Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 12)


Hii guys.. sry for the long gap in the episode i extremely apologise however i will cover it up with a long episode dont forget to express your views on the episode. Recap:sharon coming to swayam home to tell her decision.

Today’s episode begins with swayam and sharon going down.Swayam’s parents see them and ask sharon when did she come.she tells them that she came just then.Then she asks all of them to sit and she decided about the proposal.Everyone wait eagerlyto know her decision.Swayam in his mind thinks that sharon is going to say no.And then sharon goes to Nandini and Shivam and says them ‘uncle,aunty i never knew how parents love would be until i met you both,you both supported and took care of me and i dont want to miss your and also swayam’s love , as you said i will try to love swayam and says i want to be with you all forever’.swayam and his parents are so happy that sharon agreed for the marriage and swayam goes to sharon and hugs her happily.Everyone ask him to wait until his marriage is done and they both take blessings of their parents.Nandini and shivam think to get them married asap.

They ask sharon to stay here only as she doesnt have any relatives.swayam is soo happy that he hasno words to express his happiness.Next day they call pandit ji to fix their engagement and marriage.Pandit ji says that tomorow is good for engagement and after 3 days there is an excellent muhurat for marriage.They all agree for it.All are busy in making arrangements for engagement and swayam ,sharon and namitha go for shopping.Nandini and Shivam are busy in giving invitations to their relatives’friends and business partners.Its next day evening and everyone are gathered for the ring ceremony.

Swayam wears blue coat and looks dashing.sharon comes in a blue lehenga with golden work which suits with swayam’s dress.Sharon looks soo gorgeous that swayam stares at her.The ring ceremony starts and swayam and sharon exchange the rings and everyone clap.Swayam introduces sharon to his friends and they ask for a group pic.They agree and everyone stands for the pic.The camera man asks swayam and sharon to move closer and to keep hands on each other.Swayam’s friends pushes them soo close to each that sharo is about to fall and swayam stops her from falling by putting his hand near her waist.They have an eyelock and sharon feels something and thinks whats happening to her.The pic is captured and everyone leave and sharon tries to go but swayam pulls her soo close towards him and catches her soo tight and says you are looking so beautiful.sharon feels shy and leaves.

The ring ceremony gets over and everyone leave.Swayam’s parents ask him to see sharon as much as he can ,swayam asks why? and they say that from now only in marriage you will be seeing her.Swayam feels bad for that.They decide that sharon and namitha will stay in the guest house till the marriage.swayam is so eager to get married and thinks how to see sharon.all the wedding arrangements are going on and the haldi and mehendi ceremony take place.Swayam plans to meet sharon but all his plans fail as his parents does not let him to go out of the house.He feels tose 3 days as 3 years and finally the day of the marriage comes and he feels very happy.
The mandap is ready and swayam wears a golden sherwani with a red pagdi.

Panditji asks nandini to call the bride and the groom.swayam comes down and sharon comes there wearing red and golden lehenga and her face is covered.They make each other wear the varmala and the rituals of the marriage begin.As sharon has no parents swayam’s uncle and aunty do the kanyadan.Namitha ties the ghat bandhan for swayam and sharon.They take the seven rounds round the fire whichi is called phere and swayam promises her that he will always keep her happy.They take saath phere and sit down for other rituals.panditji gives sindoor and asks swayam to fill it in sharon’s maang.He fills sindoor and then makes her wear the mangalsootra.Marriage is finished and they are now wife and husband.

They go and take blessings of all the elders.Nandini huga sharon.Its the time for gruhapravesh and they leave for home.Swayam and sharon come near the front door and nandini keeps a mug filled with rice and ask her to kick it and then step into the house.she kicks it and keeps her legs into a plate with coloured water and goes in.They go to the pooja room and sharon lights that diya.she kepps her fingerprints on the wall.Swayam tries to go to the room but his mother stops him and asks him to stay in the hall for sometime.she takes sharon to swayam’s room and the room is decorated with flowers.After a while swayam enters the room and he sees sharon sitting on the bed.He goes to her and sees sharon nervous.He says that he brought a gift for her and gives the gift to her.

He gets down from the bed and goes near the window and sharon opens the gift and finds a little white teddy bear with a heart written on it i love you.She goes near swayam to thank him and falls becuse of her dupatta and swayam who goes to catch her ..also falls with her.They both roll on each other and swayam hugs her and she too hugs him.Swayam gets up and gives hand to sharon and lifts her.she gets up so fast that she goes soo close to swayam.

And then the teddy bear falls down and a music comes saying i love you sharon .Sharon sees it and feels surprised.He tells sharon that ‘i know you still dont have any that kind of feelings for me,and i will wait for you,dont worry…until you say me i love you i will not take our relationship to next level’ saying this he takes a pillow and blanket and starts going towards sofa saying her to sleep on the bed.Sharon thanks him and picks up the teddy bear and hugs it.Swayam says if at all i would have been that teddy bear it would be so nice.Sharon goes to bed and tries to sleeps.Swayam sees her and he too sleeps on the sofa.After a while sharon gets up and sees swayam sleeping and goes to him.

She says him that ‘i know swayam u always loved me than anyone else,you gave me a new life and i didnt even done even a single thing for you,now im your wife and it is my duty to keep you happy and i will be your wife heartfully and do all the duties of a wife,i will try to be close with you so that i too can love you’,saying this she leaves and then sleeps.Its morning and sunrays fall on swayam and he gets up.He sees the time and its 7 and goes to wake up sharon.He calls sharon wake up,its morning and sharon in sleep puts her arms aound swayams neck and he falls on her.Sharon wakes up and sees her arms around him and says sorry and good morning.

Precap:Swayam’s parents give them tickets to london so that they can enjoy there for a week.

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