Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 7)


Hii guys.. i extremely apologise for the mistake in the last episode i write episodes spontaneously so mistakes happen.. hope you guys would forgive it.Well the episode begins with the morning arti.And sharon says that she will leave now.As from tomorrow she has to go to college.Nandini says fine and take care of yourself.Swayam goes to drop her at hostel.She gets down from the bike and goes.But in a while she turns to him and leaves.Swayam sees this and leaves.He reaches home and is in dilemma that how to confirm whether he is loving sharon or not.
Swayam behaves in a very strange manner.he forgets to wear socks and wears only shoes.His mother calls him for help but he doesnt listen.He looks towards t.v even it is off.Its night and he is searching for something and the windows are opened.The breeze rustled the papers on his desk.He goes near the window .He looks at the sky and dil ibadat kar raha hai …. song plays.He recalls his meeting with sharon ,their fight, and the previous day spent with her.He feels that he is in love with sharon but has a doubt that whether sharon likes him or not.

Next day everyone in the college are shocked seeing sharon smiling.Sharon behaves like a normal person and talks to everyone.Days pass on and swayam and sharon are good friends now .They are close to each other, and often sharon meets swayam’s parents and spends quality time with them.In front of everyone sharon behaves as a normal person.But deep inside she is still undergoing depression and still she takes some pills to control her depression.

One day,swayam gets a call saying that sharon has commited suicide and she is in hospital now.Swayam and his mother rush to the hospital.The nurse says that the doctor is treating sharon so they cannot meet her.Nurse asks them to fill some forms that are necessary for her treatment.Swayam fiils it and after a while doctor comes out and says that she is out of danger.She will be conscious in an hour or two.Doctor asks them how sharon is related to them.Swayam’s mom says him that she is their relative to avoid unnecessary questions as it is suicide.Doctor asks about her parents.Swayam says him that they arent there.Doctor says that she commited suicide because of depression.she is in depression since long time and this made her to commit suicide.Doctor asks them to take more care of her.

After an hour sharon gains her consciousness and swayam ,nandini enter the room.Swayam looks at her angrily and says ‘are you mad,whats the need for you to commit suicide,have u ever thought me as a friend,if at all u did so u would have told me about your depression,if not me you would have shared it with my mother atleast and you know whats the biggest mistake i did,loving you… yes i love you sharon and thought to share my life with you (nandini looks at swayam shockingly and sharon is crying and shocked), but you never even shared about anything(i.e.,depression) and damid,if you have died what would i do,how could i imagine my life without you’ saying so he confesses his love angrily.Nandini slaps swayam and asks him to shut up and not to trouble sharon and says him to leave.

Swayam is shocked as his mother slapped him for the first time.He is upset with nandini and nandini is also upset with him for his behaviour in the hospital.After a week sharon is discharged and nandini takes her to home.She doesnt let swayam to meet sharon.He thinks why nandini is behaving like that.Later he saks nandini whats her problem.

Precap:Nandini says swayam that she knows the reason about her(sharon) depression and reveals a secret about sharon i.e., the reason why her parents left her abondoned.

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  1. Omg whatz with Sharon

  2. Very nice episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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