Rehna hai tere dil mein ( Episode 3)

Hi guys.. yesterday we ended the episode when sharon gets down from the auto and asks swayam why is he following her.Swayam says her that she is late because of him and it is his responsibility to make sure that she reaches home safely.Sharon says there is no need for you to come ,i will go and i know the way so you leave.Swayam says fine and then still he follows her.she asks whats wrong with you? swayam says it is my responsibily to see that u are safe so let me do my work or else i will be following you daily , and now its your wish whether to do as i say or else i will follow you daily.

Sharon says what the hell!okay fine what should i do now.swayam says he will drop her or else she knows what happens.she says fine but you will drop me far away from my place.he says fine and she sits on his bike.swayam irritates her by asking whether she has informed her parents,where she lives etc.sharon says just shut ur mouth and drive the bike.. take right turn and stop over that red building.He stops there and asks does she stay here?Sharon says its none of your business and leaves.He sees her going into a building and its a ladies hostel.

Swayam reaches home and recalls sharon living in hostel.He thinks of her and says such a beautiful face she has but without a smile on her face looks exactly like a devil.He laughs and goes to sleep.Next day, he reaches college and thinks of talking to sharon as a friend. The classes went on and its break.Swayam goes to sharon ,grabs her lunch box and gives his box to her.she asks what nonsense is this.He says now that we are friends let us exchange our boxes.

Sharon says ‘excuse me,friends and we!can you please tell me when we became friends?’.He says yesterday and she asks how? Swayam says yesterday you sat on my bike and i only allow my friends to sit on my bike, you sat which indirectly means that you are my friend . Sharon says i wont accept you as a friend.He says okay fine.. you dont accept me as a friend but i will treat you as my friend . He says my mom cooks very well and you will like it.. saying this he leaves.
Swayam opens her box and eats a spoon and vomits it saying poison is better than this food.He goes to sharon and asks how she eats this nonsense, grass is better than this.She says its my wish who are you to say.He says dost… dost hoon mein tera.. and asks her how is the taste of food which he brought.She says i dont want it and keeps the box in his hands.Swayam says in his mind… by hook or crook one day you should have to eat the box and accept me as your friend… and he smiles and goes.

while swayam and sharon are leaving they hit each other and sharon falls down.Swayam gives his hand to her.She says no thanks and starts taunting him.He says shut up and lifts her.He shouts ‘hey bhagwaan!how did you create this woman,first of all she never talks or laughs and when she opens her mouth she only taunts or gave her such a beautiful face but you’ve forgotten to put a smile.your face without smile is like garden without a rose ,shirt without a button and…..’sharon interrupts and says stop your bakwaas.Im not interested in your bakwas dont know when i will get rid of you’ saying this she leaves angrily.swayam smiles seeing her and he too leaves.

Precap:Swayam and his family sit in their garden and have a talk.Swayam says his family about sharon and all the things he did to talk to her.

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  1. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. wow!! nice episode… and a good start.. keep going..

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