Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 11)


Hii guys.. the episode begins with swayam waiting for sharon .His parents leave asking him to come along with sharon.They leave and swayam looks for sharon.Someone from back comes to him and when he turns to see ,its sharon and she hugs him and says welcome back swayam,i missed you a lot.Swayam says that he too missed her a lot.They both sit in the car and sharon says him that she is working for many ngo’s and is very happy.Swayam also shares his experience in newyork and asks sharon does she have any boyfriend.She says no swayam and he says why cant you make me as your boyfriend?The car suddenly stops and swayam asks the driver what happened?Driver says that they reached their house.

swayam and sharon get down and everyone are waiting near the door to welcome swayam.Nandini does aarti and then he enters the house.Everyone started treating swayam specially and they all say that they have arranged a surprise party for swayam.Swayam says fine and he shows the things he brought for everyone.He brought an expensive watch for his dad and jewellery for his mother and an electronic gadget for his sister .He goes to sharon and gives her a gift which he bought.She opens it and finds a bridal lehenga in it and then swayam says that this is for our marriage……. i mean wear it on any marriage occassions.she says thank you.

Its evening and everyone gather for the party.Sharon comes in a beautiful pink anarkali and looks stunning.And then swayam comes from upstairs and he looks dashing that all the girls are staring at him but he stares at sharon.Everyone clap for swayam and praise him.Swayam takes the drink and starts talking with someone.He looks at a guy who is staring at sharon and feels jealous.He goes near sharon and holds her close to him.sharon says what you are doing,everyone will see us only.He signs to the person staring at sharon to leave.and then swayam leaves sharon and asks for dance.She says i wont dance with you and she turns and her dupatta stucks and she was about to fall, swayam pulls her towards him and stops her from falling.They are so close and swayam’s hand is on her waist.They have an eyelock and the song dil ibadat plays….
After a while they disperse and everyone ask nandini and shivam about swayam’s marriage.They say that we will do it soon.They think to talk to sharon once as they have promised swayam.The party gets over and everyone leaves.They tell sharon that they have to talk to her about something important and ask her to stay back.She agrees.They ask her about marrying swayam.She says no,she cant as she doesnt love him and goes.Nandini says that she will talk to her.Nandini goes to sharon and asks her what is the reason?she says aunty i gave you the place that of my mother and cant hide anything from you.I like swayam as a friend but im not ready to marry him becuse i treat him as a friend,he is a very nice guy and i dont love him.Nandini says ‘you are very lucky that you are loved by a person like him.

Remember,you will be happy when you marry the guy who loves you,and swayam loves you from the core of his heart,he will treat you like his queen and you only said that he is a nice guy and a friend.A good husband’s first quality is to be a good friend.And if i have to say about you then you will also fall in love with him very soon.Im not saying this as his mother.U gave me the place of your mother and if at all i were your mother then i would search a guy like swayam for you.Trust me sharon you will have a bright and happy future with him”.Sharon asks her to give her sometime and nandini says okay.She sees swayam sitting with his father and sister and laughing.Nandini goes to them and says that sharon asked for sometime.He says okay and prays to god that sharon should say yes.

Next day sharon goes to orphanage and the whole day she thinks seriously about the marriage proposal.And then a child comes near her and asks what are you thinking didi.Sharon says ‘aapke swayam bhayya mujhse shadi karna chahte hai’ the boy says her that swayam bhayya is very good and you marry him only.sharon laughs.she still thinks about nandini’s words.Next day she goes to swayams home.But no one is there.The servant says her that everyone went to temple and swayam said that he will come in a while.She says that she will wait.She feels bore and goes to swayam’s room.She sees all the things in his room and finds a draw half opened.she goes to close it and finds her photo on some diary like thing.

She opens the diary and it is swayams diary.The diary starts from the day when he went to newyork and in each and every page every word and every line is written thinking about sharon.She reads some pages and swayam’s immense love is expressed in that book and tears roll from sharon’s eyes .she thinks how a person can love someone to the peaks.And she thinks that if at all she too loves him she cant love him as much as swayam loves her.She hears someone coming to the room and she places the diary in the draw and behaves as if nothing happened.Swayam comes there and asks her does she came to tell her decision.Sharon nods and says yes.

Swayam says her that ‘Its the fact that i love you but i dont want to force you to love me or marry me.Your decision should solely depend on you and it should not be influenced by anyone.If you say yes then i’ll accept you and even if you say no.. then i’ll not say you anything but also i’ll not stop loving you’.The servant comes and says that everyone came from temple and leaves.Swayam feels that sharon is not going to accept the marriage proposal.They both go down.

Precap:Everyone are eager to know the decision of sharon.Whether sharon accepts for the marriage or not?

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  1. Awesome episode, very nice one, sharon should accept the proposal. .keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and

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