Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 13)


Hii guys…. The episode begins with sharon waking up and seeing her arms around swayam.She takes her hands back and says good morning to him.After a while sharon takes a shower and sits in front of the mirror.She wears a saree and is unable to tie that knot at her back.Swayam sees her struggling and asks for help.Sharon unwillingly says yes.Swayam goes to her and sharon turns towards the mirror.Swayam puts her hair infront and his fingers touches her back.She feels something and swayam ties the knot and then looks into the mirror.They both stare at each other and nandini calls both of them.Swayam asks her to go down and he will come in a while.
Sharon goes down and Nandini asks her to do the pooja along with swayam.She nods.In a while swayam comes down and they both start pooja.After the pooja completes sharon goes to kitchen and helps nandini in making breakfast and they all sit for the breakfast.While sharon and swayam are about to eat nandini stops them and says i forgot to say.. there is a ritual in our family that after the marriage the couples should feed each other with their hands for the first time.They say fine and first swayam makes sharon eat and then sharon picks up the food and feeds swayam and they have an eyelock.

Sharon brings the sweet which she made .Everyone likes it and shivam gives her shagun and its an envelope.She opens it and finds couple tickets for london.swayam sees them and says papa,how can we go there i have somuch work in the office and i dont think so that we should go there.Shivam and nandini laugh and say we knew that ,thats why we postponed all ur meetings for a week and you can go happily now.Swayam says fine as you wish.But sharon feels not to go there and sits in the garden and thinks of it.

Nandini comes there and asks her what are you thinking sharon.Sharon says aunty …and nandini interrupts and says maa.. call me maa sharon now im not your aunty.sharon smiles and says okay maa.Sharon says that she doesnt want to go to london alone .Nandini says you are not alone,swayam will be with you.Sharon says but maa,i know its our honeymoon trip and you know that i havent started loving swayam then how can i……. Nandini interruots and says beta… i knew it.if im not wrong i would like to give an advice to you.You are still seeing swayam as your friend and not a life partner.You doesnt need long time to love him.Because i knew that u already love swayam but you are mistaking it to be friendship i saw love for him in your eyes thats why i let you both get married.Just go with him and i trust that you will realise your love for him very soon.
Sharon asks how ma.. how i can confirm that i too love him.

Nandini says time will let you know everything and asks i think now yyyou dont have any problem to go with him.She nods and says thank you maa for your advice and hugs her.They both go in and nandini asks her to pack their baga as the flight is in the evening.Sharon goes and packs the bag.swayam too packs the bags and they both help each other.Everyone says bye to them and they reach the airport in the car.They board on the flight and reach london.They take a cab and reach a hotel which is already booked for them.And then the hotel manager comes there to welcome them.Swayam looks at the manager and she is a woman in a black skirt and white shirt looking so hot and says swayam that she is a big fan of him and read his articles and seen him in all the business magazines.She praises him soo much and then hugs swayam.Sharon sees it and feels strange.Swayam introduces sharon and says she is my wife.

The manager says oh.. welcome maam.. you are soo lucky to have him as your husband and tells her name that she is laila.They both go to the room and swayam says that he should make an urgent call and goes.Sharon thinks about laila hugging swayam and mermers how can she hug him like that,she doesnt have any manners and her dress is soo short.Unknowingly she feels jealous of laila as she hugged swayam.She looks for swayam and goes out and sees swayam talking with laila.She goes there and calls swayam come to the room i have something to talk with you.He says sharon u know laila has a very good sense of humour u too listen to her.She drags swayam to the room and asks what is this swayam you left me in the room alone and chitchatting with her.This is not fair .Saying this she turns to the other side.

Swayam gets to know that sharon is feeling jealous when he talks to laila.He thinks of moving close with laila so that sharon would speak out her feelings.
Swayam goes to sharon and says sorry,please forgive me.The day passes and She forgives him and they both have their dinner and when they go to sleep they find a sofa which is not comfortable to sleep.Sharon asks swayam to sleep on the bed as the sofa is not comfortable.Swayam says fine and they both sleep on the bed facing opposite sides of the bed.After sometime they both turn and face each other and sharon is sleeping and swayam looks at her.She finds her more beautiful while sleeping and goes closer to her and kisses on her forehead.He says it does not take much time to make you realise your love sharon.Then he too sleeps.Its morning and they both are soo close and sharon is in swayam’s arms.Sharon gets up and sees it and sees swayam sleeping.She gets up and gets ready.Swayam too gets up and gets ready and then he is unable to decide which jacket to wear.Sharon asks him to wear blue and suddenly laila comes there and says sir.. im sure that blact suits you better.

Swayam says yes you are right and wears a black jacket. Sharon gets angry on him and laila and says this jacket isnt looking good.Laila says her that mam,i think you dont know about the fashion trend.Swayam also says yes laila she dont know about all those things and they both laugh together.Sharons is very angry at them.

Precap:Sharon beats laila angrily…………………

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