Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 8)


Hii guys..the episode begins with swayam taking his mother to a room.He asks her ‘why you are doing this to me? maa, for the first time you have slapped me ,i thought that u liked sharon and would have no problem with my love..but it seems that you dont accept my love for sharon’.Nandini starts explaining swayam she says that ‘i slapped you becuase inspite of doctor saying to take care of her , instead of consoling her you startd scolding her which may effect her mental condition.And i dont have any problem with your love, i too like sharon ,but this is not ther right age for you for such things,and there are many things which you dont know about sharon’.
Swayam asks what?Nandini starts saying him that her parents never wanted a girl child.Thats why she was left abandoned and they got divorced.And sharon thinks that she is responsible for divorce.At a very tender age when she needed her family the most ,no one were there to look after her,this made her to behave in an abnormal way.And did you remember the day she shouted looking at t.v.The reason why she shouted was she saw a scene on t.v where a boy tries to molest a girl.Seeing that scene she recalled her childhood when she was also abused in the same manner.However later she stayed in an orphanage.All these incidents made her depressed.That was the reason she was ill tempered.And now you say that you love her.

Do you think that you can make her forget her bitter childhood with your love and give her a new life,can you make her get rid of depression, can you change her into a normal person.I dont want any answers from you,just prove it if you can.If she changes then there is no objection for me, but if not stay away from her.As an elder the only thing i want is that you both should stay happier.I cant see anyone of you in grief,so decide your path and i’ll always be with you.saying so Nandini leaves.

Swayam goes to sharon and finds her sleeping .he goes there and sits near her.He holds her hand and says ‘Why you didnt tell me anything sharon,I love you a lot and cant see you in this stage , i will help you to come out of your depression,i’ll make you a normal person,i am with you and will always be there for you,you are not alone’ saying this he kisses on her forehead and leaves.Swayam searches on the internet and talks to many doctors about how to handle depreesed patients.The only thing he founds is to make them busy with some or the other work .

After a few days sharon regains her health and shifts to her hostel.One day swayam meets sharon and asks her to get ready and takes her somewhere.After a while they reach an orphanage.Swayam takes her inside and introduces her to the children over there.They all play with sharon and also sharon likes them.She says stories to them and makes them to draw ,paint etc.She feels vey happy and asks swayam what is this?Swayam asks her would you like to stay with them.Sharon says yes,ofcourse.He says fine and gives her keys of her room and tells her that ‘well this orphanage is run by an ngo and from past few months there is no administrator her,from now you are the administrator for this orphanage.The onlything you have to do is to check whether the facilities are provided or not and if you have free time you can teach the children too.your room is upstairs and you will be provided with all the facilities and you will also be given monthly salary and also you can continue the studies at college’.Sharon hugs him and says thank you soo much,it is far more better than hostel and i can spend my liesure time with these little soldiers,thank you soo much.He says my pleasure and asks the children whether they want this sister or not.They all shout ‘we want di…’.Swayam says fine and leaves.

Sharon opens the door of her room and finds her room colourfully decorated and goes near the window.She sees swayam leaving on bike and says bye to him.Sharon feels very happy and says thanks to god.Swayam reaches home and says everything to his family.Everyone gets glad and sayy that they are proud of swayam.Nandini thinks in her mind that sharon is very lucky that she has a friend like swayam who lover her to the peaks and blesses them with happiness.
Well , this was like a new start in sharon’s life but still we are not aware of the fact that whether sharon also loves swayam or not.But as the days pass on sharon comes out of her depression slowly with the help of swayam and the orphanage.she gets attached to the orphanage and also everyone over there like her.Everyone call her sharon di.Swayam thinks of once again confesing his love to sharon in a special way.He plans for it.

Precap:swayam is in the orphanage and he goes on his knees and proposes sharon.

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