Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 9)


Hii guys.. in todays episode swayam is going to propose sharon.The episode begins with sharon going to college and finds out that swayam is absent and tries to call him.But swayam disconnects the call.sharon thinks why he is not lifting her call.sharon misses swayam in the college and thinks of how they met.Meanwhile no one knows where exactly swayam is.sharon calls his parents ,they too say that they dont know where swayam is.sharon thinks of scolding him when she meets him.

Its evening and sharon leaves from college.She reaches orphanage.All the lights in the orphanage are off.She goes in and asks is anybody there,she tries to take out her phone and hears someone coming near her and its swayam.swayam closes her eyes and takes her to the terrace.He opens her eyes and sharon is very surprised to see the terrace decorated with flowers and candles.Flowers shower on her and she feels happy.And then swayam goes on his knees and the children holding I LOVE YOU SHARON cards come there and swayam proposes her.He says that ‘i dont know when i have fallen in love with you ,but what i know is i’ll always keep you happy and will never let anything fade your smile ,i’ll protect you from everything and even if needed i’ll fight with whole world for you,i cant live without you ,you have become an integral part of my life, bas ek baar iss haath ko thaam ke dekho zindagi bhar tumhara saath nahi chodunga,tumhe kushiyon se bhari zindagi doonga,tumhare bina mein adhoora hoon sharon,will you marry me?’

Sharon cries and says ‘no swayam , i cant marry you’.swayam gets up and asks why?sharon replies that she just dont want to love anyone.she also says ‘ im not fit for love,my heart cant love anyone, you are my bestie and you gave me a new life,but i cant share my life with you im different from you,you are a nice guy and you deserve a better girl than me,but not me im sorry swayam i cant become ur love’.

swayam’s heart breakes listening to these words and holds sharon and says ‘however you might be i will accept you,if not you then i will change like you even my parents dont have any problem with our relationship,they all accept you as how you are, i love you a lot sharon ,look into my eyes,dont you feel the love in my eyes, i know that you too loved me.. but you are not accepting it,i can feel your love’.sharon cries and says i cant love you.swayam angrily breakes a mirror and his hand gets hurt.Sharon goes to him crying and asks ‘dont do this swayam dont hurt yourself please’ saying this she ties a cloth around his hand so that the bleeding stops.Swayam says her that he got his answer.If she doesnt loves him ten why does she care for him.Sharon says you are my friend and i cant see you hurted.Swayam leaves angrily.

sharon sits their crying and says sorry swayam all this happened because of me,u got hurted because of me,this was the reason ,till now whoever came in my life ,all left me.Im scared that if you too will leave me.Nobody are permanent in my life,its only my grief that was permanent.I dont want to ruin your life , im not meant for love,i dont deserve it..I dont want to loose you as a friend.Im happy seeing you happy but sorry swayam forgive me i cant be the love of your life.
Swayam is soo hurted and thinks why sharon is doing this to him.His mother comes to him and asks what happened to his hand?Swayam says her that he proposed sharon and she rejected her proposal.Swayam hugs her mother and cries.Nandini consoles him and says if your love is true for her then ,sure she will realize your love for her and she comes to you.Swayam calls sharon and asks her does she need any time.sharon says answer is final.Swayam angrily cuts the call.sharon cries and says dont hurt yourself swayam,you will forget me soon.swayam thinks to talk to her again and asks nandini about it.Nandini says him not to talk to her now.He says her that he loves sharon a lot and cant live without her.

Precap:There is a leap of 3 years and swayam returns India as a successful businessman and on the other side sharon as an ngo worker.Whether sharon accepts swayams love atleast now?

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  1. Superb episode waiting for next episode update fast

  2. Awesome episode, very emotional. ..feeling very sad for swayam..3 years leap…I hope sharon accept swayam proposal at least now…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Nice yaar

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