the tv, after a while she sees something in t.v and starts shouting and crying.Everyone listen to her and rushes to her room.Nandini goes to her and asks what happened.Sharon points her finger towards t.v and shouts dont come to me.Everyone look towards t.v and find nothing coming in t.v except an advertisement.Nandini asks everyone to leave and tells them that she will talk to her.Everyone leave.

precap:Sharon comes from upstairs and swayam stares at her and feels something for her.

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  1. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. Very happy to know about the story waiting for nxt epi..

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