Rehna hai tere dil mein ( Episode 2)


Hii guys .. whoever is reading this episode make sure that u’ve read the 1st episode…. yesterday we ended the episode when swayam looks at sharon.He thinks something seeing her and tells to his friends that they do not have any right to talk about some others life.Then his friends say that u r showing sympathy towards her.He says yes.. even if my enemy will be like that then also my feelings wont change.They say fine.. then prove that you are just showing sympathy and nothing other than that.Swayam asks how? His friends say him to talk with her(sharon) and maker her smile atleast once.If you do so then we will not talk about her or else you should complete our semister assignments.Swayam disagrees.His friends say him a coward.He turns towards them angrily and says that he has accepted the challenge.

Then the lecturer arrives,takes class and leaves.Everyone goes to canteen except sharon.swayam sees her and goes near her to talk.He says ‘hello can i sit here’.She doesnt reply.he tries hard talking to her ,cracks jokes but she never looks at him.Atlast he looses the bet.His friends give him all their assignments and tell him to complete in a week.

He thinks how to complete these many assignments along with his assignment and leaves for home.He reaches his home and its evening.He stands in the balcony and thinks of sharon.Meanwhile his mother comes and asks who is he thinking about? He is surprised and asks how did u know that i was thinking abt someone.She says im you mother and i know what u do,think etc.He slleps in her laps and says ‘yes mom i was thinking about a person in our college.why people behave so strangely that they dont even talk to someone?’ . his father who is listening this comes and replies that ‘swayam, a person’s behaviour will be based on their parvarish and also past incidents which they underwent’.But however people will change when they want to. His mother says now that if u have completed your discussion shall we go and have dinner.. i made your favourite dishes swayam ..lets go.swayam says you are the worlds best maa… and hugs her.

And then it is next day and he goes to college thinks of anyhow talking to sharon.He goes to sharon and asks to give her assignment book so that he can have a copy of it and starts searching her bag.Sharon snatches the bag angrily and asks what are you doing? swayam says that he was searching for her assignment book.sharon says that she wont give him and leaves.And then swayam is at the back of her all the time asking for the book and atlast she gives him the book and asks him to return it in 2 days.He says fine and leaes.

Meanwhile 3 days elapse and sharon gets angry as swayam dint return her book.She goes to him angrily and asks about the book.He says that he had it in his bag and now he has to go to meet a lecturer so swayam asks her to wait in the evening .Its dark and she kept waiting for swayam.Swayam arrives and says her sorry and returns her book.sharon grabs it angrily abd leaves in a auto.sharon sees swayam following her on his bike.she stops the auto and asks swayam why is he following her?

precap:Swayam goes to sharon ,grabs her lunch box and gives his lunchbox to her.

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  1. Y is Sharon lyk dat. . .i lyk swayam, he is so cute. . .especialy his hair n smile. . .and his pimpls givs him mor charm 🙂

  2. Nice epi.

  3. nice episode i jst love swayam and sharon ……..

  4. Ohhhhh sharon different name

  5. Interesting episode, story is very good. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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