Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 6)

Hii guys.. the episode begins with Nandini hugging sharon saying her to calm down and consoles her.After a while swayam,namitha and shivam(swayam’s father) start talking about sharon’s behaviour.Nandini comes there and says nothing has happened and sharon just had a nightmare thats it.Everyone says okay and swayam asks whether he can meet her.His mother says that she is sleeping so you meet her after sometime.Its evening and everyone are busy in decorating the house as the next day is diwali.Sharon comes there and asks if she can help.Namitha calls her and asks her to help her and they both together decorate the house.

Its next day and everyone got up and are getting ready.Nandini goes to sharon and gives her new clothes which she brought for namitha.Sharon says how can i take it,those clothes belong to namitha.Namitha interrupts and says i have many dresses so you can take this and today is diwali right,so no western and only traditional avatar.Sharon says fine and takes those clothes and gets ready.Swayam is doing some work in the hall and someone comes from upstairs.Swayam looks there.He first notices a beautiful lehenga and then bangles .then the neck and finally face.She is none other than sharon in a beautiful lehenga.swayam stares at her and his heart starts beating faster and dil ibadat kar raha hai………. song plays.

The song plays and sharon comes to him and asks what happened.He comes out of his dreamworld and says what happened?Sharon says i was asking you what happened.He says nothing and says that you are looking gorgeous but still something is missing in you.She asks what?He turns her and there is a reflection of her in a mirror like substance.He says her that your beautiful smile is missing.swayam hears someone calling him and goes.Sharon looks into that mirror and sets her lehenga ,hair and bangles.And then she tries to smile and sees her smiling face in the mirror.seeing the mirror she says thank you swayam for the change you brought in me,and as you said i will accept you as my friend.

Namitha comes there and says she is looking so beautiful and asks her to come to pooja.They leave for pooja and everyone are gathered at pooja room.Nandini starts pooja and swayam’s eyes turn towards sharon.He stares at her.Pooja gets finished and everyone take aarti and prasad.They go to have lunch.while eating sharon starts coughing and swayam makes her drink water and says to eat slowly.she says thanks and everyone look at them.Swayam says what? everyone have their lunch,she was coughing so i helped her.They says its okay and everyone finish their lunch.

Namitha and sharon sit on the sofa and talk something.Swayam looks at sharon and feels whats happeing to him.He never felt like this before.what is this feeling.Am i feeling for sharon.Ahh… who will answer my questions..thinking this he leaves.Its evening and everyone are firing crackers.swayam sees a cracker coming towards sharon and pushes her.They both fall on each other and roll,they have an eyelock.Everyone comes to them,lift them up and ask whether they are fine.They say yes we are fine.Everyone leave and swayam goes to bed.He is unable to sleep as he thinks of sharon and walks towards terrace.He finds sharon there and asks her what she is doing there?
Sharon says that this was the best day of my life.see that moon.I never found that moon,those stars so beatiful and i never felt this much of happiness in my life.she says this is all beacuse of you and your loving family.Thank you soo much swayam and im accepting you as my friend.saying this she hugs him and leaves.Swayam feels very happy but is in a dilemma that what is he feeling towards sharon.Is it love or my concern towards her as a friend .He looks up and says god!now you should only answer my questions.Saying this he leaves.

Precap:Next day swayam behaves strangely like forgetting to wear socks,not responding to anyone’s call,always dreaming etc..

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  1. gayathri it is awesome. .

  2. Nice episode yaar update next one pls

  3. Diwali lies on amavasaya so from where the moon appeared lol???

  4. nice episode 🙂

  5. yeah!lol! actually its karthik pournami and not diwali… sry for the mistake… i unintentionally did that mistake.. forgive it guys ..

  6. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads,

  7. Hey gayatri is it a serial based on D3 . tell me yaar .

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