Rehna hai tere dil mein (Episode 10)

Hii guys.. hope you all are liking this ff,im getting very less comments anyhow thank you frnds for all those comments,i’ll keep going and please let me know how you feel about the ff,thank you guys.Todays episode begins with Swayam talking to Nandini about sharon and saying her what he feels about sharon.Nandini says true love needs patience,just keep waiting im sure that one day she accepts your love.He says hope it happens and leaves.

Finally its the end of their graduation and there is a farewell party in the college to night.Swayam comes to college and waits for Sharon.Sharon comes in a red gown and she is looking gorgeous.Swayam says her that she is looking soo beautiful.she thanks him and they both enter the hall where everyone are dancing in couples.Sharon and swayam sit there seeing it.Meanwhile swayam’s friends come there and ask them to dance with them.swayam asks sharon to dance with him.Sharon says no.. then swayam also says that he too will not dance if she wont dance with him.Sharon says fine and goes with him to dance.

Music starts and the song ishq wala love … plays.He holds her and they both start dancing.The song plays in the background and they have an eyelock.Sharon tries to leave but swayam pulls her soo close to him that there is no gap between them.Swayam says her not to do this,i love you a lot sharon…. again they have an eyelock.Music stops and everyone clap.They both disperse and they both enjoy the party.The party gets over and everyone leave.sharon is waiting for auto and swayam comes there and says he will drop her.

Sharon says no thanks,swayam says her to shut up and sit in the bike.She sits.He asks her to catch him as the road is not clear.She refuses and then a speed breaker comes and she catches him.He drops her and asks whether she want some time to tell the answer.She says no and leaves.He too leaves.Days pass on and swayam is eager to get the answer from sharon.Swayam does nothing except sitting at home and meeting sharon.Sharon also sometimes visits his house.But Nandini and Shivam are worried seeing swayam .he asks him to join his office,he hesitantly goes to office.
And then there comes a project which is to be completed by shivam but he wants swayam to undertake this project for the sake of which he has to go to new york for 3 yrs.Swayam refuses to go but shivam and nandini convince him.Nandini says that only love will not sum up everything.You should also grow in your career like your father,i want to see my son as a business pioneer .Wont you do this for your parents and after coming we will talk to sharon personally.Swayam leaves and goes to meet sharon.

He asks sharon does she love him.she says you may ask thousand times but my answer is same,i dont love you.He says fine sharon,im leaving,im going away from you very far… but remember one thing i’ll always love you and says her that he is going to newyork for 3 yrs.He will wait for her.saying this he leaves.

Swayam leaves for new york and and everyone including sharon comes to the airport to give send off.swayam takes blessings of his parents ,he hugs her sister and asks her to take care of maa and papa .he did not talk to sharon.Sharon says him to take care and he leaves.while leaving he looks at sharon which shows that swayam is really soo hurted and sharon feels it.

There is a leap of 3 years and a magazine is shown on which swayam photo appears as a youngest business tycoon and then someone talking over phone,he is none other than swayam.He lokks very stylish and more handsome than he was.He ends the call and sees sharons photo in his mobile and says im coming sharon,im coming.on the other side swayams parents are shown decorating the house and nandini saying that today is a special day as her son is coming and i dont want any mistake to happen in his swagath.She calls sharon and asks her where is she.Sharon says her that she is busy in some ngo work and will directly comes to airport.Sharon also looks very beautiful and now she runs many ngo’s.They all reach airport and see swayam coming down.They welcome swayam and swayam takes blessings of them and someone from back closes his eyes and asks him to guess who.He says a girl who looks like donkey.its namitha his sister.she starts beating swayam and says you havent changed.they both hug each other.

Swayam looks everywhere for sharon and namitha notices it and says that the person whom you are looking for is on the way and will be here in few minutes.

Precap:Sharon comes to airport and swayam goes to her and sharon hugs him.

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