Rehna hai tere dil mein ( Episode 4)


Hii guys… yesterday the episode ended when swayam leaves.He reaches home , changes his clothes and washes his face.After washing when he looks into the mirror he sees sharon and is shocked.He rubs his eyes thoroughly and again sees in the mirror but sharon disappears.He thinks whats happening to him and goes.He calls maa and searches for her.He reaches garden and sees his mother ,father and sister sitting in the garden.Swayam goes there and says ‘wow! entire family sat here and no one even called me. im upset’.

His sister(namitha) says ‘wah bhai! first thing is these days you are so busy and not spending time with us and inturn you are upset with us.. this isn’t fair.kahi koi ladki ke chakkar me tho nahi pad gaye.. and says see mom your lovely son is roaming behind a girl and avoiding you’. everyone laugh and swayam says wait i’ll say you whats the matter is and runs behind namitha to catch her.seeing this his mother says him to stop and forgive her.. and then namitha comes to him and says sorry bhai. swayam says okay,, fine and hugs her.And his mom asks by the way who is that girl and laughs.Swayam says maa.. kya aap bhi.She(mother) says ‘okay fine if u dont feel like saying its okay’.

Swayam replies that till now i shared each and everything with my parents and how could you think that i will hide anything from you all.And says that her name is sharon and by the way she is not my girl friend.Everyone repeat his words that ohh.. she is not your girlfriend.He says maa,papa and then everyone keeps quite.He starts saying about sharon’s strange behaviour of not talking to anyone and the challenge with his friends and then dropping sharon at her hostel and then exchangin his box with her.He also says that her hostel food is so tasteless and boring.His parents say swayam that ‘its good that you are trying to change her behaviour,hope you succeed’.Then namitha says ‘atlast whose brother is he.. and my brother always does good to others and he is the worlds best brother’.Nandini(swayams mother) says if you have completed essay on your brother shall we go and have dinner? Namitha says yes and they all leave for dinner.They have their dinner and go to sleep.

It is next day morning and while they are having breakfast swayams mother gives him 2 lunch boxes.swayam asks for whom the other box is? She replies ‘for sharon’.And says ‘as you have said that her hostel food is tasteless i thought of packing a lunch box for her , so i did’ He says thank you mom ,love you and leaves.He goes to college ,classes go on and in the break he gives lunch box to her saying my mom gave this for you and leaves.Sharon doesnt even touches the box and this repeats for few days .

One fine day swayam finds the box to be empty and asks her how is the food? sharon says it was nice and thank you.Swayam says my pleasure and asks her to visit his home as his mother wanted to see her.She says no i wont come.He says ‘im not asking you to visit now,but whenever you feel like visiting tell me,i’ll take you there and you will have good time with my family’.By listening to these words and his concern toward her sharon develops a soft corner towards swayam and thinks of her family.

The next day Sharon falls ill and faints in the college.Swayam admits her in the hospital and tries to contact her parents.But they dont respond.The doctor says that she is weak and requires due care and her illness is due to food poisoning and says glucose will be given to her after which she will be discharged .Swayam calls his parents and says everything that happened.His mother says something to him and he says okay fine.

Next day doctor says she is discharged, now you can take her home and says him to take care of her and especially her food.Sharon tries to get up and falls.Swayam holds her and lifts her in his arms and they have an eyelock and dil ibadat kar raha hai song plays…….. Swayam calls a taxi and makes her sit in it.Sharon starts asking him questions like-what happened to me,where i am, where you are taking me etc.Swayam keeps his finger on her lips and says you are so weak so dont waste your energy by shouting at me just relax and you will know in a while where im taking you and please sit quite.Sharon turns to the other side angrily and thinks about what is going on.

Precap:Sharon is watching tv and suddenly she starts shouting and crying seeing something in the t.v.

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  1. A SwaRon ff!!!!!!!
    Now I saw it!!!!!!
    OMG m sooooo happy!!!!!!!
    I’ll read from starting!!!!
    Pls cont…!!! They are soooo cute!!!
    SwaRon rockzzz!!!!

  2. Actually there is a story dr same like this

  3. swaron alwayzzzz rockzzzz <3
    i jst cant wait to read ur nxt updatee 😉

  4. Hi gayathri dear, lovely episode, just wanted to let you know as hayathi also mentioned above…there is another story totally same like this in this ff page…names are different but same content so far…

  5. I dont even knoe that there is another ff… im searching for it… can anyone please tell me whats ghe title of that ff and are the characters also same as i said?

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